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There are some people who love a soft mattress, while others like nothing more than a very firm surface to sleep on. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, it’s just impossible to find that perfect balance between the right firmness, comfort, and support, especially when seeking out a firm mattress. How often have you laid in bed thinking that this mattress is just too soft? And yes, many sleepers will agree upon instances when desiring to sleep on something firmer. The good news is that there are mattresses designed to have two firmness levels.

The Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is one of those mattresses that has two types of “Firm”. It means that you can say goodbye to trying numerous mattresses and complicated options and simply enjoy two firmness levels in one mattress. On one side, you get the standard firm, and on the other side, you get an ultra-firm version of the mattress. Perfect, right? What more can one ask for? It’s almost like getting two mattresses for the price of one. But before you make up your mind, be sure to check our Plank mattress review in full, and read all about what to expect.

Our Plank Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Mattress Highlights
  • All-foam mattress composition
  • 2-sided, means both sides can be used by flipping over
  • Firm on one side and Ultra-Firm on the other
  • Bed-in-a-box, shipped compressed, and rolled in a large box 
  • 10-year warranty
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Made in the USA

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What’s Inside The Plank Mattress?

The construction of the Brooklyn Bedding Plank is made of high-quality materials from top to bottom, giving consumers the best sleeping experience that they need. Since this is a flippable mattress, you get a mix of cotton and polyester material on both ends. And also, you get a 7-inch high-density foam that supports your weight.

On the firm side, the mattress has a 1.5-inch quilted polyfoam layer, while the extra firm side of the mattress has a 0.75-inch quilted polyfoam layer followed by a 2-inch layer of TitanFlex Polyfoam, allowing better support on the user’s weight.

Plank Mattress Firmness

plank mattress review

As mentioned earlier, there are two firmness levels in this mattress for sleepers to enjoy. You get the standard firm, and you also have the ultra-firm version on the other side. Unlike most all-foam mattresses, this feels slightly different from the contouring memory foam that softer mattresses provide. When sleeping on either side, you will feel that you are sleeping “on” the mattress rather than the hugging feeling of sleeping “in” the mattress. If you are suffering from any spinal injury and you require having proper support on your back, then this is a good option. You can keep your spine in a neutral position on either side.

If we are going to rate the two sides of the Plank by Brooklyn Bedding based on a firmness level scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest), the firm side will get an 8 rating. In our experience, this side is slightly firmer than others and the industry-standard definition of a firm mattress. The standard firm side also offers good spinal alignment and would suffice for anyone who needs an orthopedic level of support or pressure-point relief. It’s likely to be the most commonly used side, as the ultra-firm side is a relatively acquired taste.

Meanwhile, the ultra-firm gets a rating of 10 using the same scale. If you’re looking for a very firm mattress, the Plank mattress is the one to get, and this is the side to use. This is about as close as you’ll get to replicate sleeping on the floor. If you are someone who weighs around 220-280 pounds, you can enjoy the ultra-firm side of the mattress. Here, it supports your body weight without the sinking feeling. People weighing more than 300 pounds should check the hybrid Titan mattress, which is also by Brooklyn Bedding and made specifically with heavy people in mind. 

Plank Mattress and Sleeping Position

In terms of sleeping positions, ideally, the Plank mattress would suit back and side sleepers. In our opinion, the Plank bed would be a bit too firm for stomach sleepers, especially the extra firm side, as it would be too harsh on the ribs and organs. The mattress is most suited for back sleepers as it can maintain a neutral spine as they sleep. Side sleepers will also get a good spinal alignment but not a huge amount of contouring, which might not be great for very curvy people, especially around the hips. Ultimately, side and back sleepers will get good pressure relief from the firm side, and slightly less from the extra firm side.

Cooling and Heat Reduction Capacity

Plank mattress

Because it is made of high-density foams, you can expect that this flippable mattress will trap some body heat. However, due to the firmness of the bed, you don’t get to find yourself too uncomfortable, even if you tend to sleep in one spot for a long time. You don’t really feel as if you are wrapped by the mattress layers thus it becomes less of a heat trap.

Additionally, you have the chance to get an optional cooling panel that can be placed on both the firm and the extra-firm side of the mattress. With these things combined, you can experience a neutral temperature from the bed when asleep. However, without the cooling panel, some users might still find the Plank mattress a bit hot. If you’re not too worried about your budget, the cooling panel is an extra cost that you might want to consider. For example, the cost for the cooling top panel runs at around $100 for a Twin size, and $125 for a Queen, however, sometimes the mattress (and the cooling panel) can be found at a good discount price.

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Motion Transfer Effectiveness

The Plank mattress excels when it comes to isolating motion from the other side of the mattress. With thick foams, you won’t feel the movement when someone is tossing and turning all night. This is ideal, especially for those who sleep with their partners or those who sleep with their pets. If you are a light sleeper who tends to easily get distracted by movement from across the surface of the bed, then you won’t have a problem with this one.

Edge Support Capability

Memory foam mattresses or at least those that contain a large amount of foam in their composition, have the problem of not providing superb edge support. When using the Plank mattress, you will notice a bit of sinking right on the edge, but much less than expected from a foam mattress. You will sink harder into the mattress if you are heavier. But, based on other all-foam mattresses that we’ve reviewed, the Plank performs better than most of them. Despite the slight sinking when sat on the edge, you won’t feel as if you are falling off when sleeping close to the perimeter.

Is The Plank Mattress Safe For Your Health?

Foams used in the Plank mattress are CertiPUR-US Certified. It means that consumers are safe from harmful levels of chemicals such as lead and mercury. However, we noticed that upon using the mattress, you will smell a bit of off-gassing. Don’t worry though, because this is normal for most bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market. These are non-harmful amounts of VOCs released in the air. After two days, you will notice the odor to be non-existent.

Compatibility For Couples

The Plank mattress is great for couples in pretty much every aspect we can think of. It offers superb motion isolation, meaning very low amounts of disturbance from partners moving around or getting in and out of bed. There is also very good edge support, meaning that the full surface of the bed can be utilized, which is especially good for large people in a small bed. Additionally, heavy couples will be glad to know it supports a combined weight of 900 lbs.

Lastly, when it comes to Plank mattress and sex, it’s not that great. There is virtually no bounce on this mattress, and if using the hardest side, it would be like having sex on the floor. Now, if you’re okay with this, then fine, but many people won’t.

Plank Mattress Issues

  • Tends to absorb heat – The biggest issue with the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress is the fact that it absorbs heat. Without the cooling pad, it can sleep a little hot. This is enhanced with a heavy individual sleeping on it, and if two overweight people are sharing, it can become a bit too hot.
  • Not for use with adjustable beds – Although it’s compatible with most bed frames, it cannot be used on surfaces that provide flex (minimal to no flex), which means it will not work with an adjustable bed. Some individuals who have back issues would love the Plank mattress, but if they have an adjustable bed, it will not be compatible.
  • Not great for lightweight people – Although there are many lightweight individuals that may enjoy this mattress, in our opion it may be a tad too firm. However, if you’re a consumer who knows they love a firm or extra-firm mattress, feel free to use the sleep trial to test it out.


The Plank mattress by Brooklyn Bedding was designed specifically for people who love a firm mattress, or a very firm mattress that is almost as hard sleeping on the floor. It pulls this off very well whilst also providing good spinal alignment, some contouring, and being supportive enough to hold a total of 900 pounds weight. It even offers two firmness options to make sure that it catches the attention of a wider audience. Though an 8 firmness rating is already substantially firm for most consumers, the company even kicks it up a notch by providing an extra firm side with a firmness level of 10.

However, this mattress isn’t perfect. You have to consider some of the finer details as well. We feel that the additional cooling top panel is an unnecessary expense, considering most mattresses tend to provide some level of cooling already integrated into the design, thus saving money. The Plank mattress isn’t exactly cheap, even without the panel.

But in terms of comfort and support in this firmness category, this product is hands down one of the best in the market and has made our recent list of top 5 firm mattress reviews. With a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, the Plank is worth considering if you’re after a firm/very-firm mattress.

Plank Mattress Ratings




Build Quality




Sleep Trial





  • Generous sleep trial
  • 2-sided flippable design
  • Excellent edge support
  • Firm, yet very comfortable


  • Warranty could be longer at this price
  • Sleeps rather hot without the optional panel

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