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Finding the right mattress has always been difficult. Many companies seem to market themselves as a one-size fits all solution to sleep problems. These claims just aren’t true when it comes down to it because everyone has different needs and preferences. With all the choice on the market, finding the perfect mattress can be difficult and may take some time, or a little trial and error at least.

Luckily, finding the Helix mattress for some is the best thing that can happen because it enables you to customize your end purchase to fit any particular needs, and it’s a system that seems to be fast becoming very popular. We’ve compiled an in-depth Helix mattress review so you can see if this particular brand or model is the right choice for you.

The Helix Mattress At A Glance

Mattress Highlights
  • Hybrid pocket coil and memory foam composition
  • Soft, medium and firm options available
  • Oeko-Tex Certified
  • Compatible with all bed types
  • 100-night in-home trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Bed-in-a-box solution
  • Financing options available with Klarna
  • Made in the USA
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Before picking up a new Helix mattress, consider the following:

  • Do you and your partner have different sleep needs? If so, then customizable mattresses will allow for choosing different specifications. If not, then you might save some money by going in a different direction.
  • These mattresses aren’t entirely made of springs: There are some coils, but the primary focus of the Helix mattress is in its foam. It can be much more breathable than regular foam, so may be unlike your experience with other foam-based mattresses
  • How much do you value a custom-fitting mattress? If your answer is “a ton,” then this is probably the right selection. Helix allows customization of both sides, which is relatively unique in the industry. Most mattresses are the same on both sides even if they offer any additional customization at all.

Helix Mattress In-Depth

A woman laying on her new mattress from Helix Sleep

Helix Sleep started as an online startup, but they’re now challenging the most popular brands for a spot in the market. They’ve done their homework on what makes a foam mattress work, and are now beginning to outpace some of the market leaders in this realm. They provide a bed in a box solution which is a 10-inch mattress made from high-grade polyfoam, individually pocketed microcoils, and cool sleeping contouring Helix Dynamic Foam. Although they used to include latex in their products, Helix has moved away from it in favor of proprietary foam which has less downside than latex.

The Helix mattress is all about servicing you as an individual. As we’ve said, Helix doesn’t claim that it has the solution to everyone’s sleeping needs in one product. They offer a short questionnaire when you start your shopping. The survey will help to make sure you get the best mattress possible from Helix.

Helix Sleep provides the best solution for an individual who can’t seem to find the mattress they’re looking for or a sharing couple who can’t agree on what they need in a mattress. Heavier users tend to experience the most positive benefits when picking a custom mattress because of their unique needs.

Features & Benefits

helix dusk luxe

Helix sets itself apart from the competition in a few ways, which is why the price point is going to be a bit higher than others. The objective of this Helix mattress review is to allow you to make your own decision, so take a look at these features and see if they’re important to you as a sleeper.


User customization is one of the most noteworthy features of a Helix mattress. Before buying from their website, Helix asks you 11 questions to make sure you’re getting the best mattress for you and your partner. Each person will input their needs, including how they sleep, whether or not they get hot at night and any potential pressure points, among other questions.

Helix Sleep knows that back sleepers traditionally like a different feel than individuals who sleep on their side. Other mattress companies will say theirs is best for everyone, but we all know this isn’t true in most cases. Some are better for back sleepers, while others provide more support for side or stomach sleepers. Even more, it’s common that a couple will disagree on whether or not a mattress is comfortable based on the way they sleep.

With a Helix mattress, you don’t have to choose between the two. If you and your partner sleep in different positions, then simply customize your side accordingly. You won’t need to settle on a mattress that is mediocre for both of you, or end up paying for a high-tech adjustable bed with mattress that requires its own frame. Helix Sleep is one of the only mattress companies that put preferences in the user’s hands.

Spinal Alignment

Spinal alignment is one of the key contributors to making sure you get a good night’s sleep. Those who sleep with misaligned spines suffer decreased REM sleep, which will result in waking up feeling tired and groggy. With the right bed underneath you, whether it’s a Helix Sleep mattress or not, you’re going to wake up feeling rested and alert.

Back pain is a huge problem for many adults. Mattress companies know this fact, and most of them market their product to those who are experiencing back pain. Still, not all mattresses live up to what they claim in their advertisements. From what I’ve experienced, Helix mattresses are not one of those companies.

The customization of a Helix Sleep mattress is the feature that allows each user to experience relaxing sleep and pain-free waking. Sure, some mattresses for back pain might work for a majority of users, but perhaps not for many others, which means they end up returning the mattress after seeing none of the desired effects.

For a mattress to truly help with back pain, they need to know in which position you sleep. It’s impossible to tell how you’ll feel after a night’s sleep without this information. Men and women differ in the way they need support too, with women traditionally requiring more hip support and men needing support in the shoulder area. Weight is another key component of sleep needs. The point is, there isn’t one solution to everyone’s back pain, and Helix Sleep knows this.


Support is the number one characteristic most people are looking for in a new bed setup. It’s often synonymous with a firm mattress, but it doesn’t have to be. Just because a mattress is firm, doesn’t mean it’s supportive. A stomach sleeper may find a firm mattress more supportive, while a side sleeper might wake up with back pain on the same mattress. It’s possible for a mattress to still be supportive without being hard as a rock.

This delicate balance is what Helix Sleep is trying to create by allowing you to input your own sleeping needs and tendencies. I’ve always preferred a firmer feel in my mattress, but my husband likes it softer. After sleeping on a Helix mattress with both sides customized, we’re able to get what we both need without compromising.

Motion Transfer

Helix mattresses are made mostly out of foam, and it’s one of the best materials to use regarding isolating movement. Every memory foam on the market advertises that you won’t wake your partner when getting up or moving around at night. The same can be said for Helix, though they don’t draw too much attention to this point. In their eye’s it’s more of a bonus than a selling point of their mattress.

Still, if either of you is a light sleeper, then you’ll probably find this mattress to your liking. When someone moves on one-half of the bed, it’s virtually impossible to tell. The motion isolating mattress reacts to weight distribution on your side, but it doesn’t bleed over to the other.

Temperature Regulation

attractive woman on helix sleep mattress

Even if a bed is the most comfortable as it can be, there’s still the element of waking up in a pool of sweat. Although body temperature drops whilst sleeping, depending on the type of mattress you have can determine whether the body temperature stays down and keeps you comfortable throughout the night, or whether the temperature will rise and keep you from a having a good night’s sleep. Helix’s temperature regulation helps these people stay cool where other foam mattresses will only add to the problem.

One of the questions in Helix’s questionnaire is whether or not you get hot when sleeping. If the answer is yes, then they provide extra airflow to keep you cool at night. Helix has replaced their heat-trapping latex with the more breathable High-Grade Polyfoam to overcome the hurdle other memory foam mattresses still face.

Yes, they’re cool, but Helix mattresses still aren’t the coolest on the market. If reducing body temperature and sleeping cool is the primary requirement of a new mattress, then Helix might not be the ideal selection. There are plenty of cooling gel memory foam mattresses for sale that specializes in this issue in particular (Check here for our top 5). Then again, if you’re looking for a comfortable, customizable choice that will also keep you from getting too hot at night, then Helix is just fine.

Point Elasticity

On their website, Helix Sleep makes it a point to mention the lesser known point elasticity metric. Most people aren’t aware, but point elasticity refers to the mattress compressing at certain points and allowing for firmness in others. This feature allows you to roll over without losing the comfort you’ve had in your preferred sleep position.

Most people don’t stay completely still while they’re sleeping. When you roll over, it’s important that your mattress moves with you. Point elasticity means that heavier parts of your body will sink while lighter parts of your body remain firm. This feature provides better support and means you won’t be locked-in to whichever sleeping position you stated on your original questionnaire.

100 Night Free Trial and Warranty

Most mattress brands have some free trial. Helix is no different. If you don’t like the feel of your custom mattress after 100 days, you can send it back for a full refund. The ten-year warranty is important, especially regarding the durability of the mattress. I haven’t had one long enough to know if this is the case, but there have been some reviews that state the mattress sinks more than they expected. If you find that your mattress falls lower than a certain point, you can get it replaced under warranty.

Customer Reviews Of Helix Mattresses

From my experience of looking around the internet, there is far more than one positive Helix bed review. Most of the people who bought a Helix seem to love the customization options, which is the main selling point of the product.  Most of the users I’ve seen have had positive results in sleep quality. The same goes for back pain that users have said to experience before. The positivity is especially apparent when it comes to couples, who seem to have been struggling to find a comfortable, affordable mattress for both parties.

The only negative feedback I’ve seen in a Helix mattress review comes in the way of durability. Some users have claimed that the mattress sinks sooner than they thought it would. Still, at a certain point, Helix will replace the mattress if it drops too low.

See what Helix owners are saying about their mattress.

Helix Mattress Alternatives

There are a few alternatives for sale if you’re looking for another option similar to Helix. You should be advised, though, that these brands don’t offer the customization that Helix does. If you’re interested in customizing each side for you and your partner, then your best bet is probably to stick with Helix. For the price, you probably aren’t going to find a comparable product. That being said, below is an in-depth look at some of Helix’s top competitors.

Helix vs Leesa

A woman laying on her stomach on a Leesa Mattress

Like Helix, Leesa is another online-only brand. It’s also like Helix in the sense that it’s mostly made of foam, and by all accounts, these mattresses are very comfortable. They are cool to sleep on, which is good for people like me, who run hot when they sleep. Unfortunately, Leesa won’t allow for the same level of customization as Helix. Both sides of the mattress are going to be the same, so if you and your partner are looking for different characteristics in a mattress, you may have to compromise.

With that in mind, the Leesa Mattress is considerably cheaper than Helix. If customization isn’t that important to you, then it’s worth saving some money with a brand like Leesa. On top of that, there are usually discounts through sponsorships or promotions, so you’re able to save even more on your mattress.

  • Price: Overall, Leesa is going to be the cheaper option here.
  • Customization: It doesn’t offer the same level of customization as Helix does.
  • Materials: Both mattresses use different kinds of foam as their main ingredients. Neither uses latex, but both use similar materials that perform better than latex.
  • Warranty: Both Leesa and Helix offer a 100-night trial and a 10-year replacement warranty

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Helix vs Tuft and Needle

A man reading a magazine on a tuft and needle mattress

Like Leesa, this option is a considerably cheaper alternative to Helix’s customization. If you’re sleeping alone, there’s no need to customize each side of the mattress and pay the extra money. The foam in the Tuft and Needle seems to hold its shape for about as long as Helix – based on customer reviews.

Tuft and Needle produce a bed in a box mattress (known as the T&N) which is comfortable, breathable, and won’t disappoint at the price point. If you think the bells and whistles of a Helix is too expensive for your needs, this one might have you covered. Depending on your preference, Tuft and Needle for some people can feel a little soft, but that’s why they offer a 100-day sleep test and a money-back guarantee.

  • Price: Tuft and Needle is considerably cheaper than Helix. If you’re looking for the most affordable alternative, you may want to take a look at this mattress instead.
  • Customization: Tuft and Needle do not offer any customization. It will be the same on both sides.
  • Materials: Tuft and Needle use the same kind of materials, with a few brand-specific differences. Overall, most people probably wouldn’t notice a difference in comfort between the two (apart from the customizable options).
  • Warranty: Like Helix and Leesa, Tuft and Needle offer a 100-day trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

Shop The Tuft and Needle Mattress

Helix vs Purple

The Purple Bed

Purple focuses most of its efforts on keeping you cool when you sleep. If staying cool is your primary objective, then Purple is the first place you should look. They use patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer to keep a firm, steady top of the mattress that stays cool even in the summer. The price is about the same, so it’s better for customers who are looking for a cool night’s sleep.

Some users, especially those who sleep on their side, have complained that the Purple mattress is a tad firm. Like most mattresses, Purple markets a one-size-fits-all design that isn’t entirely accurate. It prioritizes support, but only actually supports people who sleep a certain way. If you’re a side sleeper, you may be more comfortable on one of the other alternatives.

  • Price: Purple and Helix will cost you around the same price, with the latter a tad more. The price will likely not be the deciding factor between these two.
  • Materials: Purple uses their patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer, which is much more unique than anything Helix uses. This material gives Purple mattresses the ability to remain a lot cooler than most others – Helix included.
  • Feel: The feel of a Helix mattress is going to change based on the customization options, but Purple tends to fall on the firmer side of the aisle. Some side-sleeping users have claimed that the mattress is too firm for them
  • Warranty: Purple has a 100-day trial and 10-year warranty, which is the same as the other alternatives.

Shop The Purple Mattress


Helix mattresses provide a level of customization that is virtually unmatched in the mattress market. At the same time, they aren’t going to cost as much as some that offer similar features. If you and your partner are always arguing over whether a mattress is comfortable or not, take a look at Helix. They may be able to solve that problem once and for all.

Helix doesn’t claim to have the answer for all types of sleepers. Everyone has a different body type and different sleep tendencies. Instead of saying they’ll give you everything; Helix asks for your preferences and creates a custom mattress specifically for you. Hopefully, this Helix mattress review was helpful, but don’t forget to take a look for yourself. If you’re ready to place an order be sure to check our Helix coupon for huge discounts.

Helix Mattress Ratings




Build Quality




Sleep Trial





  • Huge array of models/choices
  • The sleep quiz helps find the best Helix mattress for your needs
  • Good motion isolation across the range
  • The mattresses are Oeko-Tex Certified
  • Good edge support


  • Warranty could be longer
  • Some of the mattresses are quite pricey

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