Last Updated On December 27th, 2018

When buying anything online now, it’s almost a no-brainer that you must search for a promo code, coupon code or discount before placing your order. For practically no effort at all, you could end up sometimes with up to 50% off your purchase. In monetary terms, this is often translated into saving hundreds of dollars.

A majority of mattress companies will offer tremendous savings off their products simply by entering a promo code at checkout. These codes or coupons could mean the difference between you paying full price for an item, or grabbing a bargain and using that cash elsewhere. What’s best is that sometimes (depending on the company) you can use these codes on top of any sale they may have at the time. For example, this means that on events like the labor day sale or the Black Friday mattress sale you could end up buying some seriously low priced goods.

Check our table below to see if the model you’re after has a promotional coupon code. If it does, simply click and follow the link, and use the code at checkout. Check our FAQ for further help and advice.

Promo Code
Eight Smart
$275 Off
$130 Off
More Leesa Coupons
$125 off + 2 FREE pillows
Brooklyn Bedding
20% Off
More Brooklyn Bedding Coupons
Nest Bedding
$150 Off
More Nest Bedding Coupons
$200 Off
Helix Sleep
$200 Off
More Helix Coupons
eLuxury Supply
15% Off
More eLuxury Coupons
Eight Smart
$25 Off

Mattress Discount FAQ

Q. How do I use a promo code?

A. Once you’ve identified the mattress you’d like to buy, click on the red button which displays the coupon code. It will redirect you to the merchant site. Find the size and model of mattress you’re after and add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout. Once you’re in the checkout area, you may see that the discount/code has already been applied. If it has then great, there’s nothing left to do. If there is no discount applied nor a code in the box you’ll need to enter it as it appears above. Hit apply and watch it recalculate the total with discount. That’s it, all done; proceed with payment as normal, and smile at the thought of easily saving some money.

Q. Are these codes for mattresses only?

A. No, there are numerous brands above that sell not only mattresses but all forms of bedding, ranging from sheets to pillows.

Q. Do the codes expire?

A. Yes, but not all. Some of the codes you see above will eventually change when they expire. We will update them accordingly, so be sure to bookmark this page and check every so often for new codes.

Q. Can I share any of the promo codes?

A. Yes, you can share the above codes with friends and family so that everyone can save money.

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