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Commonly mislabeled as bunk beds, the fantastic innovation known as loft beds are ideal for small spaces, whether you are attempting to clear space in a room or perhaps simply just do not have the open area, to begin with. It is not uncommon to find loft beds for adults in university dormitories where space is scarce.

It can be an ideal situation for kids too, where they need to play, work, and sleep. Another place where you may find them is on military bases. Military bases are known for being cramped, and therefore by combining a loft bed with desk underneath or perhaps even a dresser, they can maximize their floor area. Essentially the best loft beds for kids and adults too can be used in everyday situations if you want a way to ensure the most out of living areas.

Top 10 Best Loft Beds Summary

Best Loft Bed Reviews

DHP Studio

dhp studio

The DHP Studio Twin size loft bed with desk underneath comes in a stunning black, silver or white metal finish. The slick designs are sure to add a modern flair to any room you place it in. It is designed with safety in mind and features full-length guard rails. The built-in ladder on the end provides easy access for kids or adults.

Dorel Home Products is known for making some of the best loft beds for adults; offering a full-length workstation where you can place your computer and get to work and also has a slide-out keyboard shelf for maximum efficiency. The large desk provides more than enough space and ensures you will be able to place your favorite books and stationery on display. With such features, good value and aesthetics, this is undoubtedly one for the shortlist.

Donco Kids Low Study

donco kids low study

The Donco Kids Low Study loft bed comes with drawers, shelves, and a pullout desk. It’s available in a beautiful deep Cappucino and also white finish. Exists not only a well-crafted and spacious drawer unit but also a desk underneath the sleeping area. This is designed so that you can easily swap the places of the drawers or desk making it extremely customizable. Place the Donco loft bed in a corner to create a large open area making it great for any kids room.

This particular model is composed of pine as opposed to the conventional metal or particle board, but that doesn’t affect the quality of finish in any way. Offering a lengthy warranty, it comes shipped in boxes with easy-to-follow setup instructions. Once fully set up it stands at the height of 79″ which is suitable for almost any room or living area. Though not the cheapest around, this is still a gorgeous piece of furniture with great functionality too.

Meritline Convertible

meritline loft bed with couch

Another wonderful addition from Meritline, the convertible Twin loft bed with couch, desk, and table is a unique and uber space-saving invention. Being composed of wood, it offers some of the sturdiest rails out of all of the reviews above and comes with easy step by step directions. Featuring one ladder at the front center part of the bed, it also offers two small couches facing each other with a small table in between. The two couches provide an excellent sense of comfort and coziness to the user. These can be laid flat if required, to make a bunk bed, offering excellent value.

The elevated bed and bottom bed are both designed to hold a weight limit of up to 175 lbs. This is a huge amount for a wooden loft bed, making it ideal for adults too. This is one of the better looking and cleverly crafted models we have reviewed here; again it isn’t the cheapest bed for sale but is certainly worth the price tag if you’re after a good-looking sleeping and seating solution.

Donco Kids Series

donco kids series bed with tent

If your child doesn’t look forward to bedtime for whatever reason, this fun and visually appealing bed will make them change their minds. This Donco Kids Twin loft bed with slide comes with the option of adding a tent in your choice of color (sold separately). You can choose between a dark blue, camo, vibrant pink, a red polka dot, and a deep red. The variety of color ensures that this will find it easily placed in any room.

Composed of solid pine making it one of the sturdiest on this list, the elevated bed has rails around all four sides for safety purposes. Although it offers a commonly found ladder in the front to climb up into the sleeping area, it has a slide to come down for children to enjoy from time to time. Standing at the height of just 75″ it is ideal for almost any kids room and ensures plenty of fun times ahead. The color of the bed is light espresso.

DHP Abode

Dorel Home Products Abode

The Dorel Home Products Abode adult loft bed with desk and shelves comes in either black or silver metal finishes. It is specifically designed with small spaces in mind and caters to only a Full size mattress. Quite rare but it has two ladders, one on the front, and one on end as a means for climbing up and down, and with the addition of four guardrails for added safety purposes.

It comes with easy to follow step by step directions, and setting up the small desk area for the user is a doddle that is appealing for students and parents alike. A sturdy and well-built product, this Full size loft bed is a good option for many people who aren’t fussed with the more expensive wood hand-crafted types, yet like a balance of quality on a budget.

Concord Junior

Concord Junior

This Concord Junior loft bed comes in a number of colors (Cappuccino, Grey, and White) which is sure to fit right in with any kids’ room. It is constructed of solid pine and composite wood while featuring wide mattress slats with metal fasteners for an extremely sturdy design. Unlike most of the others reviewed here, this one is a basic option which means there is no integrated desk, couch, dresser or anything else, literally a blank area to do with whatever you please, and as you can imagine this reflects in the price.

The slightly elevated sleeping area has the all-important guard side rails for added safety along all sides of the bed. Concord made sure the Junior met or exceeded the US and Canadian safety standards so you can rest assured your child will be safe in slumber; and for any reason, if required, the company also offers a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, the company provides an entire line of matching furniture so that you make sure everything fits together perfectly.



If you are shopping for a Twin loft bed with desk that offers a modern feel to it at an affordable price, then one of your best choices is the DHP X. It provides a black or silver metal finish that matches easily with most furniture and has a slanted ladder in the front for ease of access. As with most on the market, for safety purposes, the elevated bed has guard rails around all the edges, and underneath is a full-length desk option. By combining the bed with a desk, you can now have the best of both worlds and are going to be saving space for sure.

Only slightly taller than most, it stands at 77″ but is still conveniently and cleverly designed for even the smallest of rooms. A good metal alternative that serves the same purpose as the more expensively crafted wooden alternatives, this is a good choice that will last years of continual usage.

DHP Junior Storage Steps

DHP Junior

The DHP Junior loft with storage steps comes in either a black or white color, and also has a princess castle or fire department curtain set available for separate purchase to cover the open area underneath. The mattress that fits into this particular bed is a Twin size which is the most common.

DHP designed this junior bed in a way that it not only meets but exceeds the ASTM and CPSC safety standards which are paramount for ensuring our kids are in safe hands throughout the night. For example, the guard rails around the perimeter of the sleeping area prevent any unwanted falls out on to the floor. In terms of storage, the steps are designed in a way that you can actually store items inside of them. It may look basic and relatively cheap, but for an entry-level product and with a set of additional curtains, this kids loft bed would be a welcomed addition to any bedroom.

Walker Edison Orion

Walker Edison Sunset

The Walker Edison metal loft bed for kids is constructed of high-quality steel and is to be used with a Twin size mattress. This spacious design offers a 57″ gap underneath and between the elevated bed area, meaning this open space can be used for anything you might want such as a desk, a couch, or even another bed. For safety purposes, this loft bed offers a 15″ guard railing around each of the sides. For such a basic design the weight capacity is an impressive 250 lbs. Available in black, white and silver, it is sure to match any furniture that you might already have. Offering two ladders on either side means getting up and down is flexible in choice. Although it is one of the most basic, it’s also what makes it one of the nation’s favorites, and we can see why.

DHP Junior

DHP Junior Ladder

Another from the DHP Junior loft bed range, this one is without storage and steps but instead has a simple slanted ladder. This is the most basic of all our reviews but is also one of the most popular amongst consumers for its price, simplistic design, and build quality. It is constructed in a manner that is friendly for kids and offers a lower height upon which to climb, which is added safety for those with small children.

The weight limit of this model is an impressive 200 lbs. DHP decided to create this range using metal and offers a front standing ladder you must take to reach the top of the elevated bed. Requiring a twin mattress, this kids loft bed will fit into any bedroom nicely and offers a great deal of space to any user who adopts this style into their life.

Loft Bed Buying Guide: The Most Common Types

Loft beds can be composed of different types of materials. The most common are wood, often being created out of pine, oak, or even aspen. They are also often created out of metal and then painted in various colors of choice. Traditional loft beds were primarily composed of some type of wood and came with intricate designs. As time has progressed, they have become more widespread in use and therefore are typically mass-produced. Now more often than not you are going to find that the majority are made of metal as they tend to be cheaper and longer-lasting.

As with most other types of beds there are various levels of craftsmanship. They can come in a straightforward form with little detail but can also come built with exquisite detail too. As with most loft beds for sale, the more expert the details of workmanship, the higher the cost. Generally, the loft beds for kids are more basic in design, while loft beds for adults tend to have more thought put into their design and are typically bigger hence a higher cost.

Below we take a look at the varying types for sale; this list is not exhaustive, there are others that exist, but these suffice for most sleepers and tend to be the most common in the marketplace.

Loft Bed With Desk

Metal Loft Bed With Desk Underneath

One popular type available on the market is a loft bed with desk underneath (or also known as a workstation). There are a few different variations that these come in, one particular type is where the sleeping area is on top, and the workstation/desk is placed on either the right or left end of the bed. The user would then be able to perform their work right underneath the elevated bed. Another popular configuration has the sleeping area on top again, but this time the working space runs the entire length of the bed. This provides a larger desk for the user. Naturally, this setup is ideal for university students and family homes where a compacted workspace is required along with a bed.

Loft Bed With Dresser

Wood Loft Bed With Dresser Underneath

Another useful setup is where the sleeping area is on top and a dresser underneath. This is great for those who want to really maximize space because dressers can take up a large area. Often this configuration will also include shelves upon which to store personal belongings, and so becomes an extremely efficient unit. This can be popular for either kids, and if bed size permits, for adults too. Most commonly the material these are made of is wood so tends to be more expensive. However, there are combinations where the dresser is made of wood, and the bed is made of metal.

Loft Bed With Nothing Underneath

Wood Loft Bed With Nothing Underneath

One other type which is commonly referred to as the basic type, is essentially an elevated bed that is raised with nothing underneath. This setup offers a great deal of space and gives an open feeling to the room. This open space could be used for several different things. It could be used to place another small bed underneath, it could be used to place a dresser there, or perhaps even leave it empty and just maintain an open floor plan for the room. This type is a common choice for a kids room where lack of space isn’t an issue, due to its flexibility to place toys, boxes and anything else as and when required. In terms of cost overall, they are the cheapest type for sale but can vary in price based on the choice of material.

Loft Bed With Couch

Metal Loft Bed With Couch Underneath

A loft bed with a couch underneath is literally an elevated bed where below is some kind of lounge chair. This type offers a place to read, study, or just relax. This particular design is popular among all ages and would be something found in studio apartments and university campuses, or in rooms where children or teens enjoy getting together. Usually, a standard size couch can take up a fair amount of room, so freeing up this space is often much appreciated. Plus the cost of buying both these pieces of furniture separately is more expensive than to buy an integrated loft bed with couch, so certainly has its financial benefits too.

Loft Bed With Stairs

Loft Bed With Stairs

Typically, to climb up and down, most will either be a loft bed with stairs or with a ladder. Some makers will forego the previously most popular ladder option and opt for a set of stairs instead, which is a much safer way to ascend and descend. Some stairs are located at the end of the bed while others have them in the middle. Although the ladder is more common because it saves more space than stairs and is also cheaper, the stairs offer a more secure method for adults and kids too. Stairs will also require more craftsmanship and are most likely wooden, so tend to be more expensive. Certain designs cleverly integrate shelves or storage into the stairs which is a bonus.

As you can see, there are various types available, and each of them performs a particular purpose. Doing your research and being well informed can save a lot of money and headaches in the future. Understanding the function of the type that you are going to purchase will ensure that you are happy with your purchase. Determining if you need one to read, study, or want more space is your deciding factor before shopping for a new one.


Whether it’s for a college dorm or bedroom, choosing the best loft bed for adults and kids requires the same knowledge from a buyer’s point of view. Achieving the perfect decor may not always be easy with this type of furniture, but provided you stick to your requirements, you should be fine.

With all things considered, it’s difficult to pick any single product, as everybody’s needs are different. However, if we had to choose one, it would be the Dorel Home Products Abode. Not only is it big enough for adults, but kids can also grow into it. There are two ladders, and the desk is useful too. The rails are sturdy and seem very safe. In all, a good buy for someone looking for an all-rounder, and on a budget too.

Hopefully, our buying guide and loft bed reviews have been a helpful insight into your decision-making process.

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