Mattress Reviews 2021: The Top Brands Compared

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Whether you’re still in the early stages of choosing a mattress and are just browsing, or perhaps your mattress knowledge is up to speed and you are now ready to order, hopefully, our reviews section will have you covered. Perhaps you’re in the market for a standard mattress made of your favorite materials, or maybe you need a special orthopedic type to help alleviate back pain, accommodate side sleeping or something similar. Whatever your need, we have reviews of all the different types and budgets.

Mattress Brands Reviewed

With all the different types of mattress on the market right now, it can be hard to decide exactly which one to choose. Not only are there various existing categories like spring, latex, and memory foam, there are now new technologies being used every so often such as TitanFlex™, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, and Celliant® to name a few. Firmness levels, warranties, and in-home trials are also massive deciding factors that come into play.

See below for our full list of mattress reviews from leading brands in the industry.

Memory Foam


Spring / Hybrid

Foam Combo / Hybrid

Mattress Brand Comparisons

Some mattresses have similarities such as price and material, making choosing quite difficult. Often consumers will be stuck between two mattresses in their final shortlist. Below we have provided reviews of popular mattresses which are often compared against one another, and conduct a head-to-head comparison.