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Usually, most people use mattresses on some kind of base, platform or foundation, collectively referred to as their bed. However, what if you want to place your mattress on the floor instead? There are many scenarios where this may be required. It might be that you have a few extra guests in your home, or perhaps you haven’t bought a traditional platform or box spring yet. Some people simply like to be lower down to the ground as opposed to raised. In these situations, converting your traditional bed into a floor mattress might seem a good idea. However, surely it can’t be as simple as that, right?

In this article, we discuss the ups and downs of using a floor mattress, and for those looking to purchase a new one, we have included a quick comparison and reviews of the top 10 for you to consider.

Top 10 Best Floor Mattress Choices At A Glance

Floor / Folding Mattress Reviews

Milliard – 6 Inch Tri Fold

Milliard Tri Fold Portable Mattress

This popular tri-fold mattress from Milliard allows users to pack and unpack easily and efficiently. Perfect for small living spaces such as small apartments and mobile homes, it allows users to save space while getting a good night’s sleep. It is also great for temporary sleeping accommodation posing as a spare bed for guests indoors, or even outdoors on short vacations away where an extra bed is required.

The Milliard 6 Inch is filled with CertiPUR-US certified high-density memory foam, which provides the orthopedic and therapeutic properties of a typical memory foam mattress but at a fraction of the price and with the added benefits of being portable. Available in Twin, Full and Queen, it comes with a non-slip bottom which makes it the perfect folding foam mattress for floors, and with the washable bamboo cover, you can’t really ask for much more at this price.

LUCID – 4 Inch Folding Mattress

Lucid Folding Foam Mattress

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL and Queen, the hugely popular LUCID 4-inch portable folding foam mattress with fitted handles is perfect for cabins, campsites or even for the minimalist home. It’s the perfect indoor and outdoor sleep companion that can be used as a great alternative to a typical sofa or traditional bed. Simply use as a sofa during the day, and a bed at night. Leave out, or pack away easily.

Unlike other products that are hard to maintain, it has a removable and washable zippered fabric cover. It also makes use of CertiPUR-US foam which carries antibacterial properties and is resistant to dust and mites.

Zinus Sleepmaster – 4 Inch Tri Fold

Zinus Sleepmaster Folding Mattress

The Twin size 4-inch thick tri-fold mattress by Zinus is a combination of different types of foams for maximum comfort and support, which pretty much resembles the same multi-layer construction to their full-size mattresses. It has 1 inch of memory foam, 2 inches of Viscolatex responsive foam, and 1 inch of high-density base support foam, which all help you get good sleep by providing superb support for your spine regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

Made of natural infused ingredients that help eliminate odor and keep it ventilated while on the floor to stop mold and mildew forming, the CertiPUR-US certified product guarantees durability, performance, and support. Compatible with their Resort foldable bed if you choose not to place on the floor, this product comes with a 5-year hassle-free warranty for added peace of mind.

LUCID – Sofa Mattress

Lucid Folding Foam Chair Bed

Many homes today are all about multi-functionality. The LUCID 4-inch folding mattress is a dual-purpose item that can serve both as a chair bed a portable mattress which can be placed directly on the floor without the need for a base or platform. It is a great item for different purposes, especially for a minimalist interior. There’s no longer a need to have an extra guest bed in place, simply have one of these packed away or set out as a chair bed.

Alternatively, use it for camping trips and RV trailers. Being made of gel-infused memory foam promotes maximum support and comfort, and the compactness suits small apartments or as a convenient guest mattress. It is also super light and easy to transport due to the fitted handles, which is great for traveling. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it’s a stand-out item in terms of performance and environmental stewardship. It comes with a 5-year warranty, available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King, making it quite possibly the best folding mattress in its price range.

D&D Futon Furniture – Tri Fold

D&D Futon Furniture Tri Fold

Made in the USA, the black tri-fold foam bed is, in essence, a no-frills yet sturdy and reliable portable mattress that can help support your back and promotes healthy sleep. Like most of the others here, it too is foldable, which allows for maximum space-saving when not in use, but unlike the two LUCIDs above it cannot be used as a chair bed. Made of 100% polyester, it doesn’t match the quality of some memory foam counterparts reviewed here but at this price, is certainly suffice for the occasional camping trip or use as a temporary guest bed.

D&D Futon Furniture – Japanese

Japanese Futon Mattress

This traditional Japanese floor mattress is made of white cotton, a layer of foam, and a layer of polyester fiber. It weighs around 14 pounds and is considered a space-saving portable mattress perfect for every function ranging from indoor guest usage, yoga, and massage, all the way through to outdoor usages such as camping trips and picnics.

Being 3 inches thick, it provides enough support and durability for good sleep, and can easily be folded or rolled away when not required. A simple yet very comfortable choice for those who don’t necessarily need a tri-fold mattress or folding foam chair bed.

Magshion Futon Furniture – Tri Fold

Magshion Floor Mattress

This foldable mattress is available in almost every color under the sun and comes in Twin, Full, and Queen. A very popular choice for individuals who love socializing and traveling, the floor mat can easily be stacked away when not in use; it is the perfect bed for sleepovers, mobile homes, and trailers too and even those who love to camp or simply just relax outdoors.

The 4-inch thick foam itself is firm, which is much needed for those with back aches, but it’s not exactly made of the best memory foam on the market. Plus, since it is designed to be portable and compact, don’t expect it to provide the same level of support as a regular full-size counterpart. Wrapped in 100% polyester, this one is made in the USA and is not a bad purchase for those on a tighter budget.

Sproutwise Kids – Folding Pack n Play

Sproutwise Kids - Folding Pack n Play

If you are conscious about helping the environment and ensuring your family’s health, this foldable mattress is the right one for your children. Made of organic materials, babies are guaranteed safe when they use this product, considering it meets Federal flammability standards. The Folding Pack n Play mattress is known for its comfortable design that makes use of natural latex foam to support the spine.

Combined with the removable and washable bamboo cover, this hypoallergenic product is claimed to fit in most pack n plays. If it doesn’t fit yours, or perhaps you don’t have a pack-n-play, simply unpack to make a great floor mattress for kids. If you’re unhappy with the product, it’s claimed they will exchange or refund the item with no questions asked. Not a bad choice for those in need of a portable baby mattress.

Best Price Mattress – Tri Fold

Best Price Mattress - Tri Fold

This tri-fold mattress is the perfect sleeping option for someone who plans to make the most out of their floor mattress. With its foldable and portable design, it allows children and adults to use in all the possible scenarios mentioned above, such as camping, RV, mobile homes, and much more.

What’s different about this one is that not many reviewed here have a non-slip bottom, but this does. It also includes a carry bag that makes transporting easy and protects from dust. In addition to this, it’s also easy to maintain as it comes with a poly-Jacquard cover that can be washed.

The multi-layered design of this one consists of 1.5-inch memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified, and a 2.5-inch high-density base layer, which resembles some of their larger traditional variants. Overall, this company is very experienced in terms of producing traditional mattresses, so the smaller tri-fold on review here should be just as good.

Magshion Furniture – Tatami Floor Mat

Magshion Furniture - Tatami Floor Mat

The Tatami Floor Mat is a simplified approach to sleeping. Considered a premium yet portable mattress that promotes comfort wherever and however it’s used, the simple design which it adopts can help you get the sleep you need both indoors and outdoors. Made to order in the USA and consisting of cotton batting and a layer of foam in the middle, all wrapped in a 100% polyester cover, the Tatami Floor Mat is essentially a more than adequate bedroll at a competitive price.

The 2 Types Of Floor Mattress

There are two main types of floor mattress, which we discuss below:

1. Folding Mattress

A folding floor mattress

Often also known as a tri-Fold mattress, the most common type that works best on the floor is a folding mattress. These are usually small (Queen size and under), lightweight, portable, and much less expensive than a traditional full-size version. They are great for visiting guests and are generally small and easy enough to take along on excursions too. These do not need a base or platform, and some have a non-slip bottom too, but, work very well with a folding bed especially if the dimensions of the fold match. Some are also designed to double up as a chair bed which is great for student accommodation and kids rooms. These usually consist of some type of foam; however, when it comes to choosing the best mattress, popular options are usually memory foam.

2. Roll Up Mattress

A blue roll up mattress

Also known as a Japanese bed, tatami floor mat or roll-up mattress, these are similar to a foldable mattress, however, they can be rolled away neatly. Although they can also be folded, and resemble more of a flat quilt-like nature as opposed to the tri-fold design mentioned above. They cannot be used as a chair bed either, but are compatible with folding beds and futons. These are more like oversized mattress pads and can even serve as a topper if required, but are generally more compact and lightweight than a tri-fold mattress. These will most likely be made of cotton, and polyester, and sometimes are combined with thin layers of foam for added comfort.

Is It Good To Place On The Floor?

Many of us will casually throw our mattresses down onto the floor and sleep on it. Sometimes for one night, or for some, it’s a permanent solution. We seldom give a second thought about the consequences that may come with not using a frame or bed. Tiny apartments and restricted budgets compel many people, including collegians and working individuals, to sleep without a traditionally raised bed. If done properly, it does not pose many threats. But if you are ignorant about how to do it then you can be going for a toss. Let’s check out what issues can arise by using the floor as the base of your mattress. Below we discuss some pros and cons for you to consider:

So, Can I Put My Mattress On The Floor?


Of course, you can, and nobody is going to stop you. But you have to do it the right way, which is exactly what we will deal with.

  • Check the mattress size and then find a suitable place to lay it. Clean the area properly beforehand and get rid of any dust and dirt. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or wipe the floor with water if it is not carpeted. Also, consider using any disinfectants such as bleach to cleanse the laminate or wood of any bacteria. Let the area dry completely before you lay it down.
  • If the floor does not have a carpet, use material to place between the mattress and the ground. It can be a sheet of polythene or foam. This will prevent cold or heat waves from reaching through to you. You can make this in layers, which will make the process more effective. Some people even use bed sheets which is an effective solution.
  • If your mattress is permanently, or floor based for long periods of time, lift it up and dry out the air beneath it regularly. You should do this once a week by leaning it upright against the wall while the floor airs outs. Also, clean the area to remove dust, dirt, and any other organisms that may be invisibly lurking there.

Risks Of Laying A Mattress On The Floor

  • Cons Dust particles collect near the floor due to gravity and move around with free-flowing air. If you are sleeping lower to the ground then you have higher chances of breathing in this contaminated dust and air. For those allergic to dust, this may be an option to avoid.
  • Insects like spiders, ants, and many other kinds of common bugs found around the home are more present in many parts of the world compared to others. By bringing yourself closer to the floor gives them a chance to climb in and get onto the mattress. This should be a serious concern unless you like sharing your bed with creepy crawlies.
  • In many places within Asia and Australia snakes are also known to enter bedrooms throughout the day or night, so again, increasing your risk of coming into closer contact with potentially dangerous reptiles.
  • Many locations around the globe have humid weather conditions. Mattresses continually kept on ground level can develop mold and mildew due to lack of proper ventilation. This can be a significant health and hygiene threat. Increased mold and mildew on a mattress will also drastically reduce the longevity of its life.
  • Weather elements such as cold and heat get direct contact with you if you are sleeping on the mattress at floor level. Cold places naturally have cold floors, and the cold can get transmitted to your body and make you ill. It is also known that cold air movement is concentrated near the ground. Hot climates can also pose similar threats.


When it comes to choosing the best floor mattress, there are a couple of options to choose from. There are various types of floor mattresses, each with its own distinct characteristics and usability. For example, a thin rolled Japanese tatami floor mat will suit others over a thick folding floor mattress.

On that note, the best folding mattress would be the Milliard 6 Inch. It is made of comfortable memory foam and is tri-fold for ease of use and storage. The orthopedic properties and bamboo cover add to the quality, all at a very reasonable price range.

As for the rolled Japanese floor mattress, our top choice is the selection from D&D Futon Furniture. The mat oozes quality and is from a trusted and well-established brand that have been making this type of bedding for many years. It is very portable, and can be used on a futon or floor, and is extremely comfortable at the same time.

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