Best Water Pillow Reviews and Buying Guide For 2023

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If you frequently wake up with neck pain or struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position, it may be time to consider investing in a new pillow. However, selecting the right pillow for your specific needs can be more challenging than it appears, given the vast array of options on the market.

Introducing water pillows—the ultimate solution. But what exactly is a water pillow? While the obvious answer is a pillow filled with water, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Beneath their soft surface, water pillows feature a dedicated water compartment and a layer of polyester fiber to prevent leakage. Some models may even incorporate materials like memory foam or synthetic down fabric to enhance comfort.

Bid farewell to neck pain and restless nights as we present you with a thoughtfully curated selection of the finest water pillows available. Rest assured that our recommendations are based on real user experiences, ensuring that you can make an informed decision and enjoy the soothing benefits offered by the best water pillows on the market.

A List Of The Best Water Pillows

The Best Water Pillows In Detail

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Clinically shown to improve sleep as well as reduce neck pain, this is Mediflow’s original design, and in our opinion possibly the best water pillow money can buy. In the John Hopkins study, this one ranked top in all categories.

This product features a thermal insulator, which helps to maintain a cooler temperature. Those who find themselves continually flipping over to the cold side might enjoy this feature the most. However, the water filled pillow still retains enough heat to be comfortable.

If you happen to suffer from asthma or allergies, then this hypoallergenic design may help to relieve those symptoms. It features a polyester fiber above the thermal insulator that is incredibly soft. Instead of removing the water pouch, it comes with a two-purpose tool. This funnel-like device’s bottom is used to unscrew and re-tighten the pouch’s cap, as well as allow you to add or remove water more easily.

  • Comfortable when laying on back or side
  • Easy to fill with water
  • True to its claims of neck pain relief
  • Instructions give by-the-cup measurements for firmer/softer feel
  • Insulation keeps the Mediflow pillow cool, but not cold
  • Pillow still sloshes after trying to remove the air
  • Might not help with back pain

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

Chiroflow Water Pillow

This Chiroflow pillow is yet another one from the top end of the market. First, the thread count is a generous 300. This makes for a more durable design as well as an added level of comfort. Continuing with the theme of added comfort, this water based pillow is filled with an exclusive material known as Dacron. This is a special and exclusive fiber which offers an extra level of both comfort and support, which might be beneficial to those with chronic neck pain.

Measuring 20” x 28”, this one can fit standard and queen size pillowcases. The directions come with water measurements for different levels of firmness, which can help you to find the most comfortable level for you. Filled all the way, this is a heavy pillow that weighs a whopping 20 pounds! If you have trouble lifting objects due to recent surgery or a chronic condition, this might not be the best option out there.

The thermal layer on this product wraps around the water pouch, bouncing your body heat back towards you. This might be a useful feature for anyone looking for a warmer chiropractic pillow when sleeping.

  • Secure water cap prevents leakage
  • Dracon filling remains firm after prolonged use
  • Chiropractor recommended
  • Supports the neck better than foam
  • Comfortable when sleeping on back and side
  • Some may find the Dacron filling too firm
  • Plastic water pouch sometimes makes a crunchy sound

Chiroflow Travel Pillow

Mediflow Chiroflow Travel Pillow

Just like its larger cousins, this smaller sized Chiroflow pillow provides similar relief from cervical pain by cradling the head to help you sleep in the neutral position. Unlike any of the other water pillow reviews mentioned here, this one sits smaller in stature. Since this product is smaller in size, it might be a better option for those looking to experience the same comfort on the go. Though it may not initially look like a travel pillow due to its traditional rectangular shape, the compactness means it can fit snug into luggage for when you reach your destination, or, perhaps can be used on a car or train journey. Keep in mind that this pillow does need to be drained before taking it on a flight! Additionally, anyone who finds the full-sized pillows too tall to be comfortable may enjoy that this is shorter in height.

  • Easy to fill
  • Good for neck and shoulders
  • Still able to adjust water for various levels of firmness/softness
  • Features plenty of foam for support
  • The plug is on the back instead of the side, helping to prevent leaks
  • Some may require the larger pillow for adequate neck support
  • A little small for use at home, you may roll off during the night

Mediflow 1066 Elite Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow - 1066 Elite Fiberfill

Unlike its predecessor, the Mediflow waterbase pillow known as the 1066 Elite features a 65% Polyester and 35% cotton blend. The pillow features an “elite fiberfill” made from Dacron staloff held in by a woven cord edge instead of the typical fabric found on the original model. The Dacron filling offers thicker padding but is still soft enough to enjoy on its lowest water level. Those that enjoy a thick pillow can still fill the water pouch up the whole way, but those that like a softer feel might benefit the most from this model.

This product features a machine washable 300 thread count cover, which is great because it saves the hassle of finding a comfortable pillowcase. While most standard cases will fit, they might fit a little too tight to be comfortable.

While the water filled pillow itself does not feature a cooling effect, it does remain at a cooler temperature thanks to the insulation layer. This will keep it from becoming uncomfortably hot during the night. Unlike its competition, this model comes with a full three-year warranty. If you would happen to run into any leaks, it’s good to know that the company will replace the product for you.

  • Thicker than the original for added support
  • Offers both neck and back pain relief
  • The three-year warranty is longer than most others
  • Stays true to the clinically tested claim
  • Cap design works great against leaks
  • Some may find the extra padding to be too stiff

Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

If you’re a fan of memory foam pillows, and are perhaps weighing up whether or not to buy a Mediflow pillow, this one should sway you easily. This product features a cool gel memory foam layer on the top, which is great for anyone seeking that nice, cool pillow to lay their head on. It is also ventilated to add that extra level of comfortable chill.

The other unique feature of this product is its foam spring center. This is beneficial for durability and longevity, as well as anyone looking for a little more support or a firmer feel. The dimensions measure 25” x 18”, making it slightly longer than a throw pillow. Those looking for something queen size might not like this model quite as much. However, it does come with a case.

Just like the other Mediflow waterbase pillow, this too features the same water pouch and the same easy-filling tool. However, the added weight of the memory foam layer makes this one much heavier. The foam springs help to alleviate what would otherwise be a comfortable cinder block regarding weight.

  • Chiropractor recommended
  • Foam springs offer additional support without adding weight
  • Ventilated for cooling effect
  • Gel memory foam provides cooler temperature than polyester or cotton
  • Memory foam is high-grade, gel-infused material, adding to overall durability
  • Could be larger
  • Those used to traditional foam may find this too hard/stiff

How To Choose The Best Water Pillow

Are you tired of waking up with a stiff neck and aching back? If so, it may be time to invest in a water pillow. Water pillows are known for their ability to provide customizable support and comfort, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. But with so many options available on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect water pillow. We will start by explaining the benefits of using a water pillow and introducing you to the different types available. Then, we will help you consider your sleep style and preferences to find a pillow that suits you best. We will also delve into how to address neck and back pain issues with the right water pillow. Additionally, we will explore adjustable options that allow you to customize your level of support. Lastly, we’ll discuss how to evaluate the quality and durability of water pillows, as well as provide tips on caring for them properly. By following our advice and reading reviews from other customers like yourself, choosing the best water pillow for ultimate comfort is just within reach!

Understanding the Benefits of Water Pillows

If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect pillow that provides optimal support and comfort, let me introduce you to water pillows and the amazing benefits they offer. Water pillows are designed to provide customizable support by allowing you to adjust the water level according to your individual preferences. This means that whether you prefer a soft or firm pillow, a water pillow can cater to your needs. Additionally, water pillows help alleviate neck pain and stiffness by promoting proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The water inside the pillow contours to the shape of your head and neck, providing gentle yet effective support. Unlike traditional pillows that may lose their shape over time, water pillows maintain their form and offer consistent support night after night. Furthermore, if you are prone to allergies or asthma, water pillows are a great choice as they do not harbor dust mites or allergens like other types of pillows do. With their adjustable support, pain-relieving qualities, durability, and hypoallergenic nature, it’s clear why choosing a water pillow is an excellent decision for achieving a restful sleep experience.

Different Types of Water Pillows

Explore the various options of water-filled cushions to find the perfect fit for your sleeping needs. There are different types of water pillows available in the market, each offering unique features and benefits. One type is a water bladder pillow, which consists of a thin layer of water enclosed within a soft cushioning material. This type allows you to adjust the level of firmness by adding or removing water to achieve personalized support. Another type is a waveless water pillow, which uses baffles or fiber layers to minimize movement and create a stable sleep surface. These pillows are ideal if you prefer minimal motion transfer during the night. Additionally, there are gel-infused water pillows that combine the cooling properties of gel with the customizable support of water. These pillows offer enhanced comfort and temperature regulation for a more restful sleep experience. Consider your preferences and sleeping habits when choosing between these different types of water pillows to ensure you select one that will provide optimal comfort and support all night long.

Considerations for Sleep Style and Preferences

Finding the perfect water-filled cushion that suits your sleep style and preferences will ensure a truly blissful night’s rest. When considering your sleep style, think about whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. For back sleepers, a pillow with medium support and thickness is ideal to maintain proper alignment of the spine. Side sleepers may benefit from a firmer pillow that provides extra support for the neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers generally require a softer pillow to prevent strain on their necks. Additionally, take into account your personal preferences such as firmness level and adjustability options. Some water pillows allow you to customize the amount of water inside, allowing for personalized comfort. Keep in mind any specific preferences you have regarding materials used in the pillow construction, such as hypoallergenic or organic materials. By considering both your sleep style and personal preferences, you can find the best water pillow that will provide optimal comfort and support throughout the night.

Finding the Right Level of Support and Comfort

When it comes to achieving a truly restful night’s sleep, nothing beats finding the perfect level of support and comfort for your individual needs. With a water pillow, you have the advantage of being able to customize the level of support by adjusting the amount of water inside. If you prefer a firmer pillow, simply add more water; if you prefer a softer pillow, remove some water. This allows you to find that ideal balance between support and comfort that will help you sleep soundly throughout the night. Additionally, many water pillows also come with adjustable loft options, allowing you to further tailor the pillow to your specific preferences. So whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, finding the right level of support and comfort with a water pillow can make all the difference in achieving a truly restorative sleep experience.

Addressing Neck and Back Pain Issues

With the ability to adjust its firmness and loft, you can finally say goodbye to your nagging neck and back pain. A water pillow is the perfect solution for addressing these issues because it allows you to customize the level of support and comfort that suits your needs. By simply adding or removing water from the pillow, you can find the ideal balance that provides proper alignment for your neck and spine. This helps alleviate any tension or strain that may be causing discomfort in these areas. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer feel, a water pillow gives you the flexibility to find what works best for you. So why suffer from neck and back pain when there’s a simple solution available? Invest in a high-quality water pillow today and experience the relief you’ve been longing for!

Water Pillows for Back Sleepers

If you’re a back sleeper, you’ll love how a water pillow can provide the perfect level of support for your neck and spine. When you sleep on your back, it is crucial to maintain proper alignment in order to prevent any strain or discomfort in these areas. A water pillow allows you to adjust the level of firmness or softness by adding or removing water, ensuring that your head and neck are properly supported throughout the night. This adjustable feature makes it easier for you to find the ideal position that suits your comfort preferences. Additionally, water pillows distribute pressure evenly, which helps alleviate any pressure points and promotes better blood circulation. So if you’re looking for a pillow that will truly cater to your specific needs as a back sleeper, a water pillow is definitely worth considering.

Water Pillows for Side Sleepers

For side sleepers like you, finding a pillow that provides the right amount of support and comfort is essential. When it comes to water pillows, there are specific features you should look for. Firstly, consider the thickness of the pillow. Side sleepers generally need a higher loft to maintain proper alignment of their spine. Look for a water pillow that offers adjustable water levels so you can customize the height to your liking. Additionally, pay attention to the firmness of the pillow. Side sleepers often benefit from a medium-firm or firm pillow to prevent their head from sinking too far into the pillow and causing strain on their neck. Lastly, take into account any additional features that may enhance your sleeping experience such as cooling technology or hypoallergenic materials. By considering these factors, you can find the best water pillow that will provide optimal support and comfort for your side sleeping position.

Water Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Finding the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers can be a game-changer for a good night’s sleep. When you sleep on your stomach, it is important to find a pillow that provides enough support without causing strain on your neck and spine. A water pillow can be an excellent choice for stomach sleepers as it allows you to adjust the level of firmness to suit your individual needs. By adding or removing water from the pillow, you can find the perfect balance between comfort and support. Additionally, water pillows are known for their ability to conform to the shape of your head and neck, providing optimal alignment and reducing any potential discomfort. So if you’re a stomach sleeper looking for the best pillow, consider giving a water pillow a try and experience the difference it can make in your quality of sleep.

Choosing the Right Firmness Level

To ensure a comfortable and restful sleep, it’s crucial to select a firmness level that perfectly cradles your body as you lay on your stomach. When choosing the right firmness level for your water pillow, consider the amount of support you need. If you prefer a softer feel, opt for a lower water level or fill less water into the pillow. This will allow for more give and flexibility, providing a gentle cushioning effect. On the other hand, if you require more support, increase the water level or fill more water into the pillow to create a firmer surface. It’s important to find the balance that suits your personal preference and ensures proper alignment of your spine while sleeping on your stomach. Experiment with different levels until you find what feels most comfortable for you. Remember, finding the right firmness level is key to waking up refreshed and free from any neck or back pain caused by an unsuitable pillow.

Exploring Adjustable Water Pillows

Adjustable water pillows offer customizable comfort for a truly personalized sleep experience. With these pillows, you have the ability to adjust the amount of water inside to achieve your desired level of support and firmness. Whether you prefer a softer or firmer pillow, an adjustable water pillow allows you to find the perfect balance for your needs. By simply adding or removing water, you can easily modify the height and density of the pillow, ensuring that it provides optimal support for your head and neck throughout the night. This versatility makes adjustable water pillows a great option for individuals who have specific preferences or who suffer from neck pain or other sleep-related issues. Say goodbye to tossing and turning trying to find the right position – with an adjustable water pillow, you can effortlessly customize it to meet your unique comfort requirements.

Evaluating the Quality and Durability

When it comes to evaluating the quality and durability of a water pillow, you’ll want to consider factors like material construction, stitching integrity, and overall product longevity. The material construction plays a crucial role in determining how well the pillow will hold up over time. Look for pillows made from high-quality materials that are known for their durability, such as reinforced vinyl or thick TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Additionally, check the stitching integrity of the pillow. Strong and tight stitching ensures that the water won’t leak or seep out over time. Finally, consider the overall product longevity. Read reviews from other customers to see if they have experienced any issues with their pillow wearing out or deteriorating quickly. Choosing a water pillow with good quality and durability will ensure that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time without having to worry about frequent replacements.

Taking Care of Your Water Pillow

To properly maintain your water pillow, it’s important to follow a few simple care instructions. First, make sure to keep your pillow clean by regularly washing the removable cover according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help prevent any dirt or dust from accumulating on the surface of the pillow. Additionally, be cautious when handling and filling your water pillow to avoid any punctures or leaks. It’s also recommended to change the water inside the pillow every few months to ensure freshness and prevent any bacteria growth. Lastly, store your water pillow in a cool and dry place when not in use, as excessive heat or moisture can damage its integrity. By taking these steps, you can extend the lifespan of your water pillow and enjoy a comfortable sleep experience for years to come.

Reading Reviews and Customer Feedback

Check out what other customers have to say about their experience with water pillows and read reviews to get a better understanding of their comfort and quality. Reading reviews and customer feedback is an essential step in choosing the best water pillow for your needs. By hearing from others who have already purchased and used the pillow, you can gain valuable insights into its performance, durability, and overall satisfaction level. Look for common themes or patterns in the reviews to identify any potential issues or benefits that may be important to you. Pay attention to comments about the pillow’s firmness, support, and adjustability, as these factors can greatly impact your comfort while sleeping. Additionally, take note of any mentions of leaking or maintenance concerns, as this can help you determine if the pillow is durable enough for long-term use. Ultimately, reading reviews will give you a better idea of whether a particular water pillow is worth investing in or if it might not meet your expectations.


After considering the pros and cons of each pillow, there is one standout winner among them all. Our top choice is the Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow.

This pillow surpasses the competition in terms of durability, as it is designed to resist tearing and leaking. Additionally, it provides a unique level of coolness that sets it apart from the rest.

What makes this pillow truly exceptional is its customizable feature, allowing you to adjust the firmness according to your preferences. Not only does it alleviate neck pain, but it also offers support for back pain. With its hypoallergenic properties and the ability to easily adjust the air for a peaceful night’s sleep, this pillow is your ticket to dreamland and may bring an end to years of chronic pain.

6 thoughts on “Best Water Pillow Reviews and Buying Guide For 2023”

  1. I recently purchased a water pillow. The original Mediflow. My mattress has a memory foam mattress topper on it with slight ridges on it for comfort. This makes where a pillow would be uneven as the area where the pillow sits is slightly elevated. So no matter how much water is in the pillow gravity naturally pulls the water directly under my neck rather than being distributed evenly. This causes a lot of neck pain. So I guess water pillows must be on a very even surface in order to work properly.?? Can you confirm or advise if there is something I can do to remedy this. Thank you.

    1. It sounds like the elevated area is causing you this issue. Perhaps rotate or flip the mattress topper in order to escape the ridged area, provided the other parts of the topper are o.k you should then have an even surface area for the pillow to rest on.


    im 4 ’10 and 95lbs. I use the mediflow travel size every night. I tried the other size and this one is perfect for me. Helps my headaches. Give it a try

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