Best Mattress For Heavy People 2023 – Top 6 Compared

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While most individuals can freely choose any mattress that catches their fancy, the same cannot be said for those who are overweight. It’s no secret that heavier people have specific requirements when it comes to bedtime. The ideal mattress for heavy individuals should offer a delicate balance of pressure relief and overall support; otherwise, you may experience painful joints, backaches, and restless nights.

If you’re struggling to find a mattress that adequately supports your body weight, you’ve come to the right place. At Choose Mattress, we understand the challenges faced by obese individuals in finding their perfect match. That’s why we have thoroughly searched the market to identify the highest-performing mattresses designed specifically for large people.

Are you ready to discover your cozy haven? Below is our meticulously curated list showcasing the best mattresses for heavy individuals. Read on to explore which models have impressed us enough to make the cut.

A List Of The Best Mattresses For Heavy People

How We Compared The Mattresses

When selecting the ideal mattress for heavy people, we took into account several key factors. These included the mattress’s support capabilities, firmness level, thickness, durability, comfort, and cooling properties.

We prioritized finding a mattress with a sturdy base and support layers that could handle the weight of heavy individuals. Additionally, we recommended opting for a medium-firm to firm mattress with a thickness of at least 10 inches to provide adequate support and pressure relief. Durability was also a key consideration to ensure the mattress would last for years despite the heavier weight load. Comfort was another essential aspect that we took into account when selecting the best mattress. Finally, we sought out mattresses with cooling features, such as breathable materials or gel-infused foams, to help regulate temperature during sleep for a more comfortable experience.

The Best Mattresses For Heavy People In Detail

WinkBed Plus (Best For Side Sleepers)

winkbeds plus

Being a larger individual, I’ve always struggled to find a mattress that provides both the support and cushioning necessary for a good night’s sleep. When I first tried the WinkBed Plus, I immediately noticed that it checked all the boxes for what I needed as a heavy side sleeper.

The WinkBed Plus is an 8 on the firmness scale, which means it is firm enough to support larger frames without sacrificing comfort. Its high-density gel polyfoam and seven cushioning latex layers work together to create an “impression-proof” surface that is responsive and comfortable, even after many nights of use. I no longer experienced any sinking or sagging around my pressure points, which was a game-changer for me.

One standout feature of this hybrid mattress is the specialized LumbarLayer™, which helped maintain my posture and alleviate back pain. Additionally, the 3-zone pocketed coil layer provided optimum joint support and maximum durability. I also appreciated how the support system extended all the way to the edge of the mattress, allowing me to sleep or sit at the sides without feeling like I was going to roll off.

A major concern for many heavy individuals, including myself, is heat retention. However, the WinkBed Plus has several features that help regulate temperature throughout the night. The coil layer encourages air circulation, while the breathable Tencel® lyocell cover sleeps 30% cooler than cotton or linen. Even better, the gel-infused Euro-Pillow top draws heat away from the body, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep no matter the temperature.

It’s important to note that the WinkBed Plus may not be suitable for couples with a significant weight difference. Lightweight individuals might find the mattress too firm and experience unwanted pressure on their joints. However, for heavy sleepers, this mattress is a dream come true.

If you’re considering the WinkBed Plus, they offer a 120-night sleep trial to test it out for yourself. Just remember that there’s a 30-night minimum before they’ll accept a return. And if you decide to keep it, you can rest easy knowing it comes with a lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, as someone who has personally tried the WinkBed Plus, I wholeheartedly recommend it to heavy people, particularly side sleepers. Its intelligent design and materials provide the perfect combination of support, comfort, and temperature regulation that’s hard to come by in other mattresses.

Further reading: Read more about the Plus in our full WinkBed reviews.

  • Perfect for heavy side sleepers
  • ‘Impression-proof’ surface is responsive and resistant to sagging
  • Multiple foam layers cushion painful pressure points
  • 3-zone pocketed coils and LumbarLayer™ maintain correct spinal alignment
  • Breathable Tencel® lyocell cover and gel-infused Euro-Pillow top keep you cool all night long
  • Too firm for lightweight partners
  • Must use for a minimum of 30 nights during the trial period

Helix Plus (Best For Overweight Couples)

helix plus mattress

I’ve come across many mattresses in my time, but the Helix Plus stands out as one specifically designed for heavier individuals. It caters to the unique needs and concerns of larger people, making it perfect for people weighing up to 300 lbs.

The Helix Plus is a medium-firm mattress, with a firmness rating of 8-9, offering the ideal balance of support and comfort for larger builds. Its 12-inch thickness ensures that both you and your partner will be well-supported throughout the night.

The inner construction of the Helix Plus combines high-density latex, memory foam, and polyfoams with a layer of robust pocketed coils, creating a supportive and pressure-relieving surface. The thin, 100% polyester cover adds breathability, allowing you and your partner to sleep cool, even during warmer months.

As someone who has experienced joint pain, I found the hybrid design of the Helix Plus to provide excellent pressure relief. The responsive coils maintain proper posture and prevent sagging, allowing for easy movement and position changes throughout the night. This mattress is suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers, conforming to your body and providing joint support no matter your preferred sleeping position. Additionally, the wrapped coils extend across the entire mattress, ensuring fantastic edge support.

It’s important to note that the Helix Plus might not be suitable for everyone. If you prefer the “wrap-around” sensation of traditional memory foam mattresses, the highly responsive materials used in the Helix Plus may not be to your liking. Also, if you’re a lighter side sleeper, the high firmness level might be too hard for your comfort.

If you and your partner are considering the Helix Plus, it comes with a generous 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, giving you the opportunity to test it out and see if it’s the perfect match for your needs.

So, based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend the Helix Plus for heavy couples seeking a supportive and comfortable mattress. Its thoughtful design and materials provide the right combination of support, comfort, and temperature regulation that’s often difficult to find in other mattresses.

  • 12” thickness is perfect for overweight couples between 250 and 300 pounds
  • Breathable 100% polyester cover for temperature regulation
  • Hybrid design cushions pressure points while supporting posture
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Pocketed coils run all the way through for fantastic edge support
  • Not suitable for those who like the hugging sensation of memory foam
  • Side sleepers at the lighter end of the weight range may find this mattress too firm

Titan Hybrid (Best Value)

titan mattress

The Titan mattress stands out as an affordable option without sacrificing support or comfort for overweight people. With an 8 on the firmness scale, this hybrid mattress offers adequate support for your weight while providing the necessary cushioning to prevent soreness at your pressure points. It caters to all sleeping positions, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience for everyone.

One of the highlights of the Titan mattress is its 952 individually wrapped coils and multiple foam layers that gently conform to your body. This combination provides even support and responds to your movements throughout the night. Additionally, the specialized coils and foam layers minimize motion transfer, so you won’t disturb your sleeping partner.

In terms of temperature regulation, the Titan mattress excels with its quilted gel memory foam upper layer and cool air flow through the coils. This design helps dissipate heat buildup, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Despite its affordable price, the Titan mattress offers impressive edge support. A 2-inch thick foam base layer reinforces the mattress from the bottom up, ensuring a secure feeling even when sitting or sleeping close to the edge of the bed.

Comparing the Titan mattress to the WinkBed Plus and the Helix Plus, each mattress caters to different needs. The WinkBed Plus is specifically designed for heavy side sleepers, featuring a LumbarLayer™ for additional back support. The Helix Plus, on the other hand, is ideal for heavy couples, providing a balance of support and comfort. The Titan mattress is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on support, comfort, or temperature regulation.

Like other manufacturers, Titan by Brooklyn Bedding offers a 120-night sleep trial, with a 30-day minimum before they’ll accept a return. If you decide to purchase the mattress, you’ll be protected by a 10-year warranty.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, I highly recommend the Titan mattress by Brooklyn Bedding for heavy individuals on a budget. Its supportive design, temperature regulation, and affordability make it an excellent option for those seeking quality without breaking the bank.

  • Great choice of mattress for heavy sleepers on a budget
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Foam comfort layer cushions painful pressure points
  • Responsive pocketed coils maintain correct spinal alignment while limiting motion transfer
  • Effective edge support minimizes sagging
  • Cannot send it back during the first 30 of the 120-night trial period.
  • Likely to be too firm for heavy sleepers between 230-250 lbs

Saatva HD (Luxury Choice)

saatva hd mattress for plus size

When I first laid down on the Saatva HD, I was immediately struck by its luxurious feel. This 15.5-inch thick mattress is specifically designed to cater to individuals weighing between 300 and 500 pounds. The hybrid design, which combines Talalay latex, memory foam, and strong tempered coils arranged in specific zones, provided a remarkable level of support and cushioning that impressed me.

As someone who prefers sleeping on their side and back, I appreciated how the high-density materials of the Saatva HD contoured around my shoulders, hips, and knees. The pressure relief and reduction in joint pain were truly noticeable. However, I should note that heavy stomach sleepers might find this level of support uncomfortable, as the surface may not provide enough give for proper spinal alignment.

During my time with the Saatva HD, I was pleased with its motion isolation and responsiveness. The coils maintained an even sleeping surface, allowing me to easily change positions without leaving stubborn impressions. The edge support also impressed me, providing comfort and stability across the entire mattress. Moreover, the enhanced airflow, breathable organic cotton pillow top cover, and Talalay latex layers ensured I stayed cool and cozy throughout the night.

When comparing my experience with the Saatva HD to the Titan Hybrid, both mattresses catered to my heavier frame, but with different emphases. The Saatva HD offered a more luxurious, high-quality experience with zoned support, albeit at a higher price point. On the other hand, the Titan Hybrid provided a budget-friendly option that still delivered excellent support, comfort, and temperature regulation.

Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend the Saatva HD for plus-size individuals seeking a luxurious and supportive mattress. The higher price point is justified by the quality materials and thoughtful design. And with Saatva’s 120-night risk-free trial and a 20-year warranty on your purchase, you can feel confident in your investment for years to come.

  • 15.5” thick mattress gives a luxury feel
  • Multiple layers of latex, memory foam and reinforced pocketed coils provide a high-level of firm support for larger people between 300-500 lbs
  • Great for side or back sleepers, joints are well-cushioned for ultimate pressure relief
  • Responsive coils prevent impressions while limiting motion transfer
  • Enhanced temperature regulation for a cool night’s sleep
  • May be too firm for heavy stomach sleepers to maintain spinal alignment
  • High price tag

Bear Hybrid (Best For Hot Sleepers)

bear hybrid

As a mattress expert with personal experience in trying out various mattresses, I found the Bear Mattress Hybrid to be an excellent choice for those with an active lifestyle and a heavier build. Let me share my insights on why this mattress is a fantastic option for athletic individuals seeking enhanced recovery and support.

The Bear Mattress Hybrid caught my attention with its unique Celliant cover. As someone who appreciates innovative technology, I was impressed with how it absorbed my body heat and converted it into infra-red energy. This energy was then directed back at my skin, which improved circulation in my tired muscles, reduced pain, and accelerated recovery after exercise. Additionally, the cutting-edge process helped regulate my temperature throughout the night, making it an ideal option for hot sleepers like myself.

This mattress was a game-changer for me when it came to hip and back pain. The Bear Hybrid mattress features a variety of layers that cushioned and supported my joints to maintain correct alignment all night long. The 5-layer high-density foam construction gently conformed to my contours, offering pressure relief for my tired muscles and joints. The quantum edge coils kept my back and neck aligned, preventing discomfort and making it perfect for all sleeping positions.

Comparing the Bear Mattress Hybrid to the Saatva HD, I found that both options catered well to heavier individuals. The Saatva HD excelled in luxury and zoned support, while the Bear Mattress Hybrid focused on promoting muscle recovery and circulation for those with active lifestyles. Both mattresses offer great support and comfort, but the choice between the two would largely depend on your priorities and preferences.

One drawback I noticed during my time with the Bear Mattress was the edge support, which wasn’t as effective as I would have liked. This could be a concern for heavier individuals who prefer to sit or sleep near the edge of the bed. However, the mattress provided excellent motion isolation and responsiveness, making it easy to change positions during the night without any issues.

In conclusion, the Bear Mattress Hybrid is a top choice for individuals with a heavier build who seek a mattress that supports muscle recovery and provides excellent overall support. With a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year limited warranty, you can have peace of mind while giving this mattress a try.

  • Celliant fiber topper improves circulation and enhances muscle recovery
  • 5-layers of high-density foam relieves pressure on sore joints
  • Quantum edge coil layer maintains proper spinal alignment
  • Responsive sleeping surface adapts to your movements
  • Good motion isolation
  • Responsiveness may not suit those who like the hugging sensation of memory foam
  • Edge support isn’t as sturdy as we would have liked

Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid

Amerisleep as5 hybrid

The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid mattress is a solid choice for those who are overweight or have a larger body. From my personal experience, let me share my thoughts on why this mattress is well-suited for heavy people.

One of the key issues I faced as a heavier person was sinking too much into the mattress, leading to inadequate support, back pain, and poor circulation. The Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid addressed these concerns with its three-layered construction, featuring a breathable knitted fabric cover, a dense foam core with a gel foam top layer for temperature regulation and added support, and a base made up of thousands of individual pocket coils.

The gel foam top layer not only provided a cooling effect, but also added a bit of bounce to the mattress. I found this especially useful when sharing the bed with a partner of a different weight, as it made for a more comfortable and adaptable sleeping surface. The coils in the base supported my body regardless of my weight and, as a side sleeper, I appreciated the necessary spinal alignment they offered.

When comparing the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid to the Bear Hybrid, both mattresses cater to heavier individuals, but they have different focuses. The Bear Hybrid is designed for athletic people seeking enhanced muscle recovery and circulation, while the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid emphasizes providing consistent support and temperature regulation for users of all sizes. Your choice between the two would depend on your personal preferences and specific requirements.

To wrap it up, the Amerisleep AS5 Hybrid is a great option for those with a larger build or who are overweight, as it offers the support, spinal alignment, and cooling features necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep. Plus, with a 20-year warranty and a 100-night risk-free trial, you can rest assured knowing you’ve made a wise investment in your sleep quality.

Further reading: Learn more about the AS5, and others similar to this in our Amerisleep reviews.

  • Soft yet supportive feel
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Can carry exceptional amount of weight on either side
  • Long warranty
  • Good for reducing aches and pains
  • Sleep trial could have been longer
  • Might be a tad soft for very heavy people

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Heavy People

How to choose the best mattress for heavy people

Your body weight is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a mattress. If you fail to bear this crucial aspect in mind, when you lay down on a mattress, you’ll have a very different experience compared to someone lighter than yourself.

People who weigh over 230 pounds are unlikely to feel comfortable on a standard mattress and risk suffering from painful pressure points, and back and neck pain as a result. Therefore, the best mattresses for heavier people must feature particular qualities, to support the user correctly for optimum health.

In this section, we take a look at the most important features to consider when choosing the best bed for overweight person.

Find Out The Weight Limit

It may sound obvious, but when choosing a mattress, be sure to check its weight limit. Standard mattresses are often rated to support body weights of up to 250 lbs. However, if you weigh more than this or sleep with a heavy partner, they will not provide adequate support for your body type.

Speciality mattresses that are designed for heavier people will offer higher bodyweight limits, but not all are created equal. Bariatric mattresses for morbidly obese people usually support weights of up to 1000 lbs, but other mattresses for heavy people may be rated at around 600 lbs.

Its thickness doesn’t simply define the weight limit for any mattress. The inner construction materials and layering structure play an important role in the level of healthy support they can provide. For example, the best mattress for obese stomach sleepers will usually feature a softer comfort layer coupled with reinforced base layers to support their weight, while maintaining correct posture. Therefore, do not assume that a thicker mattress automatically means a heavier weight limit.

Most mattresses designed for overweight or obese sleepers will clearly state any weight limit in the product description. However, if you’re unsure, give the manufacturer a call to find out before making a purchasing decision.

Choose The Right Thickness

In general terms, mattress thickness can vary between around 6 inches to 16 inches thick. Most commonly, all-foam mattresses will be thinner than hybrid models or traditional innerspring mattresses.

For overweight people who weigh more than 230 pounds, a thicker mattress is the best choice. This is simply because your increased body weight will compress the mattress much more than an average-weight individual and increase the pressure on your joints.

Therefore, we recommend that the ideal mattress thickness for heavy people or overweight couples should be at least 10”. Of course, this 10’’ thickness can be split into two or more layers.

Ideally, you should look for upper comfort layers of dense memory foam that will cushion your joints, followed by thicker layers of foam or coils that will support your frame and maintain your posture.

Explore Firmness Options

When it comes to firmness, mattresses are either soft, medium, firm or somewhere in-between.

All mattresses sold today are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for firmness – 1 being the softest, plush option and 10 being the hardest choice. It is rare to find a mattress that lands at either extreme of this scale, however. Most mattresses will be rated somewhere between 3 and 8.

It is important to recognize that heavier sleepers who weigh 230 pounds and above will compress their mattress several inches more than lighter people. As the mattress is more compressed, it will feel like a soft mattress to an obese person, but a relatively firm mattress to a light person.

For this reason, it is recommended that heavier people opt for medium-firm to firm mattresses, or those rated between 6 and 8 on the firmness scale. A high firmness level is very important for side sleepers or if you prefer to sleep on your stomach so that your weight is evenly distributed and the correct posture is maintained.

A firm mattress is also great for heavier people who suffer from back problems, such as a slipped disk or tightness or weakness in the lumbar region of the lower back.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

When choosing your new mattress, be sure to consider your preferred sleeping position before making your decision. Some mattresses are better at providing pressure relief for a particular position over others – in this section, we break down what you should look for.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers prefer the supine position because it helps align the spine and distribute body weight evenly. Aside from your hips, which can distribute weight quite well, there are limited pressure points in this position.

As a result, heavier sleepers who prefer to lie on their backs will feel most comfortable and supported on medium-firm to firm mattresses, which will cradle the body and not sag beneath the hips.

Side Sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the most popular sleeping positions, but this position doesn’t naturally align the spine. Because of this, the best mattress for obese side sleeper supports your body in the right places, to avoid pressure points in your neck, shoulders, hips, and back.

Heavyweight side sleepers should opt for mattresses that are rated as medium-firm, as these are more likely to conform to, and cushion, your contours – providing pressure relief while still supporting spinal alignment.

We also recommend choosing a mattress that has a high durability rating and a good warranty, as side sleepers are more prone to experiencing impressions and sagging in their mattresses over time.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is the least recommended position, especially if you carry much of your weight around your midsection. Not only does this position place undue strain on your spine, but you’ll be sleeping with your head turned to one side, which also pressures the neck.

Regardless, if you feel most comfortable sleeping on your stomach, the right mattress for heavier sleepers like you is one that offers a high firmness level to ensure support and pressure relief. This will prevent your stomach from sinking into the mattress and throwing your posture too far out of alignment.

Consider The Level Of Edge Support

Do you like to sleep close to the perimeter of your bed? Perhaps you spend some time sitting at the edge when putting your slippers on in the morning? If this sounds like you, then you need to look for a mattress that offers great edge support.

Heavyweight people often struggle to get in and out of bed if their mattress is too soft. The edges compress too far under the increased weight, which can lead to falls and unnecessary strain on the body. Furthermore, if you sleep close to the rim, a lack of support around a mattress’ edges can make you feel like you’re about to roll over the side – as well as increasing the risk of that actually happening.

The best mattresses for obese people are those that feature reinforced edges to support and stabilize this area of the mattress. Mattresses that include a coil layer, such as innerspring and hybrid mattresses, will offer the strongest edge support, while foam options usually struggle in this area.

All of our mattresses for heavy people reviews above feature hybrid models with good to excellent edge support.

Ensure Breathability

Few people like sleeping hot, but this issue is more common if you’re an obese sleeper. Your increased body mass means that you give off more body heat than a lighter individual and are, therefore, more likely to feel uncomfortably warm during the night.

Memory foam mattresses have a bad reputation for sleeping hot, but this isn’t always the case. Newer models often include more efficient cooling gels that can counteract heat build-up more effectively, thus helping you to sleep without sweating.

That said, firm mattresses that have little sinkage and those which have pocketed coils are better options for a hot sleeper. Airflow is more easily distributed through a coiled mattress, which naturally helps to wick away heat. To ensure your joints feel well-cushioned, it’s best to opt for a mattress that uses cooling materials in the upper comfort layers, too, to help resist temperature buildup.

Organic cotton or synthetic breathable toppers, cooling gel-infused layers close to the surface, and a coiled spring support layer will enable you to get the best of both worlds.

Make Use Of Sleep Trials

Purchasing a new mattress is a big decision, and as comfort is subjective, it is difficult to determine whether a mattress will suit you based solely on customer reviews or product descriptions.

This is especially true for obese people, who require certain attributes from a mattress for adequate support and comfort. Thankfully, most manufacturers recognize this fact and offer sleep trials so you can try out their mattress in your own home.

Most sleep trials will be at least 100 nights, but some brands will allow you to try out their mattress for a whole year. Sleeping on a new bed is always a bit odd, so It is important you give the mattress some time to be ‘broken in’ once you receive it, before making your final decision.

Some manufacturers will not take their mattress back for the first 30 days of the trial so that you are forced to use it for a minimum time frame. Therefore, if you live in a small one-bed apartment, it may be wise to check out the trial conditions before taking up the offer.

What Type Of Mattress Should Heavy People Use?

With so many materials available, it can be tough to decide which mattress is best for you.  In this section, we take a look at each of the different types so you can make the right choice.

Memory Foam

As the name suggests, memory foam mattresses are constructed from 100% foam. This is usually split into a number of different layers, with lower-density foam in the comfort layers and a higher-density, support foam in the base to reinforce and maintain the structure of the mattress.

Memory foam is fairly popular with average and lightweight sleepers, as it creates a pressure-relieving, ‘hugging’ sensation around the body that makes you feel like you’re floating. For heavy or obese people, however, pure memory foam mattresses are not generally recommended. This is because many 100% foam mattresses struggle to adequately support hefty body weights and large sleepers often sink too deeply into the mattress to feel comfortable.

There are some exceptions to this rule, though. Side or back sleepers at the lower end of the overweight spectrum, say around 230 pounds, will find that a memory foam mattress for heavy people with predominantly high-density foam could be a good choice. Foam density is measured in pounds per cubic foot, so the higher the density, the more weight the mattress can support.

Therefore, if you like the sensation of being hugged by your mattress, those which feature high-density foams may be suitable for you. But make sure to check out the actual density rating in pounds per cubic foot before you buy, as the term ‘high-density’ can mean different things to different people. You should be able to find out this information by calling the manufacturer directly.


Latex mattresses are known for their durability and good ventilation. These two attributes are a necessity for overweight people, who often feel overheated during the night.

Additionally, the springy nature of latex makes moving around and changing sleeping positions quite easy for those who have a larger body type, although they are best paired with a pocketing spring core for maximum support.

Latex mattresses are also a good choice if you are sensitive to allergens, as they’re often made from 100% natural materials, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mold.


The traditional innerspring mattress is another feasible option for heavy people.

An innerspring mattress can be made of various coil arrangements, but each type is a good choice to support heavier individuals. Moreover, spring mattresses are often the best when it comes to edge support and usually provide good ventilation for heavier sleepers who tend to sleep hot.

If you’re buying for both yourself and a heavy partner, you should check that the pocket springs are designed for minimal motion isolation. This feature is most often seen with individually encased and functioning coils, and will make sure that you don’t disturb your partner during the night.

However, there are issues with these mattresses which obese people need to consider. Innerspring mattresses tend to be less durable than other options, and with time, they may sag and become squeaky.


Hybrid mattresses are the best all-round choice for overweight sleepers. This kind of mattress combines foam layers, usually a mix of memory foam and latex foams in the comfort layers, with a pocketed spring layer in the sore for maximum support.

Larger people often prefer this type of mattress, as they offer both pressure relief and overall support in one. Their multiple layers create a thicker mattress, often as thick as 15”, which copes well with the high body mass of larger individuals.

Aside from this, the comfort layers cushion joints while the coil layer offers a responsive surface and maintains proper spinal alignment in almost all positions. This kind of mattress is much more breathable than memory foam choices, as the coils help to circulate air throughout the core, wicking away heat from the body.

All of the mattresses we have reviewed above are hybrid models, which goes to show that they are the leading kind of mattress for larger people on the market today.


If you’re a heavyweight sleeper, having the right mattress is crucial to your health and well-being. With your increased bulk and the potential for strain on your joints, sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress can lead to discomfort, painful pressure points and an all-around rotten night’s rest.

While each of the mattresses we have reviewed makes excellent choices in their own right we think the best mattress for heavy people is the WinkBed Plus. We love this mattress because everything about it is designed with the obese sleeper in mind – right down to its name, which plays on the words ‘plus’ for the bigger individual.

Painful pressure points at your shoulders, knees, and hips are reduced thanks to the multiple foam comfort layers, that cushion your body from head to toe without sagging. Rated at 6-7 on the firmness scale, this mattress is firm enough to support your weight, but not so firm that you feel like you’re sleeping on the floor. The pocketed coil layer responds to your every move, filling in the gaps along your contours to keep your spine in proper alignment all night long.

The WinkBed Plus offers great cooling properties to prevent uncomfortable night sweats, and features outstanding support on the mattress’ edges, so you won’t feel unstable at the perimeter of the bed. And to top it all off, the WinkBed Plus comes complete with its own extra-strong foundation as standard, so you can enjoy sleeping on it from the very first day of the generous 120-night trial.

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