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If you’re suffering from shoulder pain, the mattress you sleep on every night might aggravate the issue. First, let’s talk about when it’s worth investing in a new mattress. In general, if your current bed is uncomfortable for any reason — if it causes back or neck pain, snoring problems, or just leaves you restless and waking up feeling sore — it’s time to find a new one. Mattresses that have been used for more than six or seven years also need replacing because they start to lose their support over time—which is not what you want if back and shoulder pain has been plaguing your nights lately.

But if your mattress is still in good condition, or you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new bed, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for one. For example, buying a mattress topper can be a cheap and temporary solution.

However, “It’s always better to choose a higher quality and nicer mattress that you’ll enjoy much more,” says Dr. Ellen Silbergeld, an orthopedic surgeon and sleep consultant at orthopedic spine centers like Spine Surgery Specialists of Kansas City in Kansas City, Missouri. This is because when folks get older, they tend to develop aches and pains in their joints — especially shoulders — or damage their spinal discs with bad posture or poor sleep habits.

So, with that in mind, we’ve scoured the web to find the best mattresses for shoulder pain relief, which could be the answer to all your problems. Here’s a roundup of our top-rated selections:

The Best Mattresses For Shoulder Pain

How We Compared The Mattresses

To find the right mattresses for easing shoulder pain we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Mattress firmness
  • Height and thickness
  • Choice of material
  • Sleeping position suitability
  • Price
  • Comfort

Our experienced sleep specialists created the following list after spending countless hours researching products and fact-checking customer reviews. We then carefully chose a range of products suitable for people who may be experiencing shoulder pain, analyzing and assessing the comparison points above. To know more about our mattress review process, have a look here.

Mattresses For Shoulder Pain Reviewed

SweetNight Dreamy

Sweetnight Dreamy hybrid

If you’re looking for a luxurious yet affordable mattress to help ease (or even eradicate) your shoulder pain, the SweetNight Dreamy hybrid mattress is something you should seriously consider.

With its dual firmness feature provided by the two-zone arrangement of 768 pocketed coils, anyone with shoulder pain can choose between medium or medium soft firmness. We initially chose the medium-soft option to help alleviate shoulder pain, but found it was too soft. To experience medium firmness, simply rotate the mattress 180 degrees. This put us in the realm of the medium firmness and was the perfect amount of comfort and support for neck, shoulder and hip support.

The coil core and CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam top layers combine to provide great alignment, offering a quality feel to the sleep surface.

It comes with a 100-night in-home sleep trial, a 10-year warranty and free shipping. If you need finance, you can get as low as 0% APR with Affirm when buying directly through the SweetNight website. There’s no doubt the SweetNight Dreamy should be on your short-list of options for your new mattress.

DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress review

The DreamCloud mattress feels like sleeping on a cloud due to its airy construction and exquisite support. It proved to be great for combination sleepers, and we liked that it’s made of premium materials, and the luxury-firm feel doesn’t feel too soft, which would be a problem for healthy spinal alignment.

This hybrid memory foam and spring mattress will most likely match your firmness preferences; you won’t feel the pressure points that other mattresses can cause. We also loved that this mattress was one of the more affordable options on the market, and we think it’s also one of the best for stomach sleepers if that’s your preferred sleeping position while experiencing shoulder pain.

It offers excellent pressure relief for side sleepers, too, with its impressive five layer comfort system. We’re accustomed to beautiful hybrid mattresses that are plush and supportive. Still, this one has an understated elegance that makes it feel more high-end, especially with touches like the luxury cashmere cover.

With this luxury mattress, you’ll get an incredible 365-day sleep trial, a lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns, and the option to finance your purchase. Overall, the Dreamcloud mattress offers amazing value and a productive step toward relieving shoulder pain.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress

Here’s an affordable medium-firm memory foam mattress that doesn’t skimp on comfort. It has a high-quality construction with hypoallergenic materials and is breathable to reduce sweat. It also boasts a great return policy should you have any issues with the product. And because it has a polyurethane core, this CertiPUR-US® certified all-foam mattress won’t be too soft or too firm, so you can rest assured it will relieve shoulder pain and wake up pain-free.

This mattress is one of the most popular options on the market right now. Its comfort layer is made of gel-infused memory foam, which is pressure-relieving and cooling, which is great news for hot sleepers.

The Nectar mattress is both firm and breathable, giving you everything that shoulder pain sufferers could want regardless of whether you’re into back, side or stomach sleeping. It has great bounce while also being incredibly contouring for the curvature of the neck and shoulder region.

The memory foam layer relieves pressure points so you can sleep comfortably night after night. And finally, the base layer is made of high-density foam to provide ample support without being too hard or too soft, which also adds to the rigidity and longevity of the mattress.

With your purchase, you’ll get a 365-night in-home sleep trial, a forever warranty, free delivery and returns.

This is your best bet if you’re looking for an all-around comfortable mattress without breaking the bank. Overall, this is most likely the best memory foam mattress for shoulder pain that’s available on the market right now.

Helix Dawn

Helix dawn

The Helix Dawn wins the prize for being the most comfortable mattress for stomach sleepers with shoulder pain by a long shot. The top layer of this hybrid mattress uses a unique latex foam alternative that contours to the body for ultimate support and firmness. Since it is a firm mattress, stomach sleepers, back and side sleepers can rest assured they won’t be in danger of damaging their spine or making shoulder pain any worse. The mattress is designed to help you sleep better and align your spine.

The degree of support in this mattress will help alleviate shoulder pain, and sufferers get a good night’s sleep without waking up in pain.

The bottom layers are made from a CertiPUR-US® high-grade polyfoam, and the base consists of numerous individually wrapped pocket coils, which is typical of a hybrid mattress design. The springs help to cradle your body while reducing motion transfer, which is great news for couples sharing the bed. 

The 10-year warranty is shorter than most within this price range, but don’t let that put you off. The Helix Dawn should outlast the recommended 7-year usage and have plenty of warranty left. Also, the 100-night sleep trial is shorter than the above two mattresses, but hopefully, you’ll love this firm and supportive mattress from day one, and won’t need to swap it for another.

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic

If you’re after the best mattress for neck and shoulder pain, the Saatva Classic is an excellent hybrid innerspring mattress that you should consider. It comes in three different firmness options: Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. If you want a pressure-relieving mattress to help with shoulder pain, we’d recommend you try the Saatva Classic Firm. The eco-friendly materials in this mattress are said to be both durable and supportive, so your spine won’t sink into this mattress when you lie on it at night.

Its top layer is made of a plush Euro pillow top that feels extremely luxurious yet doesn’t make you feel like you’re disappearing into the mattress like you would with some memory foam mattresses. Its bottom layers consist of two spring layers; one is a collection of individually wrapped pocket springs that sit above a traditional Bonnel type spring base that cradles the body in perfect comfort. That means the Saatva mattress has great bounce while offering firm support when needed most.

Sleeping on this mattress won’t feel any pressure points or discomfort because it’s evidently made with high-quality materials. It is extremely breathable, so you won’t wake up feeling sweaty or uncomfortable if you sleep hot. The open-air chambers effectively allow any excess body heat to escape through the core without compromising comfort or support.

This mattress will relieve pressure points and give you the support you need to avoid back pain and other body aches. It isn’t too soft or too hard, so it is one of the most comfortable mattresses for shoulder pain that back, stomach, and side sleepers can use confidently. Many people have commented that they like the Saatva as it has some bounce, but it is firmer than most hybrids.

In terms of warranty, it comes with 15 years’ worth, and you can also enjoy it in the comfort of your home for 180 nights before you decide whether or not to keep it.



Another luxury hybrid mattress for sleepers with shoulder pain to consider is the WinkBed. It appears on many-a-roundup because it simply is one of the best mattresses for many different reasons.

Made of a gel-infused memory foam top layer and pocket coil base, the mattress is great for people who want both cushioning comfort and deep support.

The WinkBed is a pleasure to use as it secures the spine within the contours of its mattress. Like the Saatva, the WinkBed also comes available in numerous firmness options, and again, we’d recommend the “Firmer” mattress. The firmness is not too hard nor too soft, which is perfect for an affected shoulder.

Sleepers also highly recommend the WinkBed for problems with a bad back or hips, as it can provide a more supportive comfort level. It boasts high-quality, durable materials and will retain its shape over time, which makes it a perfect choice for those who prefer firm mattresses or those seeking healthy spinal alignment.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, a 120-night trial, free shipping and returns, and finance as low as $200/month 0% APR.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress Review

The Puffy mattress provides a high-quality experience on a budget. The memory foam comfort layer and the supportive transition layer underneath feature unique patented materials called Cooling Cloud & Firm Core Support foam. These adjust to your body and provide an adaptive, medium-firm feel. This is good news for combination sleepers with shoulder pain, as the Puffy will suit almost any sleeper seeking pressure relief from a memory foam mattress.

The Puffy mattress offers a healthy sleeping environment thanks to its comfortable and multi-layer construction that keeps you supported all night long; it’s perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers or those who like to fall asleep on their stomachs.

Hot sleepers say they love the cooling technology this mattress offers, especially for warm weather climates, thanks to its ClimateComfort™ layer; it does sleep cool, and in fact, is rated among our top cooling mattresses on the market, and is currently our editor’s pick for the best memory foam mattress.

Puffy mattresses are also extremely durable and will last many years if well cared for. It will not lose its shape or give out. This mattress has a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it ever.

In addition to being a great choice for those suffering from chronic shoulder pain, the Puffy mattress is also a top pick for those of the back pain variety. Its Cooling Cloud & Firm Core Support foam layers can help with the pressure relief a softer mattress would struggle to provide.

Tuft & Needle Mint

Tuft and needle mint

Tuft & needle mint has a nice balance of support and softness, making it different from other memory foam mattresses. While this mattress is not too firm or too soft, the use of high-quality materials offers stability to the mattress and can help alleviate pain in key areas like your hips, back and shoulders.

This mattress is perfect for combo sleepers due to its T&N Adaptive® graphite-infused foam. However, it is a medium-firm mattress, slightly softer than the T&N Original, and it’s optimal for side sleepers who need a little added support and pressure relief for shoulder pain. It is very supportive, and we love how it contours around even the curviest and heaviest bodies.

Motion transfer and edge support are better than you’d expect at this price point, which is good news for couples sharing this bed.

The warranty is slightly shorter than most (10 years), and the 100-night sleep trial is an industry entry-level standard. However, don’t let these put you off; if you’re looking for the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain, the Tuft and Needle Mint is a good choice and especially great for those who are looking for a comfortable mattress at an affordable price.

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is an all-natural latex mattress with organic cotton, latex and wool materials. The company also uses natural flame retardants in the production of mattresses.

It comes in two firmnesses, medium and medium firm. Those seeking the best mattress for shoulder pain should opt for the medium-firm option, as it will support your body while you sleep and help alleviate pain or pressure points in key areas like your back, hips and shoulders.

Some sleepers report it is firm but still soft enough to support their body parts without causing aches or pains throughout the night. They also like how this mattress sleeps cool throughout sleep, even on hot summer nights.

Although the Botanical Bliss mattress relieves pressure very well, it may not be ideal for those looking for a mattress that is firm, for example, those with chronic back pain or sciatica. The company, however, offers an option to customize the mattress to experience a harder feel if required.

Side sleepers with shoulder pain will love the push-back sensation that latex mattresses provide, as latex lifts and supports the body’s contours, thus providing a different sensation of support compared to memory foam beds.

As for the warranty, you’ll get an impressive 25 years worth and 100 nights to test it at home since you can’t test it in-store. Overall, this highly certified and organic mattress may be expensive, but it is worth every bit of its price tag in every criterion.

Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

Amerisleep as2 hybrid

Our top spot for the best mattress for hip and shoulder pain goes to the Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid.

This mattress offers a luxury feel while being one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses on the market. It is available in one firmness, which is medium-firm. However, we like how comfortable this mattress sleeps compared to other mattresses of its kind, especially when catering for side sleepers. Also, it doesn’t sag when you sit on the edge.

People with hip issues like how this mattress supports their hips and makes getting in and out easier. The weight capacity is between 400-550 pounds, making it great for overweight people with shoulder pain. Also, motion isolation is above-par, which is good news for couples who don’t want to disturb their partner while getting in or out of bed.

The AS2 is a great choice for people who need a pressure-relieving hybrid mattress with a softer foam top layer, but don’t want to break the bank when selecting. It provides luxurious contouring and support without an outrageous price tag.

The warranty is a cool 20 years, and the in-home trial is a basic 100 nights. However, we think you’ll most likely love the pressure relief and pain alleviation from the first night.

Causes Of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

A mattress can be the primary cause of shoulder pain in bed, when it’s too firm or when you sleep on your shoulders. Here is what you need to know about the causes of shoulder pain when sleeping and the steps that you may take to avoid it.

Sleeping positions

The most likely cause of shoulder pain is your sleeping position. A side sleeper is the most prone to shoulder pain. People who sleep on their side with their arms under the pillow are most susceptible, particularly if they sleep on hard mattresses, which can exacerbate the problem. Sleeping with your arms behind your head puts added pressure on the shoulders.

There are three general types of sleeping positions, depending on how much space is allowed for your body to move. Your choice of sleeping position depends largely on personal preference, but a good rule is to never sleep in a position that stops your airway from being open.


Pillows are also a factor in causing pain in the shoulders at night. Some people find that having their pillow too high up under the head causes pressure on the neck and shoulders, while others find that sleeping with your head at an angle can irritate the neck and shoulder muscles.


You have a group of muscles at the top of your back called the trapezius, and they help support your neck and shoulder. Sleeping on a bad mattress can cause this group to tighten up during the night—and it doesn’t let go until you wake up. The more you sleep with these muscles in a tight position, the more pain you’ll experience in your shoulders when you wake up.

Bad posture

Again, an old or sagging mattress can lead to slouching during sleep so that your neck is bent forward and your shoulders are rounded toward each other. This posture can put pressure on your shoulder joints, causing pain. It can also lead to tensing up surrounding muscles, exacerbating the problem.

What You Need To Look For In A Mattress

A woman holding on to her shoulder that hurts.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress for solace from shoulder pain, consider the following:

  • Make sure it’s as comfortable as possible and offers plenty of support for your shoulders.
  • Think about getting a hybrid mattress or one made from memory foam. These support your head and neck and alleviate pressure on your shoulders—which is exactly what you need if you already have shoulder problems and want to avoid aggravating them further.
  • You want a mattress that can take your weight and move with you as you turn and toss around. When you feel restless, it should respond to your movements without putting too much pressure on your shoulders. Firm and medium-firm mattresses are best for this type of pressure relief. Soft mattresses are no good for shoulder pain or combo sleepers.
  • Another great choice is latex. Latex mattresses give you the support of memory foam but don’t compress over time, meaning it stays supportive and comfortable no matter how much bodyweight you’re carrying. Latex won’t bottom out as an ordinary memory foam mattress will.
  • If you’re struggling with shoulder pain, avoid the temptation to just try to tough it out for the next sale, such as Christmas or Black Friday, even if it’s just around the corner. The longer you wait, the more it will worsen your shoulder pain.

Mattress For Shoulder Pain FAQs

Can a mattress hurt your shoulder?

Yes, a mattress can hurt your shoulder. They can put pressure against your shoulder, and this pressure is the cause of the pain. A person who feels pain in the shoulders or hips and needs to sleep on their side needs a mattress that will not put extreme pressure on their body and make it painful.

What firmness of a mattress is best for shoulder pain?

The best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder and hip pain should use a soft to medium-firm mattress. The mattress should give a medium level of support to the back and keep the shoulders from sinking in too much. This, in turn, relieves pressure on the shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers with shoulder pain should stick to a medium-firm mattress that does not sag too much and gives better hip and back support. A mattress that is too soft will end up causing more damage than good.

What kind of mattress is good for neck and shoulder pain?

The mattress can cause neck and shoulder pain, especially for those who sleep on their back or side. A soft mattress wears out faster than firm mattresses. For this reason, the firmness of the mattress is not always as important as the quality of the materials used in its construction.

Any kind of memory foam will do for most people. However, it is best to choose a foam that has some infusions, such as gel, graphite copper, or even tea. It should be soft enough to provide some cushioning against pressure but firm enough that it does not sag too much and causes neck pain or shoulder pain.

Hybrid mattresses are a popular mattress for shoulder pain sufferers as they feature two types of material (usually spring and memory foam), giving them a nice feel that is not too hard or too soft. They are durable and have the right amount of give that many people like but still conform to the body.

A latex mattress is also a good mattress for hip and shoulder pain sufferers as it also has an absorbent quality and breathes well. It does not sag as much as a memory foam bed and can be quite supportive on its own. However, for those looking for more support on the shoulders, a hybrid mattress may be a better option than a pure latex model.

How do I stop my shoulder from hurting in my bed?

There are a couple of things that you can do. First, ensure your mattress does not press too much on your shoulder and cause pain. Sleep on a pillow with an open design, so the pillow will not press against your back and shoulders.

You can also get a hybrid or foam mattress with both memory foam and soft spring layers. This will allow the mattress to conform to your body while still giving you support and comfort, preventing it from becoming too soft and causing shoulder pain.


I have been a long-time sufferer of sleep issues and chronic pain. I have tried hundreds of different mattresses in my search for relief, but surprisingly, the SweetNight Dreamy exceeded my expectations on numerous fronts. From pressure-point relief to the excellent build, comfort and support, all at mouthwatering prices, this mattress had to top the list as our favorite.

Nonetheless, most of these mattresses are extremely good for easing shoulder pain. They’re all somewhat affordable, but certainly a range here to support every budget. All you need to do is choose one that fits your needs and budget best.

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