Many people would much rather wait until the next upcoming sale to cash in on huge savings. Why pay full price when you can save money, right? Everyone loves a bargain, and November is one of the best times to grab one. There are numerous big sale days in the US, and there’s one that gets bigger and better every year..

Black Friday! 

It’s back, and the 2020 Black Friday mattress sale has seen massive knock-downs already in October from many of the top brands in this industry. Many of the retailers have started their sales early, and this year seems to have more choice and bigger discounts than ever before.

Gone are the days of queuing for ages at busy brick and mortar stores. Buying mattresses online is a new phenomenon that comes with hassle-free returns and lengthy in-home trials. Simply sit from the comfort of your own home and compare the best offers in your own time.

So, why not kick-start your winter with a comfortable new mattress or some luxurious goose down duvets? Whatever you fancy, there’s a deal for it below.

Please note, some of the Black Friday mattress deals will require that you enter a promo code during the checkout stage to apply the discount, while others don’t.

Latest Black Friday Mattress Deals

Purple mattress Black Friday

Do You Like To Have Options?

Purple has three different models to choose from: A foam mattress, a hybrid, and a hybrid premier. Each differing in starting price so appealing to every budget. The mattresses come with a 100-night trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty.

Get up to $100 off the Original Purple Mattress + get a FREE Purple Blanket
Expires: TBC

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Layla Sleep

What Type Of Sleeper Are You?

Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? Most mattresses cater for combo sleepers, but the Layla mattress goes one step further. It is a flippable mattress, which means on one side it is medium firmness, and on the other it’s firm. Therefore, you can flip between the two firmness levels and see which suits your style of sleep most. Additional to the below deal, it also comes with a 120-night money back guarantee.

$125 off any-sized Layla mattress + Two FREE Eli & Elm premium pillows — with each purchase of a mattress

Expires: TBC

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Brooklyn Bedding

Ready For Perfect Sleep?

Currently, Brooklyn Bedding has 6 mattresses in their range, so it would be hard for you not to find something that would prepare you for a night of good sleep. Catering for every budget and type of sleeper, they usually offer huge discounts when the sales are on.

$100 off Brooklyn Signature (aka #bestmattressever)

$300 off the Brooklyn Aurora, the new luxury hybrid mattress

Expires: TBC

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Leesa Sleep

Sharing A Bed With Someone?

Currently rated our best mattress for sex, the original Leesa mattress is a premium memory foam mattress that offers great comfort and support. The adaptive foam provides good bounce for couples having sex, but also has great motion isolation properties which prevent you from being disturbed by your partner while they toss and turn in bed. The Leesa will also work well with an adjustable base, if you have one.

$300 Sapira Offer: $225 off a Sapira Mattress + a free Leesa Pillow ($75 value)

$225 Leesa Offer: $150 off a Leesa Mattress + a free Leesa Pillow ($75 value)

Expires: TBC

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Luxury On A Budget?

A highly luxuirous hybrid mattress made of gel memory foam and fabric-encased pocket coils, even without the $200 discount the Dreamcloud is worth every cent. Add the fact that it comes with free shipping and returns, a lifetime warranty and 365-night trial!

$200 Off the Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Expires: TBC

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Do You Like Memory Foam?

This memory foam mattress works with all bed frames, so no matter if you are sleeping with a box spring or are looking to buy an adjustable bed frame, you need not worry. Nectar even sell beds if you required one, and offer financing options too.

Free Gift or Offer (Up to $200) with mattress purchases
2 Memory Foam Pillows Included (Value $150)

Expires: TBC

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Bear mattress

Black Friday deals from Bear are usually very tasty, and this year is no different. Offering some of the best discounts in this list, get yourself a Bear Pro, Hybrid or original for a good night’s sleep with massive price-cuts. The average retail price of a Queen size Bear Pro before any saving is $1090, but this has been seen for as little as $815.

$175 off orders $750+ & 2 Free Cloud Pillows with mattress or bundle purchase

Use Code At Checkout: SAVE175

Expires: TBC

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Helix Sleep

Mattresses For Every Body

No matter your size, weight, or body type, there will surely be a Helix mattress to suit your need. They have numerous models in their range which cater for a soft, medium and firm feel, and will suit a back, stomach or side sleeper. If you’re unsure as to which mattress you should use, take their sleep quiz to get you started.

$100 off when you spend $600 or more

Use Code At Checkout: HOLIDAY100

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Would You Like A Customizable Mattress?

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is a fully customizable latex mattress. It has three different latex layers of differing firmness. What this means is, you can rearrange and swap the layers around to suit your required level of comfort. Currently, they are offering a huge discount based on how much you spend; the larger the purchase the higher the discount.

$1200 off all Organic and Natural Latex Mattresses plus FREE 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Organic Mattress Protector

$600 off all Memory Foam and Cool Gel Mattresses plus FREE 2 Organic Latex Pillows, Organic Sheet Set and Cool Gel Pad

Up to 60% off all Adjustable Beds plus FREE 10 Year Extended Warranty

Use Code At Checkout: ORGANIC2019

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Nest Bedding

One Stop Shop

Nest Bedding is your one-stop-shop for all things mattress and bedding related. Find your pet a new bed or some accessories, pick up a new baby mattress, or get yourself a King size mattress made of either natural latex or memory foam.

5% off any purchase at NestBedding.com

Use Code At Checkout: HOLINEST

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Eco Terra

Eco-Friendly Mattress On A Budget

Eco-Friendly mattresses are all the hype at the moment, simply because being in close contact while asleep with organic materials is much healthier than non-organic products. The Eco Terra latex hybrid mattress claims to be free of polyurethane and toxins, offering better, healthier sleep. Delivery is free and comes shipped vacuum-sealed in a box.

$150 Off the Luxurious Latex Mattress

Use Code At Checkout: SALE150

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Latex For Less

$150 Off with the below code

Use Code At Checkout: SAVE150

Do You Like, Medium Or Firm?

Like with the Layla Sleep product we mentioned above, the Latex For Less Latex Mattress also offers dual firmness options which means it will suit many different types of sleepers. If you like the feel of a firm mattress, use the firm side. If it’s too hard, flip it over and experience the softer medium side. Also, it is made from 100% organic materials and contains a combination of both Dunlop and Talalay latex. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 20-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

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Sleep EZ USA

Sleep EZ specialize in organic latex bedroom goods, including mattresses and toppers. They also do an adjustable base. Their components are certified GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Cradle To Cradle, Rainforest Alliance and Eco-Institut, which means you can rest assured their material quality is high and not harmful for your health.

20% Off Best Selling Latex Mattresses, 70% off Shredded Latex Pillows

Use Code At Checkout: BLK20

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Luxor Linens

Up To 80% off

Need Some Bedding Or Accessories?

If you plan to shop for a new mattress, you won’t find it here. Luxor Linens specializes in luxury bedroom linens and bath essentials. So, whether you’re shopping for some soft sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels or bathrobes, be sure to check for a deal here.

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Getting Your Bargain For Black Friday

Have you been through the list of mattresses and bedding above? Not only are many of these deals exclusively for online purchases, but a majority of them will also only run from some time prior to Black Friday, through to Cyber Monday and shortly beyond.

Most people wait for the traditional end of year sales, Columbus Day, Independence Day, etc, but in recent years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday has seen some of the best discounts offered for the year. My advice is, if you know what type of mattress you’d like to buy, now is a good time to start comparing prices. If you don’t know what mattress you’re looking to buy just yet, check through our brief guide below for recommendations and decide on which type you want, and prepare a shortlist of mattresses based on your requirement, discount and final price.

*Be sure to grab your bargains quick, because some of the deals have an expiry date.

For a full list of non-expiring deals please check our mattress coupons page.

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