Whether you’re in the early stages of selecting a mattress and just browsing or you’re well-versed in mattress knowledge and ready to make a purchase, our reviews section is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a traditional mattress made from your preferred materials or you require a specialized orthopedic mattress to alleviate back pain, we’ve got you covered. We provide reviews for all types of mattresses, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Choosing the right mattress can be challenging due to the wide variety available in the market today. Not only are there existing categories such as spring, latex, and memory foam, but there are also new technologies being introduced periodically, such as TitanFlex™, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, and Celliant®. Factors like firmness levels, warranties, and in-home trials also play a significant role in the decision-making process.

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive list of mattress reviews from top brands in the industry.

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Understanding Our Mattress Reviewing Process

A mattress can make or break your sleep experience. This is why the best place to get mattress reviews is from people who’ve actually used different mattresses to see what they liked and didn’t like about them.

Our online mattress reviews are honest and unbiased, giving you insight into the pros and cons of each mattress. The results will help you decide which features might be right for you and help you decide where to buy your next dream bed!

A ‘perfect’ score in our book would be 10/10. However, this is unrealistic for most mattresses. A score close to that rating will mean that we really liked the mattress and think it would be a good investment. A ‘high’ score will mean that there were some pros but cons as well, but overall the mattress is still very good. A ‘fair’ score (approx 7/10) will mean there are some strong pros and cons, but the overall experience was okay. A ‘low’ score (below 7/10) means there are quite a few problems with the mattress, or it didn’t work for us at all.

Mattress Review Criteria

Our ratings are based on the following criteria:

Mattress Construction

Is this mattress comfortable throughout the night? A lot of people have trouble getting comfortable, so this is important to consider when making your decision on how comfortable each mattress is among different brands. We test each mattress to see what they are made from, what materials are used in them and what type of foam they use for their comfort layer.

Density vs Support

How good is the mattress in terms of support? Is there enough cushioning? Or too much, causing the sleeper to sink in? Is the level of support consistent throughout? Does it have zoned-support for targetted comfort? These are all very important things to consider when buying a new mattress.

Tolerance of Firmness vs Pressure

The best mattress for side sleepers is not always the best mattress for back sleepers. When the pressure points are on your side, you usually need more padding so that you don’t sink in too much. Likewise, when sleeping on your back, you usually need some pressure relief to keep your spine aligned.

Temperature Regulation

Does the mattress sleep hot? Does it have good airflow, or are you waking up sweaty during the night? How quickly does it cool down after use?

One of the main benefits of new memory foam mattresses is their temperature-regulating properties. However, everyone has different needs in this area. If you like to sleep cold, you might like a cooling gel memory foam mattress because it will help dissipate the heat better.

Each mattress will have a certain amount of heat retention due to the materials they are made from. This means some can retain more heat than others, or, be better at keeping you cool at night. We rate them based on how cool it is to sleep for each person, and whether or not the mattress creates heat traps.

Sleeping Style & Viscous Layers

Some mattress companies use different layers depending on the sleeping style you need. This is great for people who like to sleep on their sides or back because they can choose which types of layers to use depending on what feels best. This scoring system will let you know which type of mattress will work best for your ideal sleeping position and sleeping style.

Edge Support

The amount of support you get from the sides of the mattress. When people are moving around can often find themselves sleeping on the perimeter of the bed. If a mattress has poor edge support, then you may feel like you’re about to roll off. We rate mattresses on how well they hold up around the edges. We look at how strong and supportive the edges are and how much it supports in terms of your body weight. The less support in this area, the lower the score in our opinion.


The amount of support you should feel when lying on different parts of your body. Looking at how well each type of mattress supports each area of your body will determine their scores. We score mattresses based on how well they support your back, shoulders, arms, legs and other areas that might need extra support.

Motion Transfer

Is it easy or hard to move around without feeling like you are waking up others? How well does it hold your partner’s movements throughout the night? Too much motion transfer is bad, whereas high levels of motion isolation, on the other hand, is great.

Motion Isolation

How well the mattress isolates movement. It is very hard to sleep with someone moving around all night long. This is why we rate mattresses on how well they isolate movement and help you sleep through your partner’s tossing and turning. The higher the level of motion isolation, the better.

Supportive Bases & Foundations

Mattresses are engineered to work with the foundation. This means you will get the best support when paired with a supportive foundation that’s built on strong springs or slats. But not all mattresses work with all beds. This is why we research all mattresses for the specifications needed to be compatible with the most common beds.

2 thoughts on “Mattress Reviews: The Top Brands and Models Of 2023 Compared”

  1. Can you get a bed that is square? 78 x 78 or 80×80?
    I would like to have a square bed so I can turn it 1/4 turn every other week..
    The mattresses that I have had were all expensive. You can only turn them over or head to bottom.
    There is always that long middle that never gets pushed down. The mattress feels like I am sleeping on an angle.
    If you had a square bed there would only be a small square in the middle after many years of use.

    1. Hi Gary. Yes, flipping and rotating has its own pros and cons. Your suggested alternative sounds great, and there are certainly companies out there who will custom make beds and mattresses to measure. You will need to contact them with your dimensions and requirements. Good luck.

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