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You may have a relatively new mattress, but it just doesn’t feel quite right, or perhaps your old mattress may have seen better days. If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as you want it to be, you don’t necessarily have to replace the whole thing. A topper can customize your mattress to your comfort level without the expense and hassle of buying a new foundation. In this scenario, you would want to buy the best mattress topper within your budget. Usually, these are made of memory foam or latex, but in this article, we take a look at latex toppers in particular.

The best latex mattress topper doesn’t always make your sleep conditions softer. Some toppers can even make a soft mattress firmer. Whatever your preference or requirement, find out what to look for and how to choose one based on our buying guide and latex mattress topper reviews.

Top 5 Best Latex Mattress Toppers Compared

Latex Mattress Topper Reviews

Now that you know a little bit about latex and mattress toppers, you might feel more confident to search for the ideal product for your bed. There are many options out there, and deciding between the variations can get confusing. We’ve broken down our favorite latex mattress toppers and provided a list of the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

The Pure Green mattress topper contains only natural latex and is made by Sleep on Latex. The company claims that it strives to produce the highest quality natural latex foam in the world. It also says that this soft topper has the most popular firmness offered by the company. The product comes in three softness levels. Soft is 20 ILD, the medium is 30 ILD and firm is 40 ILD.

This may be an ideal option for people who want some support and firmness but prefer a soft feel. The product is manufactured using the Dunlop process, which provides a dense, supportive cushion. Side sleepers may feel less pressure on their hips and shoulders when they place this latex topper over a firm mattress.

Although it may not make your sleeping situation any cooler, this topper channels air through it. It’s breathable, and its level of support doesn’t change with variations in temperature.

  • Natural latex contains no fillers
  • Comes in three thicknesses
  • Available in different levels of firmness
  • Doesn’t sink in the middle over time
  • Extensively tested for safety and off-gassing
  • Firmness may depend on your weight distribution
  • The material can wear away easily if you don’t use a mattress cover

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

PlushBeds Natural Latex Topper

This is a mattress topper that has a choice of firmness levels ranging from 19 to 36 ILD. It’s made from Talalay-processed natural latex and contains no fillers, and is Hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial, dust mite resistant and mildew resistant.

The topper also has the option to either come with a cover or not. The cover which is included is soft, plush and durable. This prevents the latex from tearing or crumbling.

The PlushBeds latex mattress topper doesn’t have elastic straps that keep the pad anchored to the bed. However, the 3″ option is quite heavy so should stay in place. The 2″ option has its own benefits too, being thin enough to fit regular sheets with ease.

Overall, this is one of the best latex mattress toppers due to its customization ability from the manufacturer.

  • 100 percent natural latex
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Tested and certified for safety
  • Optional thickness
  • Optional cover
  • Optional firmness
  • No elastic straps secure the topper to the mattress
  • A little pricey

Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Topper

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Queen 3 Talalay Latex Medium Mattress Topper

This topper from Brooklyn Bedding is made from 60 percent synthetic latex and 40 percent natural blend. It is manufactured using the Talalay process, which results in a bouncy feel.

Because it is made from a blend of synthetic foams, this topper compresses more than natural latex would. You may experience less compression if you purchase one of the thinner sizes. However, the topper is available in three thicknesses. The product comes in three levels of firmness; soft is 19 ILD, the medium is 28 ILD and firm is 36 ILD.

The included bamboo cover protects the topper from deteriorating underneath your sheets. It may also help to keep you cool.

  • Comes in three levels of firmness
  • Includes a natural bamboo cover
  • Made in the U.S
  • No chemical smell
  • Comes in a variety of sizes, including California king
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Only available in a 3″ depth

Organic Textiles Purity

Certified Organic Latex Mattress Topper by Organic Textiles

This organic latex mattress topper is 100 percent natural. The cover is made from organic cotton, and the topper itself is made using the Dunlop process.

The solid edges of this product make it stronger than some other brands. This gives it a solid shape even when you have just removed it from the packaging. However, it may feel too firm, depending on your preferences. The medium firmness is rated between about 24 to 28 ILD, depending on the thickness.

The holes that are located throughout the mattress provide for adequate air flow. However, you may experience tiny tears between the holes if you move around a lot or are overweight. This is normal for latex mattress toppers but shouldn’t affect the comfort or durability.

  • Organic
  • Available with an organic cotton cover for added protection
  • Durable
  • Made with excellent craftsmanship
  • Comfort design includes added ventilation
  • May tear between the channels
  • Maybe firmer than you expect
  • The cover is not removable for washing

ExceptionalSheets 100% Latex

eLuxurySupply Latex Mattress Topper

The ExceptionalSheets mattress topper is ideal for people who aren’t sure how firm of a surface they prefer. The two-sided, 2.5-inch pad offers different levels of firmness on each side. Flip it to the plush side for an ILD of 14. Rotate it to the firm side for an ILD of 28.

Instead of the air holes that many other toppers have, this one has a wave pattern carved into the surface. The texture is only created on the plush side. However, there are not as many holes molded into the topper, the surface of this pad is more durable than some others.

  • Wave pattern distributes heat
  • Two sides offer different levels of firmness
  • No seams in the larger sizes
  • Doesn’t compress or sag over time
  • Made with a proprietary process that results in springy, dense support
  • Doesn’t come with a cover
  • Motion transfer may be higher than with other latex toppers

Why Choose A Mattress Topper?

Before we go into the characteristics and benefits of latex as a topper, let’s discuss some of the reasons why one should consider a topper in general.

Altering The Firmness Of A Mattress

Mattress firmness icon

One of the main benefits of using a topper is to alter the firmness of an existing mattress. A soft mattress can be made firm with a latex mattress topper. Likewise, a hard mattress can be made soft. If you have a mattress but don’t find it comfortable, you can adjust it using a latex mattress topper.

Some people swear by firm mattresses. However, Spine-health says that the perfect mattress provides comfort as well as back support.

ILD expresses the firmness or softness of a latex topper. The higher the number, the firmer the topper. However, the feel will vary depending on your mattress. Even if you use the softest latex topper on a firm mattress, it may still feel more supportive than if you used a firm topper on a soft mattress.

Your Old Mattress Is Uncomfortable

You can breathe new life into an old mattress with a mattress topper. Many old mattresses lose their ability to adequately support you because the layer at the top has deteriorated. Even if the mattress was exceptionally firm when you got it, it could become softer as the surfaces deteriorate.

You might also start to feel springs through the top layer of an old mattress. While they provide some support, they can also feel lumpy. You can add a structured layer of cushioning back to the top layer of your mattress with a good topper.

You Get Hot Whilst Sleeping

Temperature icon

If you wake up drenched in sweat many nights, your mattress may be to blame. Generally, it’s the memory foam that tops many mattresses that retains body heat. According to SFGate, memory foam uses heat to mold itself to your body’s shape. The problem with that is you might feel a warm spot long after you’ve left the bed. The lack of airflow in the foam prevents your body heat from dissipating. Memory foam slowly envelops your body as you sink into it, creating a pocket of heat.

Latex is very responsive. It moves as you do, springing back into shape to support your weight as you shift in bed. Usually, the best latex mattress topper will be constructed with channels that let air circulate. A thick topper can alleviate issues with night sweats.

Extending A Mattresses Lifespan

Putting a mattress topper on a new bed can extend its life. The top layer of a mattress gets the most abuse. If you protect your regular mattress from the beginning, you can replace the latex topper when necessary instead of shelling out thousands for a new mattress. It’s also easier to move and transport a mattress topper than an entire foundation.

A Cheap Upgrade

Money icon

Some people may currently own an innerspring or memory foam mattress, whether old or new, but would like to reap the benefits of a latex mattress. Considering that a good quality latex mattress can be very expensive compared to the types mentioned above, it makes sense to buy a latex topper and use instead of buying even a budget latex mattress (if one existed). Once the topper wears out, if the base mattress is still in good condition, buy another topper, over and over until the actual mattress underneath becomes too old and unusable.

Benefits Of Latex Foam

  • People usually choose latex toppers because it has more elasticity than other types of foam. It doesn’t hug the body. Instead, it creates a slightly bouncy platform that supports without sagging or becoming too compressed.
  • Even though it’s more elastic than other types of foam, latex keeps you more stable when your partner moves in bed meaning excellent motion isolation.
  • That’s not to say that latex doesn’t mold to your shape. It does allow your weight to sink into it. However, the contour is not as exact as that created by memory foam. This prevents you from feeling stuck or overly surrounded. Latex tends to be an ideal option for overweight individuals.
  • Latex foam is very durable; it doesn’t wear out as quickly as polyurethane foam. Latex mattress toppers should last for about 12 years. Other types of foam may only last for around five years.
  • Although it’s resilient, natural latex is biodegradable. Many people appreciate the fact that it’s environmentally friendly.

Types Of Latex

Latex can be natural or synthetic. It can also be made of a blend of natural and man-made compounds. Different manufacturing processes are used to make latex. We discuss some of the differences and characteristics below:

Natural vs. Synthetic Latex

All types of latex have a similar feel. However, synthetic latex has a little less spring than the natural version. It’s also less expensive.

Natural latex is harvested from rubber trees. It’s the most durable type of latex. It also produces minimal off-gassing. Although you might detect a smell similar to that of rubber bands, it’s not a chemical odor. It’s a natural scent that is not hazardous to your health, like the off-gassing of synthetic chemicals. Natural latex may smell stronger than synthetic types because the man-made version has odor absorbents added to it.

Another plus point is that natural latex is hypoallergenic. The material is resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites. However, if you have a latex allergy, you might want to avoid latex mattress toppers altogether. A synthetic option might be better for people with a predisposition to this type of sensitivity but is still not really recommended.

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex

You may hear the words Talalay and Dunlop used to describe latex foam. These terms describe the manufacturing process for natural latex. During both processes, rubber sap is agitated so that bubbles form within it. Then, it’s poured into a mold. The mold is immediately baked during the Dunlop process. Some of the sediment sinks to the bottom, creating foam that’s denser at the base. During the Talalay process, the mold is treated to create a more consistent layer of foam.

Talalay is softer and more cloud-like than Dunlop latex. It’s more commonly used as the top layer of a mattress. However, Dunlop is sturdier.


We’re big fans of latex mattress toppers. They don’t sag under your weight, and even the softer options still feel supportive.

If we had to choose one, we would pick the Pure Green as the best latex mattress topper. It’s made of 100% pure natural latex and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Because it is manufactured with the popular Dunlop process, it has durable and supportive qualities, yet claims to be soft with a firmness rating of 20 ILD. Although there is no cover included, it can be placed easily underneath a mattress protector or sheets. Additionally, you can purchase any other cover of your choice, provided the sizes match up, though a cover is not necessary.

For a consumer who is unsure of their firmness surface, we would choose the PlushBeds Natural, which is very customizable. You get the option for Soft, Medium, Medium-Firm, and Extra-Firm. Additionally, you can choose whether or not to have a cover (additional price), and also choose the desired thickness (2-inches or 3-inches).

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