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The significance of having the best pregnancy pillow at your disposal is often overlooked by many expectant mothers. During the different stages of pregnancy, back pain can significantly impact spinal health and disrupt a sound night’s sleep. It’s disheartening to know that back pain is highly prevalent, with an estimated 50-80% of women experiencing some form of lumbar pain throughout their pregnancy and even after giving birth, as noted by spine health experts.

Thankfully, there is a solution for pregnant women seeking relief from lower lumbar pain, posterior pelvic discomfort, or general sleep struggles. Pregnancy pillows, also known as wedges, maternity pillows, or full body pillows, are specifically designed to provide much-needed support to expectant mothers. These pillows offer numerous benefits and are considered an essential item for every mother-to-be due to their remarkable price-to-satisfaction ratio. Once you introduce a pregnancy pillow into your life, it’s highly likely that you’ll be reluctant to ever part with it, even after childbirth.

A List Of The Best Pregnancy Pillows

How We Compared Pillows

In our comparison of the best pregnancy pillows, we considered factors such as support, comfort, shape, cover material, and durability. Support is crucial for pregnancy pillows, so we evaluated how well each pillow could provide support for the belly, back, and hips, which are areas often needing extra cushioning during pregnancy.

Comfort is subjective and can vary from person to person. Hence, we assessed a variety of pillows with different firmness levels and fill materials to cater to different needs.

The shape of the pillow is also important. Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes such as C-shape, U-shape, wedge, and more. Each shape has its own pros and cons, and the choice largely depends on the user’s sleeping position and where they require the most support.

The cover material influences both comfort and durability. We looked for soft, breathable, and machine-washable cover materials that can withstand nightly use.

Durability is another key factor, as a quality pregnancy pillow should be able to last throughout the pregnancy and potentially through subsequent pregnancies as well. We assessed the construction quality and longevity of each pillow.

Finally, we took into account customer reviews to gain insight into real-world performance, and we evaluated the terms of any warranty offered. By focusing on these key aspects, we identified the best pregnancy pillows available on the market.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows In Detail

Leachco Snoogle Original

Leachco Snoogle

The Leachco Snoogle Original full body pillow stands out as one of the top choices currently available, with its sales figures testifying to its unparalleled appeal. Expertly designed, it mimics the natural contour of the body, offering tailored support for vital areas including the hips, back, neck, and tummy. This exceptional design, credited to a registered nurse and mother, serves multiple purposes: it targets common discomforts like lower back pain, provides cushioning between the knees, and gives the necessary support to the growing baby bump.

What adds to its allure is the 100% cotton hypoallergenic cover which is both removable and easily washable, ensuring hygiene and durability. The Leachco Snoogle Original is a must-have for expecting mothers, and once you’ve experienced its benefits, you’ll be left wondering how you ever managed without it.

  • The Snoogle Total Body Pillow is specifically designed for maternity and pregnancy, providing support for the back, hips, and belly, promoting better sleep during pregnancy.
  • Its unique C-shape design may alleviate pressure on key areas, providing relief from common pregnancy discomforts.
  • The pillow’s versatile shape makes it useful even beyond pregnancy, serving as a supportive body pillow for various purposes.
  • Being available on Amazon, the product likely benefits from fast shipping and easy returns, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • The specific shape of the Snoogle Total Body Pillow might not suit all sleep preferences, particularly those who prefer traditional rectangular pillows.
  • Some users might find the pillow’s size to be too large for their bed, potentially requiring adjustment in their sleeping arrangement.

Leachco Back ‘N Belly

Leachco Back 'N Belly

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly contour pillow’s popularity can be largely attributed to its intelligent design, making it an excellent choice for prenatal usage. Regardless of whether you prefer sleeping on your back or side, the U-shaped design of the pillow has been ingeniously contoured to conform to your body’s natural curves, ensuring optimal comfort in any position. When compared to similar products, its size is quite standard, but it excels in delivering consistent back and belly support for individuals of various statures, heights, and weights.

What stands out about this pillow is its ideal loft, which not only ensures the head remains at the perfect angle for comfort but also helps alleviate issues like heartburn while maintaining clear airways throughout the night.

The pillow’s stuffing is 100% polyester, and it comes with a pre-fitted, removable, and washable cotton-blend cover. This combination seems to be a recurring theme in most Leachco pregnancy pillows, and for a good reason. Given the proven track record of their products’ success, it’s clear they’ve discovered a winning formula. In the realm of pregnancy pillows, the Leachco Back ‘N Belly stands out as a top-rated choice that’s well worth considering.

  • The Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy Pillow features a contoured design that provides full-body support, promoting better sleep during pregnancy by alleviating pressure on the back, hips, and belly.
  • The pillow’s unique shape allows pregnant individuals to comfortably switch sides without needing to adjust the pillow.
  • Its versatile design can be used even beyond pregnancy, serving as a supportive body pillow for various purposes.
  • The specific shape and size of the Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy Pillow might not suit all sleep preferences, particularly those who prefer traditional rectangular pillows.
  • Some users might find the pillow to be too large for their bed, potentially requiring adjustment in their sleeping arrangement.

Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Pillow

Comfort-U Total Body Pillow

The Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Pillow is renowned for alleviating maternity-related discomforts and ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep without the constant need for repositioning. The company has also gained recognition for their products that effectively address neck, shoulder, and back pains. Crafted in the USA, this remarkable pillow is generously sized, enveloping the entire body from head to toe with utmost comfort.

Instead of the traditional polyester or feather fillings, the decision to employ fusion fiber might be the secret to its success and widespread acclaim. Fusion fiber is distinct in its attributes – it’s soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic, and resists lumping or clumping. A significant advantage of this filling is its ability to withstand high washing and drying temperatures. Coupled with a removable, washable cover, it makes the pillow both hygienic and low-maintenance. In summation, the Moonlight Comfort U body pillow is bound to surpass your anticipations and offers great value for its price.

  • Designed to provide support to the entire body, making them ideal for pregnant women who often struggle with finding a comfortable sleeping position.
  • The U-shape design means it can be used in various ways – for sleeping, reading, or simply lounging. It’s adaptable to different sleeping positions and postpartum needs.
  • Helps in reducing pressure on the spine, hips, and pelvis, which is particularly important during pregnancy when added weight can lead to discomfort.
  • High-quality full body pregnancy pillows, like those from reputed brands, are often durable and retain their shape even after continuous use.
  • Due to their comprehensive design, these pillows can take up a lot of space on the bed, potentially making it cramped for partners or in smaller bed sizes.
  • Some users find that full-body pillows, especially those made of certain materials, can retain heat, which might be uncomfortable for those who sleep hot or in warmer climates.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Hailing from the USA, the PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is often hailed as a lifesaver by those who’ve experienced its comfort. Its expansive design offers comprehensive body support, ensuring maximum comfort without occupying excessive bed space. Setting it apart from the competition, it offers a choice of five aesthetic colors: Grey, Light Blue, Light Grey, Light Pink, and Mint Green. Its design is both thoughtful and innovative; the pillow’s unique curved shoulder support seamlessly contours to the body, while its traditional headrest promises utmost comfort. Every curve, from the belly to the lumbar region, is well-supported and nurtured.

Filled with a medium-firm material, its meticulously crafted shape ensures optimal comfort, all while being incredibly lightweight, tipping the scales at just 7 lbs. The 100% cotton jersey fabric cover, equipped with a zipper, is easily removable and machine-washable, ensuring cleanliness and longevity. While there might be other budget-friendly options available, the consistent praise from satisfied users proves that the PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow offers value that’s hard to beat. After just one night’s sleep with this pillow, you’ll undoubtedly want to make it a permanent bedtime companion.

  • The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow features a U-shaped design that provides full-body support, promoting better sleep during pregnancy by alleviating pressure on the back, hips, and belly.
  • The pillow’s unique shape allows pregnant individuals to comfortably switch sides without needing to adjust the pillow.
  • Its versatile design can be used even beyond pregnancy, serving as a supportive body pillow for various purposes.
  • The soft jersey cover adds comfort and is easily removable for washing, enhancing hygiene and ease of maintenance.
  • The specific shape and size of the PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow might not suit all sleep preferences, particularly those who prefer traditional rectangular pillows.
  • Some users might find the pillow to be too large for their bed, potentially requiring adjustment in their sleeping arrangement.

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

The Boppy remains one of the most recommended and top-rated pillows tailored for pregnancy. Its distinct advantages lie in its compactness, lightweight nature, mobility, and versatility. This petite cushion caters to various needs, offering support for both back and belly, and even doubles as a knee wedge when placed between or under the legs. While it doesn’t parallel the comprehensive support of a full body pillow, its flexibility allows it to shine uniquely, particularly when multiple Boppy pillows are used concurrently for targeted comfort.

Though a memory foam filling might have been a top pick for many, the Boppy employs a robust and firm 100% polyester filling, which, surprisingly, delivers commendable results. Accompanied by a removable and machine-washable cotton slipcover, it assures both comfort and hygiene. As for its durability, it’s still a matter up for debate given the intensive use it’s likely to undergo. However, given its affordable price point, even if it serves a few years before needing a replacement, it offers undeniable value for money.

  • The Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow features a compact and versatile design that provides targeted support for the back, hips, and belly during pregnancy, promoting better sleep and relieving pressure on key areas.
  • Its smaller size makes it ideal for travel and easy to position for various sleeping preferences.
  • The removable jersey slipcover adds comfort and is easily washable, enhancing hygiene and ease of maintenance.
  • The specific shape and size of the Boppy Pregnancy Support Pillow might not suit all sleep preferences, particularly those who prefer larger full-body pillows.
  • Some users might find the pillow’s support to be limited compared to larger full-body pillows.

How To Choose The Best Pregnancy Pillow

Are you expecting a baby and finding it increasingly difficult to get a good night’s sleep? A pregnancy pillow might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Designed specifically to provide support and comfort during pregnancy, these pillows can help alleviate common discomforts such as back pain, hip pain, and restless sleep. But with so many options available on the market, how do you choose the best pregnancy pillow for your needs?

When selecting a pregnancy pillow, it’s important to consider your individual preferences and specific needs. There are various types of pregnancy pillows to choose from, including U-shaped, C-shaped, and wedge pillows. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on your body shape and sleeping position. Additionally, you’ll want to think about factors such as promoting proper spinal alignment, alleviating pressure on joints, versatility and portability of the pillow, as well as how easy it is to clean and maintain. By taking all these factors into account, you can find the best pregnancy pillow that will provide optimal support throughout your journey towards motherhood.

Understanding the Importance of a Pregnancy Pillow

You’ll quickly realize the invaluable support and comfort a pregnancy pillow provides, making those long nights of tossing and turning a thing of the past. During pregnancy, your body goes through countless changes that can lead to discomfort and restlessness while trying to sleep. A pregnancy pillow helps alleviate these issues by providing proper support for your growing belly, back, and hips. Its unique design contours to your body shape, allowing you to find a comfortable position that reduces pressure on key areas. This not only promotes better sleep but also helps relieve common pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, sciatica, and heartburn. Whether you prefer sleeping on your side or back, a pregnancy pillow will help you maintain proper alignment and reduce strain on your muscles and joints. Investing in a high-quality pregnancy pillow is essential for ensuring a restful night’s sleep throughout your entire pregnancy journey.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

There are various types of pillows designed specifically for pregnant women. These pillows aim to provide support and comfort during pregnancy by relieving pressure on the back, hips, and abdomen. One common type is the wedge pillow, which is small and compact, perfect for providing targeted support to specific areas such as under the belly or between the knees. Another popular option is the full-body pillow, which is longer in length and can be shaped into different positions to accommodate your changing body. This type of pillow provides support for both your upper and lower body, helping to alleviate back pain and promote better sleep. Some other options include C-shaped or U-shaped pillows that wrap around your body, offering support from multiple angles. Ultimately, choosing the best pregnancy pillow depends on your individual needs and preferences, so it’s important to consider factors such as size, shape, material, and level of firmness when making your decision.

U-shaped Pregnancy Pillows: Benefits and Drawbacks

Experience the benefits and drawbacks of U-shaped pregnancy pillows as you seek ultimate comfort and support for your changing body. U-shaped pregnancy pillows are designed to provide full-body support, wrapping around your body in a U-shape. One of the main advantages of U-shaped pillows is that they can be used in multiple positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy. The unique shape provides support for your back, hips, neck, and belly simultaneously, relieving pressure on these areas and reducing discomfort. Additionally, the extended length of these pillows allows you to stretch out and relax fully. However, one drawback of U-shaped pillows is their size; they can take up a significant amount of space in your bed. This may be problematic if you have a smaller bed or need to share it with a partner. Furthermore, some users find it challenging to adjust and reposition the pillow during sleep due to its bulkiness. Despite these drawbacks, many pregnant women find that the benefits of using a U-shaped pregnancy pillow outweigh any inconveniences, providing them with much-needed comfort throughout their pregnancy journey.

C-shaped Pregnancy Pillows: Benefits and Drawbacks

Get ready to discover the benefits and drawbacks of C-shaped pregnancy pillows, providing you with ultimate comfort and support for your changing body. The unique C-shape design of these pillows allows you to snuggle up in a cozy nest, providing support not only for your growing belly but also for your back, hips, and legs. This versatile shape makes it easy to find a comfortable position that relieves pressure on specific areas of your body, such as your lower back or pelvis. Additionally, the C-shape allows you to sleep on either side comfortably without having to constantly readjust the pillow. However, one drawback of C-shaped pregnancy pillows is their size. Due to their larger size compared to other types of pregnancy pillows, they may take up more space in bed and can be challenging to move around during the night. It’s also worth noting that some people may find it difficult to adjust the firmness or height of these pillows since they often come in a fixed shape and size. Overall, C-shaped pregnancy pillows offer excellent comfort and support throughout your pregnancy journey but consider the available space in your bed before investing in one.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillows: Benefits and Drawbacks

Snuggle up with a wedge pregnancy pillow and feel the gentle support as it molds to your body, providing relief for your back and belly. Wedge pregnancy pillows are compact and versatile, making them a great option for expectant mothers who want targeted support in specific areas. Whether you need extra cushioning under your belly or some elevation for your legs, the wedge pillow can be easily adjusted to meet your needs. Its small size also makes it convenient for travel or using in smaller spaces. However, keep in mind that the wedge pillow may not provide full-body support like other types of pregnancy pillows. If you prefer to have support all around your body, then a C-shaped or U-shaped pregnancy pillow might be a better choice. Additionally, some women find that the firmness of the wedge pillow is not enough to alleviate their discomfort completely. It’s important to consider your own comfort preferences and specific needs when choosing a pregnancy pillow.

Considering Your Comfort Preferences

Now that you have learned about the benefits and drawbacks of wedge pregnancy pillows, let’s move on to considering your comfort preferences. When choosing the best pregnancy pillow for yourself, it is important to take into account what makes you feel most comfortable during sleep. Every pregnant woman has different needs and preferences when it comes to support and positioning. Some may prefer a firmer pillow that provides more stability, while others may opt for a softer one that allows for easy adjustment throughout the night. It is also crucial to consider the shape and size of the pillow in relation to your body type and sleeping positions. By prioritizing your comfort preferences, you can ensure that you find a pregnancy pillow that offers optimal support and helps you get a restful night’s sleep.

Evaluating the Size and Shape of the Pillow

When it comes to finding the perfect pregnancy pillow, evaluating the size and shape is essential for ensuring maximum comfort and support throughout the night. You want to choose a pillow that matches your body size and shape, as well as your preferred sleeping position. If you are petite, a smaller pillow may be more suitable for you, while taller individuals may benefit from a longer pillow. Additionally, consider whether you prefer a full-body pillow that wraps around you or a wedge-shaped pillow that supports specific areas like your belly or back. By evaluating the size and shape of the pregnancy pillow, you can find one that provides the right level of support and fits your unique needs during this special time.

Assessing the Material and Fillings

Assessing the material and fillings of a pregnancy pillow is important for finding the perfect combination of comfort and support. When choosing a pregnancy pillow, you want to make sure that it is made from high-quality materials that are soft and durable. Look for pillows that are hypoallergenic and free from any harmful chemicals or toxins. In terms of fillings, there are different options to consider such as memory foam, polyester fiberfill, or microbeads. Memory foam provides excellent support by contouring to your body’s shape, while polyester fiberfill offers a plush feel. Microbeads provide a unique texture and can be easily molded into different positions. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your personal preferences and needs in terms of firmness and flexibility. By carefully assessing the material and fillings of a pregnancy pillow, you can ensure that you find one that provides optimal comfort throughout your pregnancy journey.

Support for the Growing Belly

One key feature to look for in a pregnancy pillow is its ability to provide support for your growing belly. As your pregnancy progresses, your belly will become larger and heavier, putting strain on your back and hips. A good pregnancy pillow should have a design that allows it to contour to the shape of your belly, providing gentle support and relieving pressure on these areas. Look for a pillow that has a wide and firm enough surface area to fully support your belly without causing discomfort. The pillow should also be adjustable, allowing you to customize the level of support based on your individual needs. By choosing a pregnancy pillow that offers adequate support for your growing belly, you can ensure a more comfortable and restful sleep throughout your pregnancy.

Providing Relief for Back and Hip Pain

To find relief for your back and hip pain during pregnancy, consider finding a pillow that provides targeted support to these areas. Look for a pregnancy pillow that is specifically designed to alleviate pressure on the lower back and hips. These pillows often have a unique shape or contour that can help align your spine and relieve tension in these areas. Some pillows even come with adjustable inserts or straps that allow you to customize the level of support based on your individual needs. Additionally, look for a pillow that is made from supportive materials such as memory foam or firm polyester fill. These materials can provide the necessary cushioning and support to help alleviate discomfort in your back and hips throughout your pregnancy. Don’t underestimate the importance of finding the right pillow to provide relief for your back and hip pain – it can make a significant difference in how well you sleep and how comfortable you feel during this special time in your life.

Promoting Proper Spinal Alignment

Finding a pillow that provides targeted support to your back and hips can promote proper spinal alignment, ultimately alleviating discomfort and improving overall sleep quality during pregnancy. When your spine is properly aligned, it reduces the strain on your muscles, ligaments, and joints, which can help alleviate pain in these areas. A pregnancy pillow that supports the natural curves of your body can help maintain a neutral spine position while you sleep. By keeping your spine properly aligned, you may experience less pressure on specific points like the lower back or hips, reducing any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing during pregnancy. Additionally, proper spinal alignment can improve circulation and reduce the risk of developing conditions such as sciatica or restless leg syndrome. So when choosing a pregnancy pillow, make sure to look for one that specifically targets back and hip support to promote proper spinal alignment for a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Alleviating Pressure on Joints

By ensuring your joints are properly supported, you can alleviate pressure and discomfort during pregnancy. Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your body, especially on your joints. As your belly grows, it can put extra pressure on your hips, knees, and ankles. This can lead to pain and discomfort in these areas. To alleviate this pressure, it is important to choose a pregnancy pillow that provides adequate support for your joints. Look for a pillow that is firm enough to hold its shape but also soft enough to provide comfort. A U-shaped or C-shaped pillow can be a great option as they wrap around your body and provide support for multiple joints at once. Additionally, consider pillows that have adjustable straps or fasteners so you can customize the support based on your specific needs. By taking these steps to ensure proper joint support, you can greatly reduce the pressure and discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Considering Versatility and Portability

Now that you’ve learned about how a pregnancy pillow can help alleviate pressure on your joints, it’s time to consider the important factor of versatility and portability. When choosing the best pregnancy pillow, it’s essential to find one that can adapt to your changing needs throughout your pregnancy journey. Look for a pillow that offers multiple positions and adjustments, allowing you to find the most comfortable support for your growing belly and changing body. Additionally, consider the pillow’s size and weight – opt for one that is lightweight and easy to move around, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re lounging on the couch or traveling on a long car ride, having a versatile and portable pregnancy pillow will ensure comfort and support no matter where you are.

Taking Care of Your Pregnancy Pillow

Caring for your pregnancy pillow is essential to ensure its longevity and effectiveness in providing you with the comfort and support you need throughout your journey. To keep your pillow in great condition, it’s important to follow some simple care instructions. Start by checking the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning instructions, as different pillows may have different requirements. In general, most pregnancy pillows come with a removable cover that can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. It’s also a good idea to spot clean any spills or stains promptly to prevent them from setting in. Regularly fluffing and reshaping your pillow will help maintain its shape and prevent it from becoming lumpy over time. Additionally, storing your pregnancy pillow in a cool, dry place when not in use can help prolong its lifespan. By taking proper care of your pregnancy pillow, you can ensure that it continues to provide you with the comfort and support you need throughout your entire pregnancy.


Considering the comfort, functionality, and popularity of each option, the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Pillow stands out as the top recommendation.

This pillow is well-known for addressing maternity discomforts and providing relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain. Its use of fusion fiber filling instead of polyester or feather is a distinguishing feature, resulting in a soft, fluffy, hypoallergenic pillow that doesn’t clump or lump. It is large enough to comfortably cradle the entire body from head to toe. This USA-manufactured pillow surpasses expectations and offers excellent value for money. Given its high washing and drying temperature tolerance and washable cover, it also ensures easy maintenance and hygiene.

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