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Is your back pain affecting the quality of your life? Having a bad mattress is definitely one of the causes of back pain. Why prolong your suffering any longer when you can do something about it? Purple, the company behind the world’s first No Pressure™ mattress, is the answer! Don’t be intimidated by the costs of buying a new mattress because we’re here to tell you how you can save money without compromising your comfort through a Purple mattress coupon! Continue reading to learn more about Purple and their mattresses!

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About Purple

Purple Mattress Coupon

Purple was founded by two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce, who are both engineers. Tony was literally a rocket scientist and Terry had 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing. In 1989, the two teamed up and started a company that produced high-tech carbon fiber sporting goods and wheelchairs.

It took more than 2 decades before the two decided to venture into making mattresses. It’s a good thing they waited too because in those 24 years, they managed to invent and patent over 30 cushioning technologies that are now used by companies who manufacture medical equipment, shoes (Nike!), and even mattresses!

With founders with a background like that, you can bet that you’re getting a top-notch mattress. Of course, you would also think that a Purple mattress would cost you thousands of dollars so you won’t even bother checking them out. The thing is, Purple mattresses are actually very affordable considering their quality.

What’s In A Purple Mattress?

Purple Bed Coupon Purple doesn’t use latex or memory foam in their mattresses. Instead, they use Hyper-Elastic Polymer™. This material is pressure releasing and highly durable. The core of Purple mattresses is designed in a grid formation which allows for the Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ to better conform to the form of the sleeper. This design also allows free airflow thus ensuring that you are kept cool throughout the night.

Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ technology provides the right amount of hardness for spine support yet can also deliver pressure relief just like a soft mattress. This ensures you will never have to wake up with an ache in your body.

Furthermore, Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ is extremely durable! A Purple mattress can last you decades and you won’t even see an impression on it. It is made from organic materials and is CertiPUR-US­® Certified.

How To Get A Purple Mattress Coupon Code

If you’re looking for a Purple coupon code, you don’t actually need one. You see, Purple has decided to discontinue their promo code campaign. But the good news is, they are still offering buyers a chance to enjoy a $100 discount when they purchase a mattress bundle even without an OnPurple coupon. Right now, they offering a free product bundle with a mattress purchase. There is no expiration on this promo so there’s really no telling when their bundle is going to change. We always make sure to keep our readers updated on Purple’s offerings so make sure to visit ChooseMattress regularly to find out the latest promos.

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