Welcome to choosemattress.com, the one and only resource you need for help and advice on getting a good night’s sleep.

The Site

Established in 2014, this website has grown much more than we had first imagined. The reason for this? Simply because, there are so many people in the world with different needs and habits, who all need guidance on one of the most important activities of life: sleep.

Choosemattress.com is made of a number of major sections. Primarily, we have informative guides on anything related to sleep and associated products. To compliment this information and for people interested in purchasing goods, we have an extensive reviews section with comparisons of the best products available in their niche. Check our disclosure on advertising and how we generate revenue to support this site.

The Team

Ash Hague

Co-Founder / Sleep & Product Expert

Ash graduated in 2005 with a BSC (Hons) in Business Information Systems.  As a light sleeper and borderline insomniac, instead of taking an interest in cars and gadgets like most of his other friends, Ash is an avid sleep product researcher, reviewer, and writer. His quest for seeking out quality sleep products began after spending a few nights in a horrid hotel back in 2014 which left him with back pain for weeks. Ever since, his passion has been researching and reviewing anything that helps get a better night’s sleep. With the help of his long-time friend and ex-colleague Ben, the two guys used their web and technical abilities together to form this website.

Ben Yun

Co-Founder / Developer


Ben, an Accounting and Computing graduate, is someone who develops and manages websites for a living. An expert in this field, he ensures the site is technically and aesthetically sound.

A perfectionist who is always up for a challenge, undisturbed sleep is vital to his functionality.

When he’s not looking for ways to improve the site, Ben can usually be found lounging in various hotels and restaurants in the Far East.

Lindsay Stevens

Writer / Editor


Lindsay is a contributor and the senior editor of all content posted on this site. She is in this role due to her somewhat unrivalled expertise through previous retail experience in the mattress and bedding industry. She has been part of the team from the very early days, putting in years of research and dedicating her knowledge to this website.

As a fitness fanatic, when she’s not working, you’ll find Lindsay in the gym, in the swimming pool, or training for the next marathon.

Kelly Saunders


Kelly Saunders

Kelly is the newest member of our team. With a passion for traveling, Kelly has experienced global sleeping habits of varying demographics. She has a particular interest in mattresses and has written multiple posts in our guides area regarding this product.

An interesting fact about Kelly: For someone who drinks an obscene amount of coffee per day, she sleeps surprisingly well.