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We all know that having a new-born baby means resigning yourself to sleepless nights. What they don’t tell you is that pregnancy can be almost as bad. From raging hormones to your growing bump makes it impossible to find a comfy position, being pregnant can play havoc with your sleep.

If you’ve been struggling on a saggy mattress in your cozy bed for two, now is an excellent time to think about upgrading that all-important bed to something bigger and more comfortable. After all, once baby arrives, you may have to make room for a third person in the bed.

We’ve rounded up and reviewed the best pregnancy mattresses to help you sleep better while you’re pregnant and after your baby arrives. Before we dive into the reviews and top picks, have a read through our buying guide for important tips.

Top 7 Best Mattress For Pregnancy Comparisons

How We Compared The Pregnancy Mattresses

To find the best mattresses for pregnant women and associated difficulties we considered several factors, including:

  • How hard or soft the mattress is when using it
  • Whether or not it’s good for side sleepers
  • If it can be cleaned easily
  • If it sags easily or holds weight properly
  • The warranty period
  • The overall price
  • The level of motion isolation it provides
  • Sleep trial length

Our sleep lovers created the following list of reviews after researching suitable mattresses and cross-checking customer reviews. They then chose a range of available mattresses appropriate for pregnant women and assessed the points above. To know more about our mattress reviewing process, have a look here.

Mattress For Pregnancy Reviews

Loom & Leaf

Loom and Leaf

We love the Loom & Leaf for its luxury quilted feel, eco-friendly, supportive foam, and cooling technology which stops you overheating.

It’s made from four layers of foam and comes in two different firmness levels. The “relaxed firm” comfort level is a medium-firm mattress designed for all types of sleeper. There’s also a firmer mattress, but you may find this a bit too hard when sleeping on your side.

The quilted cover is made from organic cotton and feels soft and cozy – perfect for sinking into – but the best thing about this mattress is the cooling system. The top layer of memory foam incorporates a cooling gel, and there’s an additional spinal panel to keep your lumbar region (and bump!) extra cool.

You can pair the Loom & Leaf mattress with a platform or firm box spring base, but the mattress is specifically designed to be used with the adjustable Lineal base. Not only does this mean you can raise your shoulders up if you’re struggling with heartburn and indigestion, but you can make the most of the in-built massage function. The under-bed lighting will also prove useful for those frequent night-time trips to the bathroom.

Both mattress and base come with free delivery including installation, so all the heavy lifting is done for you.

Further reading: Learn more in our Loom & Leaf review.

  • Luxury feel
  • Gel layer helps you stay cool
  • Good motion isolation
  • Great service and professional installation
  • Optional adjustable base
  • Soft at the edges

Tuft & Needle

Tuft and Needle

Tuft & Needle use a specially engineered foam that’s designed to have the benefits of both memory foam and latex. The mattress has two layers: a firm base layer which acts as a foundation, and a top layer of foam that adapts to the weight of the sleeper to provide the level of support required regardless of your weight.

This makes it a good choice for couples of different sizes. You may also find it more comfortable than other mattresses if you want to switch from sleeping on your side, during pregnancy, to your back after your baby’s born.

Some people have reported that the mattress can soften over time – a common complaint with memory foam. The Tuft & Needle does come with a 10-year warranty, and while it may not last forever, it’s a lot less expensive than other mattresses.

The mattress has undergone stringent testing that certifies it’s free from harmful chemicals and has achieved STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® meaning you don’t have to worry about it causing a reaction on your baby’s sensitive skin.

If you want to keep your existing bed, the Tuft & Needle is compatible with everything from a slatted frame bed, to an adjustable or box spring. Along with the competitive price point, this makes it a great choice for parents-to-be on a budget.

Further reading: You may want to check our full Tuft and Needle review for more info.

  • Excellent value for money
  • Adjustable support
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified
  • 10-year warranty
  • Great customer service
  • Softens over time

Nectar Sleep

Nectar mattress

If you’re worried about the mounting costs of strollers, cribs and everything else a baby needs, the Nectar is another great mattress that won’t break the bank.

The medium-firm support comes from three layers of memory foam on top of a firm base layer. It’s a bit bouncier than other memory foam mattresses. If you’re used to springs, you may prefer this, but it’s not as good at absorbing movement. This may not bother you, but your partner may complain if you wake them every time you get up to pee during the night.

The quilted cover is designed to wick away heat, and the top two gel memory foam layers also help distribute heat throughout the mattress.

During pregnancy, your body goes through a lot of changes which makes sleeping difficult. This can make it hard to know what mattress you’ll find comfortable once your body is back to normal. The Nectar is unique because it has a 365-day trial period, which means you can sleep on it while pregnant and after giving birth before committing to it.

It also has a “forever” warranty, and free shipping and can be used on any type of bed. If you’re a cautious shopper, this may be the mattress for you.

  • Medium-firm mattress suits most sleepers
  • 365-day trial period
  • Great value
  • “Forever” warranty
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, Class 1 certified
  • Cooling not as effective as other models

Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress

The Bear Mattress is a competitively priced memory foam mattress with a unique cover that it claims promotes better sleep. It’s marketed at athletes, but we’d argue that carrying a growing baby for nine months is a tough workout!

The four layers of foam – a base layer, a transitional layer, and two responsive layers –are standard for a high-quality memory foam mattress. The top layer incorporates graphite gel to help with cooling, and the foam does an excellent job of keeping your spine aligned without being too hard.

Wrapped around these layers is a breathable Celliant cover. This is where things get technical; Celliant is a synthetic fiber that absorbs body heat and converts it into infrared light. Infrared light has been proven to boost circulation, oxygen and blood flow to your muscles, helping reduce aches and pains and giving you a more restful night’s sleep.

You get a 100-night trial period with the Bear Mattress, but unlike other brands, you must sleep on it (or at least own it) for 30 days before you can return it. While you do need to give yourself a bit of time to adjust to the comfort of a new mattress if you’re finding it uncomfortable after a few weeks, this may be an inconvenience.

  • Sleeps cool
  • Infrared technology helps with aching muscles
  • Environmentally-friendly foam
  • Competitive price
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-day trial period before the return

Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe

Do you struggle to find a perfect mattress for you and your partner? If you don’t want a one-mattress-fits-all option, then check out the Helix Midnight Luxe.

It’s a hybrid mattress, consisting of a layer of coils sandwiched between a base layer of foam and upper layers of polyfoam and memory foam. The reinforced perimeter around the coils gives the mattress better edge support than many foam mattresses, and the two-layered cover helps with breathability.

With a medium firmness level, it offers pressure-relieving Memory Plus Foam (designed for side sleepers) or Helix Dynamic Foam, designed to react and contour to your body (good for back and stomach sleepers).

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of choosing between all the different Helix mattress styles on their site, don’t worry – Helix Sleep has a handy quiz to help you and your partner work out which mattress is right for you.

There’s a 100-night sleep trial, so if you don’t get it right the first time, you can swap your mattress for a different model, but as with the Bear, there’s a 30-day minimum sleep period. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Further reading: Learn more in our full Helix mattress review.

  • 6 firmness options
  • Dual-sided and “big & tall” options
  • Good edge support
  • Coils help with airflow and breathability
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day minimum sleep period
  • Heavy mattress

Layla Hybrid

Layla hybrid mattress

The copper-infused Layla Hybrid is the answer to many pregnant women’s prayers and is designed as a dual-sided soft and firm mattress in one.

Waking up feeling hot in the middle of the night can be one of the first signs that you’re pregnant. Unfortunately, things don’t get easier, and you may find hot flashes disturbing your sleep throughout pregnancy. The Layla Hybrid’s innovative cooling system is one of the best you’ll find – great for expecting mothers and those times when your figurative hot water bottle decides he wants to sleep in mom and dad’s bed.

The mattress consists of multiple layers of cooling gel foam that is designed to distribute body weight and heat through the mattress. The top layer creates a cool sleeping surface, and the lightweight cover is highly breathable.

The foam adapts to your size and weight, giving you the support you need while hugging you to sleep. It’s definitely one of the pricier mattresses on the market, but for many women, a pregnancy mattress that helps them sleep is priceless.

We recommend you use the mattress with a firm platform foundation or one of their adjustable bases.

  • Advanced cooling technology
  • Good balance of softness and support
  • Dual-sided (2 firmness levels in one)
  • Luxury feel
  • 10-year warranty
  • Expensive

Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Aurora

The Brooklyn Aurora by Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid bed in a box, giving the responsiveness of a spring mattress with the conforming properties of foam. There are three different firmness options. If you’re normally a side sleeper and like the feeling of being “hugged” by your mattress, you may want the soft option, otherwise, the medium is likely to be your best bet for sleeping in different positions.

The coils mean it has better edge support than most memory foam mattresses. This can be helpful in the latter stages of pregnancy when you may find you need to push yourself up out of bed or if you’re struggling with hip or pelvic pain.

The hybrid design also improves airflow and breathability which, along with the copper-infused heat-conductive foam makes this a cool mattress – great if you’re suffering from hot flashes.

The one downside is that the top of the mattress is quite slippery and its thickness – 14-inches – can make sheets harder to fit. You get a long 120-night sleep trial, but as with other manufacturers, you can’t return it in the first 30 days.

  • Great at keeping you cool
  • Good edge support
  • Three firmness options
  • Made in the USA
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • May have to buy new sheets to fit it

Choosing The Best Pregnancy Mattress

There are many reasons you may struggle to sleep during pregnancy, from a growing belly to heartburn and hormones to hip and back pain. As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll find your bladder feels as if it’s shrunk to the size of a walnut, making frequent bathroom trips a tiring necessity.

We look at how to find the best bed for pregnancy and give expectant mothers tips on how to get as much sleep as possible.

The Best Bed For Pregnant Ladies

One thing you may find tough when you’re pregnant is adjusting your sleeping position. Sleeping on your belly is out for obvious reasons (unless you want to cut a hole in your mattress to accommodate your bump!), and doctors recommend you don’t sleep on your back after the first trimester as this can restrict blood flow to your baby.

If you’re not used to sleeping on your side, you may find it uncomfortable initially, particularly if your current mattress is very hard or soft.

If you’re looking to buy a bed for pregnant ladies, it’s worth considering the following:

  • Size – you may have firm ideas now about keeping your kids out of the marital bed, but at some point, you’ll probably cave and allow your little one to snuggle up with you. If you have a bigger bed, this will be more comfortable for everyone, so now may be the time to upgrade to a King. If you have a pregnancy pillow, your partner may already feel like there’s a third person in the bed!
  • Bed base – for an innerspring mattress, most bases will work fine, but if you’re opting for memory foam, you’ll need to check which type of base your mattress manufacturer recommends. Some manufacturers sell their own bases, which you can guarantee will be compatible.
  • Longevity– you want your new bed to last for years, if not decades. Investing in a bed made from quality materials with a long warranty period means you won’t need to worry about replacing it any time soon.

What To Look for In A Pregnancy Mattress

A pregnant woman laying on her pregnancy mattress

There are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for pregnancy mattresses that may not apply at different times in your life.

Firmness Rating

If you sleep on your back, you may be used to a firm mattress. During pregnancy, it’s better to sleep on your side, meaning you may need a softer mattress.

Cooling Technology

You may have been a cold sleeper up until now, but many pregnant women find themselves overheating or waking up with hot flashes. Memory foam mattresses typically sleep hotter than spring mattresses, but many have built-in cooling technology to help wick heat away from your body.

Trial Period

Most quality mattresses offer at least a 100-day trial period, but if you want to be able to test your mattress in different sleeping positions or after your baby is born, it may be worth opting for one with a longer trial. See the Nectar review below.

Edge Support

By your third trimester, you may be starting to feel like an old woman. A mattress with firm edge support will help you get in and out of bed, and you won’t risk rolling out during the night.

Motion isolation

The motion transfer from your partner moving around in their sleep is one of the main factors which prevents couples from getting a good night’s sleep. Foam mattresses are generally better at absorbing movement, meaning you’re less likely to wake up if your partner is tossing and turning.

Tips For Sleeping During Pregnancy

If you’re still struggling to sleep, these tips might help:

  • Invest in a good pregnancy pillow to help keep your hips and back aligned.
  • If you’re pregnant during summer, try and cool your bedroom down before you go to sleep.
  • Try to avoid switching the main bathroom light on when you go for a pee during the night – a softer glow will help you fall back asleep faster.


The Loom & Leaf by Saatva is our favorite pregnancy mattress of the 7 reviews we conducted. When you’re body is feeling hot, tired and achy, its luxurious support will help you sink into a good night’s sleep. Combined with the Saatva Lineal adjustable base, we feel this is the best bed for pregnant women, and you’ll appreciate the adjustable back and underbed lighting during those nighttime feeds when your baby arrives.

Unfortunately, it’s common to struggle with sleep, particularly toward the end of your second and third trimester. A good pregnant mattress and maternity pillow can help make expecting mothers more comfortable at night, but don’t be afraid to take a daytime nap now and then.

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