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During my years of reviewing I have always sought a memory foam mattress that does more than just provide a mediocre night’s sleep. Some of the mattresses I have tried offered amazing support but left me lying in a pool of sweat at 3 AM. Other mattresses I have owned began to sag quickly or felt uneven.

The Loom and Leaf mattress by Saatva is stated to solve all of those problems. Of course, we’ve heard a claim like this many times before. Many people would have been able to avoid these problems if there was a review comprehensive enough to provide not only an opinion on those mattresses but also with information related to the build quality and how it compares to similar products on the market at the time.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to conduct rigorous mattress reviews to help the everyday consumer from ending up with something they may not be 100% happy with. To continue the series of reviews, today we’ll take a look at the Loom and Leaf by Saatva.

The Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

Mattress Highlights
  • Cooling gel memory foam composition
  • Available in “Firm” and “Relaxed Firm”
  • Compatible with boxsprings, adjustable beds, and slatted frames
  • 0% financing available with Klarna
  • 180-night in-home trial
  • 15-year warranty
  • Free delivery and setup
  • Made in the USA
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Buying A Loom and Leaf Mattress: What You Need To Know

The Loom and Leaf is an eco-friendly plant-infused memory foam mattress marketed to people who are invested in the best condition of their spine and health. It is deemed to be in the same realm as the Tempurpedic and iComfort mattresses, but because Loom and Leaf operates solely online, their product is sold at significantly cheaper prices. You could pay up to 25% of the cost of a traditional mattress company like Tempurpedic for features that are comparable or even better.

Who Should Buy The Loom and Leaf?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering if the Loom and Leaf mattress is right for you. Many people have different requirements, and some will cater better for certain people over others. Here’s a few brief pointers:

Unparalleled Cooling Technology

The Loom and Leaf is best for people who sleep hot. Unlike many other mattress companies out there, Loom and Leaf uses a complex layered cooling system rather than relying just on infusing gel in the foam layers. So, if staying cool is critical for you to sleep through the night, this one might be a good option for you. Loom and Leaf have dedicated serious effort into cooling technology. The mattresses use medical-grade cooling gel to keep your sleeping temperature comfortable throughout the night. It’s hard to find another product on the market that comes close to effectively utilizing the technology much less another product in the same price range.

Healthy Option

If you struggle with back pain from illness or injury, you’ll find that the Loom and Leaf is a good option because the overall design and foam placements within the mattress construction provide the support your spine needs. It’s claimed the bed will therapeutically mold and contour to your body shape, thus filling gaps where gravity would normally cause unhealthy misalignment of the spine. Effective contouring will also relieve pressure points and improve circulation throughout the body.


If you’re committed to investing in eco-friendly products and prefer to avoid the chemicals associated with traditional mattresses, then this is one of the better options to consider because of the especially green initiative which they like to promote. They claim that at least 30% of the foams used in the construction of their mattress is infused with soy or corn oil, which is a healthy alternative to some of the other additions found in mattresses these days.

Delivery and Setup

Unlike most other manufacturers, Loom and Leaf include set up with their delivery prices. This add-on makes all the difference; if you have a bad back and need a new mattress to support it, then wrestling with a big heavy mattress isn’t a good idea. It also makes a huge difference when buying a bed for elderly relatives because you know the mattress will be delivered and set up without any additional hassle.

Features and Benefits

Let’s break the features and benefits of the Loom & Leaf mattress into the following categories:

Mattress Layers

A section cutaway showing the different layers on a loom and leaf bed Many mattresses are made up of multiple layers of vary thickness and differing materials. Rather than jamming all the memory foam together in one layer like other online mattress companies do, Loom & Leaf carefully layered the mattress to make sure it offers adequate support without compromising on the cooling system or materials. Ultimately, the Loom and Leaf mattress is built using progressive layer technology which we describe in more detail below:

Bottom Layer – Also known as the Support Base, the bottom layer (4) includes the high-density memory foam support with breathable airflow. This is the layer that prevents sagging and provides the necessary support for people of all weights and sizes. It also stops motion transfer because it’s fitted with a 2” gel transition loft pad that creates a system where the top and bottom layers work together to provide support and avoid the transfer of movement.

Third Layer – Loom & Leaf added a non-off gassing 5lb viscoelastic memory foam layer (3) on top of the high-density base. This is unique because it includes a “gel-swirl” technique that promotes even distribution across the mattress with the added gel-on-gel cooling layer. The gel swirl also plays a major part in the cooling system. It is fitted with air channels that prevent air from becoming trapped and prevent heat retention and moisture build-up.

Second Layer – The Spinal Zone Gel layer is nearest the top (2) and cleverly placed where spinal contact would be made. It demonstrates how high a priority spinal support and cooling is for this mattress maker. The gel used is made from proprietary medical-grade gel used in burn units in hospitals across the country.

Top Layer – The very top layer is the GMO-free luxurious organic cotton cover, which includes the thistle flame retardant.

Firmness Levels

The Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress offers two firmness levels: Relaxed Firm and Firm. These are ideal for customers looking for extra support, but not so much suited for individuals after a plush or pillow top type experience.

Relaxed Firm – This is ideal for those who want a comfortable yet supportive mattress. It is perfect, not too hard, but not too soft, and will most likely suit those who want extra firmness without feeling like it’s a bed of concrete. On a scale of 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest, the Relaxed Firm would rate 5-7.

Firm – This comfort level is great for those whose chiropractor or doctor recommends sleeping on a firm mattress. Although this isn’t the hardest mattress for sale, it is very firm, and can do wonders for those who need that extra level of firmness. On a scale of 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest, the Firm would rate 7-9. Although it didn’t make our best mattress for heavy people list, it may do so very soon.

Cooling System

A lady wearing black sat on the edge of her loom & leaf bed As previously mentioned, the Spinal Zone Gel layer is the second-to-the-top layer in the mattress. According to Loom & Leaf’s website, the gel is swirled into the top layer of memory foam around the center-third lumbar area of the mattress, which supports your spine. Regarding the gel itself, it is used in hospitals, is non-toxic, and Loom & Leaf says it doesn’t break down over time, so your bed should remain cool over its lifespan.

Most other beds focus on adding some kind of gel to their bed for cooling action. Loom & Leaf’s use of medical grade gel is unique on the market, but it also goes a step further. The gel is located in the second layer of the mattress, but it is supported by the additional cooling system in the third layer that allows better airflow.

Even the higher priced competitors that include gel don’t see the kind of cooling action possible in the Loom and Leaf mattress because the gel is either lost within the primary memory foam layers or it’s not supported by an additional layer with another cooling mechanism. Once you get down to the competitors at the $1,000 mark, other brands aren’t typically using a proprietary cooling technology at all. It’s safe to say that even if you don’t like the firmness of the bed or there’s another feature you can live without, it’s hard to beat the cooling system.

Motion Isolation

The general consensus among users is that motion transfer is barely perceptible when laying on this mattress. The firmness means you don’t fully sink in.

Motion transfer isn’t a problem in most modern mattresses, but it’s barely noticeable on the Loom and Leaf. This is in part due to the base layer – the 2” transition launch pad. Rather than relying on the top layers to stop movement, this pad holds everything together from the bottom up. In other words, you can re-enact the old Tempurpedic commercials by putting a glass of wine on the bed and jumping around and be confident that you won’t stain your new mattress.

Edge Support

A wife sat on her husbands lap on their loom and leaf bed edge While motion transfer isn’t a big worry anymore, the rise of rolled mattresses has brought another concern: edge support.

One of the most common concerns and complaints customers have is that their new mattress sinks or droops on the side. If they want to sit on the edge of their bed, they have to sit further back than they’d like, and even then, their legs might cause the edges to drink.

If you’re looking for a temporary or cheap mattress solution and you’re not planning to hold onto the product for much time, this isn’t a problem. However, if you have back problems or the mattress is a gift for an older family member with mobility issues, you might find that edge stability becomes a bigger area of concern.

When it comes to edge support, the Loom & Leaf mattress is up to the task. In fact, this feature combined with the adjustable base, which we’ll mention later, makes it a stand out product among its competitors.

Bed Bases and  Foundations

A Saatva Lineal adjustable bed One of the stand-out features we have to mention is that this mattress is compatible with electric adjustable beds. Of course, you can use their very own Lineal adjustable base, which is available for sale on their site, but it also pairs very well with any other type of electric bed of your choice. Adjustable frames aside, the Loom and Leaf is also compatible with boxsprings and slatted beds with slats that are spaced less than 4 inches apart.

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Eco-friendly Materials

What I like about this mattress is that just because it is eco-friendly doesn’t mean there’s a compromise on the features that the chemicals would normally provide. For example, instead of using flame retardant, they use natural thistle pulp, which provides the same protection without the chemicals.

I also like that the focus on detail wasn’t just related to the inner layers. They also added an organic cotton cover that is pure luxury and still hypoallergenic. This seems like a small addition, but compared to some mattress covers, which are itchy and uncomfortable at best, it shows attention to detail that competition at this price point tends to skip.

Free Set-Up

I’ve mentioned a few times now that if I was buying a new mattress for an elderly relative, then Loom & Leaf looks like a good option because there are simple additions that other mattress companies just don’t offer. The free set-up is an incredible value on this already reasonably priced product, and a major bonus if you’re ordering for a relative you don’t live with. Elderly aside, most mattresses weigh more than the average person can maneuver by themselves. Many people may take delivery of a mattress whilst their partner is at work, or perhaps other customers may live alone, and moving the mattress into place then becomes a major task. Thankfully the free set-up can assist in these scenarios at no added cost or hassle.

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Loom & Leaf Alternatives

Loom & Leaf isn’t the only memory foam mattress in this category. Here are three alternatives:

Loom and Leaf vs Leesa

Lady sitting on her Leesa mattress

The Loom and Leaf vs Leesa mattress is a similar comparison due to firmness and price (at the Queen size), but there are a few key differences.

First, the Leesa has only three layers compared to the four layers found in Loom & Leaf. The top layer features the cooling system and the bottom layer is made up of 6” of memory foam serving as the base. Here you can see where the construction of the bed can really make a difference in terms of support and comfort because while the Leesa includes plenty of foam, it’s less concerned with cooling throughout the whole mattress.

Additionally, the Leesa mattress doesn’t have the same commitment to eco-friendly materials. Its cover is made of a polyester blend, which isn’t a negative feature. However, it’s something to consider if you’re hoping for an all-around eco-friendly product.

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Loom and Leaf vs Saatva

A Saatva mattress on a platform bed

Saatva is the parent company of both mattresses, which is why the Loom and Leaf vs Saatva mattress is a common comparison. The reputation of Saatva in mattress manufacturing is stellar. However, the mattresses offered in these two models are different in identifiable ways.

First, the Saatva mattresses are more akin to innerspring mattresses than a memory foam, so if you’re on the edge of deciding whether or not you’re committed to a memory foam mattress, the Saatva is worth your consideration.

Because the Saatva is an innerspring mattress, it has more motion transfer than the Loom & Leaf mattress. The pocketed coils prevent any kind of lurching or buckling when you’re sharing a bed, but it doesn’t begin to compare with the barely-there motion transfer offered by the Loom & Leaf.

However, if you’re worried about cooling and unsure of whether you want memory foam, you’ll likely find the Saatva is a cooler option by default. Without the memory foam, the Saatva would have an advantage. But since the Loom & Leaf has such a strong cooling system, it’s also possible to miss the difference in temperature, particularly if you aren’t too sensitive to heat.

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Loom and Leaf vs Tempurpedic

Tempurpedic mattress on a wooden slatted bed

The final mattress, the Tempurpedic, is the closest match to the features and benefits of the Loom & Leaf. For example, the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme breeze is also constructed of four layers and offers a similar level of firmness.

However, rather than having an integrated cooling system, the Tempurpedic uses its Breeze material, which covers the mattress, to deal with the added heat of the foam. In theory, if your body temperature begins to rise, the fabric will help cool you down. Additionally, the Breeze material is thin so as not to trap heat inside the mattress.

The lack of a cooling system differentiates the Loom & Leaf from the Tempurpedic simply because there is no cooling system in this Tempurpedic model. Any attempt at cooling is focused on dissipating the buildup of the heat after it happens rather than preventing the heat.

Additionally, the Tempurpedic comes in at nearly 4x the price of the Loom & Leaf, which makes it feel as though you’re paying more money for more foam but not necessary for a better night’s sleep. The bottom line is that if you’re already considering one of the Tempurpedic models, you should check out the Loom & Leaf Mattress because their features are easily comparable.

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At this point, we’ve told you almost everything you need to know about the Loom & Leaf mattress.  This one is not for people who like to sink straight into the bottom of their bed. It’s also not for someone who is looking for a throwaway cheap mattress; there are cheaper options out there (with less innovation and technology) that are better for someone who is using this as a temporary solution.

The Loom & Leaf mattress is an equal competitor to the Tempurpedic collection, and it’s available at nearly a quarter of the price. With a cooling system that is unparalleled in its class and among premium models and quality, a thoughtful construction, this one is certainly worth purchasing if you like a relaxed firm or firm mattress, and with a free 180-trial, there’s no reason not to give this mattress a try.

Loom and Leaf Ratings




Build Quality




Sleep Trial





  • Offers qualities typically found in ultra-high-end competitors
  • Chiropractor recommended
  • Caters for all sleeping positions
  • Free set-up with delivery
  • 15-Year warranty


  • Only two firmness levels
  • Those after an innerspring or latex variant will need to look elsewhere

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