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Let’s be honest here – we all want to save some money when we buy anything. This is especially true when it comes to sleeping essentials. After all, why do we need to spend so much on stuff that we use on a daily basis?

Sadly, sleeping essentials, particularly those that are made from quality materials, are expensive.

The good news is, ChooseMattress has just what you’re looking for! Continue reading to learn more about the company and how you can avail these savings.

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About GhostBed

Ghostbed mattress and two black pillows

The story behind the name GhostBed is pretty funny. As a boy, the owner Marc Werner, was very scared of ghosts under his bed. However, the story of how Marc was able to come up with his products is not. Marc underwent three neck surgeries and used to live his life in constant pain. He was always on the quest to find the perfect pillow and mattress to give him just the support and comfort that he needed when he was sleeping. After realizing that he was probably never going to find it, he decided to invent his own. This was when Nature’s Sleep was born. Nature’s Sleep products are sold in brick and mortar retail stores and as well as other furniture stores.

In 2015, Marc realized that his previous inventions didn’t really cater to the average wage earner who is 35 years old and below. This was when he launched GhostBed. He used his 35 years of experience in mattress manufacturing to come up with a product that was of premium quality and yet still affordable. Unlike Nature’s Sleep mattresses which were visco memory foam and were priced a little steeply, GhostBed mattresses are made from much more affordable but equally beneficial materials.

GhostBed products are sold by the company exclusively online. This allows them to keep their prices fair thus ensuring that they are within the reach of their target market.

What Makes the GhostBed Mattresses Unique?

A cutaway showing the different layersGhostBed Mattresses are made from different layers of foam. The outer cover is a mixture of various quality fabrics that work together in wicking away heat and moisture thus keeping you cool through the night. The top layer is made from premium latex and provides just the right softness. The core is 100% gel memory foam which relieves pressure when you are sleeping. It is also covered with gel beads which absorb heat and keeps your sleeping environment suited to your needs throughout the night. The base is a foam layer that was specially developed to be firm enough for good spine alignment without being too stiff.

How Can I Get a GhostBed Discount?

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  1. My husband is 6’7″ (275 lbs) and I’m 5’4″. We both enjoy a firmer mattress but not a “board”. Also, I sleep on my back and my husband sleeps both his back and side. Being that he’s so tall he doesn’t like a short bed. He sits on edge of bed to put his shoes on every morning so a comfortable height is what he’s looking for. We have to have a Cal King and need a box spring too. Do you sell those with your mattresses?
    What is the cost for a complete Cal King pkg?

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