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Before the advent of single sided mattresses, the conventional mattresses were manufactured with two upholstered sides. The two sides allowed you to flip the mattress over and slumber on either side. Consumers flipped them over periodically to ensure even wear and improve the overall lifespan and comfort. This was the norm for many years; however, as time passes on, these types are becoming quite rare. Some people welcome innovations, while others still go to great lengths to seek out the traditional flippable kind. In the below text we discuss some of the characteristics of the two designs.

The Introduction Of One Sided Mattresses

Simmons first introduced non-flippable one sided mattress technology back in 2000. Other companies such as Spring Air, Sealy and Serta followed suit. Today almost all manufacturers are producing single-sided mattresses, and the conventional dual ones are gradually fading out. Nowadays, manufacturers favor the production of one sided mattresses because they are cheaper to produce.

The Designs

A man lifting a mattress The single sided mattress has a single side padded or upholstered. The other side lacks upholstery and features a design with a non-skid surface. Consumers cannot flip the one sided mattress but can rotate them periodically to improve their durability. Manufacturers build starting from the base adding comfort layers upwards. This usually means there is a high-density base, with various layers of support foam and then the topmost level which tends to be soft and cradling. As you can imagine, flipping this over and sleeping on its underneath will do you no good.

The double sided mattress tends to have a supportive coil system that forms the center with padding layers on either side. It means that each side has padding arising from the center to the surface. They are also known as a flippable mattress and are usually heavier than their non-flippable counterparts because of the amount of material they include in their manufacturing. These often tend to be innerspring mattresses which can either be a continuous coil, Bonnell, or pocket spring.

Durability and Maintenance

While not as durable as the flippable double sided mattress, the non-flippable one sided mattress requires little maintenance. Manufacturers recommend rotating it from head to foot once every three months. The periodic rotation protects against uneven wear and sagging, particularly when only one person sleeps on the bed.

Simply rotating a one sided mattress is easy and less strenuous than flipping a two sided mattress. The former saves the consumer from the risk of an injury. Hoisting a heavy and large mattress can cause injury to the back or cause strain to individuals with a history of physical conditions. Low ceiling fans and lights can also challenge flipping a mattress, especially with the Queen and King size types.

However, do not get tempted to think that a two sided mattress is no longer any good. Their main advantage is the addition of a second side which extends its durability and lifespan. In fact, the market offers some high-quality flippable mattresses that are equally comfortable and more durable. Manufacturers still produce the traditional double-sided mattress, but due to their low demand and quantity of material, they often retail at higher prices.

One Sided Mattresses Offer A Wide Selection

The one sided mattress variants have several types available for sale and are the most common; thus, you can choose the type that suits your needs. In fact, almost every mattress on the market nowadays is single sided.

A Flippable Mattress Maybe a slight variation in the traditional flippable mattresses is the kind that offers a double comfort. The alternating sides of the double comfort mattresses are designed with different degrees of firmness, offering both hardness or softness. Some individuals may prefer to sleep on the softer sides during summer and the harder surface during winter. The advantage here is that a single product offers both softness and hardness to sleep on; hence you get the best of both worlds.

Skepticism vs. Reality

Some skeptics argue that the newer single sided mattresses have a reduced lifespan than their predecessors, especially considering you only get to use half of what was previously usable. Theoretically, the statement seems like it should be correct. However, in fact, manufacturers design these with new materials such as viscoelastic memory foam and latex that can withstand the test of time. Organic latex mattresses provide proper motion separation as well as an excellent balance between softness and support. They are becoming increasingly well known for durability and the highest quality, though often come with an expensive price tag. Foam mattresses are a good option too, they are dense, sensitive to weight and temperature, plus in recent times now come with a low price tag.


A single sided mattress can provide the same comfort and durability as the conventional dual sided mattress but with minimal maintenance and reduced risk of injury. Just because they do not flip does not mean they are less durable. In fact, the materials used in the non-flip mattresses are nowadays more superior and lasts for a very long time. Some people, however, will continue to seek the traditional flippable kind which is fine, but in general, there is no real benefit in seeking these out.

6 thoughts on “Characteristics Of One Sided vs. Two Sided Mattresses”

  1. One-sided mattresses are useless on beds that use wooden or steel slats for a base. Like sleeping on concrete! Not recommended.

    1. That says more about the mattress than anything. Get a thicker or better mattress and you will be fine. I am using a one-sided mattress on my wooden slat bed and I’m pretty sure it’s softer than my old double-sided ever was thanks to its thicker design.

  2. Indeed, I recently replaced my old double-sided mattress with a single sided. If I wanted double-sided I would have had to get an open coil or some other outdated spring technology, but my new single-sided use pocket springs with thicker layered padding for the same price. I think I made the right choice!

  3. I’ve had both and in the market for a new king mattress. Will only consider a 2-sided mattress. The 1-sided products are not for us. Cheaper to make a quality product that’s 1-sided which is no surprise why they’re taking over the market.

    1. I’ll take a two sided mattress over a single sided any day! I had both and both were of high quality pricey and were firm about ’16 high and pillow top
      Over time that single sided showed its ware as much as we felt it no matter how much we turn it! However, that two sided is worth its weight in gold and because of that I dont mind taking the time to flip it! It looks and feels like new every time we do!
      For our money, 2 sided or none!

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