about imageHi, I’m Lindsay and welcome to Choose Mattress 🙂

Firstly I’d like to thank you for visiting, and secondly for taking an interest in Me! It means a great deal to me when people visit my site and take an interest in what I love talking about most – sleep, and mattresses!

Anyway, to summarize in the shortest possible way, I’m a 38-year-old retail assistant from Chicago, blessed with two gorgeous twins and a world class husband. I love reading sci-fi, my kids, and let’s not forget about my passion for sleep!! That’s it, pretty boring, right? 🙂

I started this site in 2014, while on maternity and hadn’t stopped adding to it since it was kind of like a hobby. Years on, I continue to spend much of my spare time researching and dedicating knowledge to this website.

Back then, being on maternity meant plenty of hours at home with very little to do after the housework and twins were up to date. Initially, I started blogging about home life and kids in my spare time but soon got bored; I needed to create something a little more worthwhile. Nowadays, as the kids are much more easily pre-occupied, I can get away to my PC more frequently and for longer, and hence the site has developed much more in recent months.

I used to work for a medium-sized independent mattress retailer, so my knowledge on mattresses is somewhat unrivaled; I know what I’m talking about when selling mattresses, I had been doing it for almost 10 years!

In short, my blogging soon took a turn in the form of this website and hasn’t stopped since. The website still exists to provide unbiased mattress reviews and general advice on the subject as there is an abundance of information which can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Thanks to all those who follow the site on social media; if you’re new here, please add me on Facebook / Twitter etc.

If you’d like to contact me, please do so using the contact form, I always aim to respond within a few days.

Happy reading, and hopefully you find what you came here for.


L x