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Have you had enough of restless, uncomfortable nights on a lumpy mattress? Has the time finally come to seek out a replacement? Even the very best mattresses don’t last forever, and eventually, you’ve got to shop for a new one.

My mattress started to sag so much on the left side of the bed that my husband and I could only sleep on half of it. We were waking up grumpy and with aches and pains all over. I knew that if we didn’t buy a new mattress soon that one of us would be sleeping on the couch or the floor, which neither wanted to do.

When we started looking for new mattresses we spent lots of time and effort looking at various different types and brands. Among the many, one brand and model we kept coming across was the Saatva.

Not all mattresses are suited for everyone, and everyone has their own wants and needs. In this Saatva mattress review, we take a look at their product, discuss the pros and cons, and compare against some of the other leading rivals in the same league as this one.

The Saatva Mattress Review

Mattress Highlights

Here are some standout features worth mentioning about Saatva and their Luxury mattress.

  • 5 layer hybrid spring, pocket coil, and foam design
  • Features the most common comfort levels, “Plush Soft”, “Firm” or “Luxury Firm”
  • Adjustable bed base compatible
  • 15-year warranty
  • 180-day in-home trial
  • Made in the USA
  • Free white glove delivery
  • Free mattress removal service
  • Finance options available with Klarna
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The Saatva mattresses have five key features. These features include individually wrapped coils, dual perimeter edge support system, lumbar support enhancement, steel coil base support system, and organic cotton cover and euro pillow top. All of the Saatva mattresses whether you opt for the 14.5″ version or the 11.5″ version are built with a coil over coil construction. Here is a brief breakdown of the inner construction which makes the core of the Saatva:

An interior cutaway view of the Saatva
  1. The layer of top coils is what’s known as a pocketed coil system, which is best known for the supreme contouring of your body to reduce motion transfer. The coils come separately and individually wrapped in fabric to prevent movement by the surrounding coils whilst reducing the sound of deteriorating springs in the long haul.
  2. There is a foam encased perimeter for less sagging and more edge support.
  3. In between the top layer of pocket springs and the bottom base layer, there is a thin addition of memory foam which exists as lumbar support.
  4. The bottom layer which acts as the base has steel hourglass-shaped springs for support which resembles a traditional Bonnel spring setup.
  5. These mattresses come with a pillow top finish for added comfort.

The coils used in the construction are oven baked and tempered at least three times. Because of this, they claim that all of their Saatva mattresses are made to last ten to fifteen years.

Unlike many spring or hybrid mattresses, the 11.5″ version is said to be compatible with an adjustable bed base. It has a supportive, flex base that is supposed to make it more structural and comfortable, but please note the 14.5″ version may not offer the same flex for the required movement, even though they offer the same level of comfort and premium finish.

Three Firmness Levels

Couple using a Saatva bed

The Saatva luxury mattress is not a one size fits all product like many of the new startups in the industry. It is particularly good if you have a preference between either soft and plush, or firm and supportive. Saatva rate comfort levels from a 1-10 and they mention that if your comfort level is a 1-2 or a 9-10, then it may not be the right mattress for you. Here is more detail on the three levels of firmness that they are offering:

  1. The plush soft is perfect if you like conforming foam and a surface that will hug your body as you sleep. The softer type are good mattresses for stomach sleepers but also suit some back and side sleepers. This one is number 3 on their scale.
  2. A good in-between is the Saatva luxury firm which generally appeals to most sleeping positions and is a safe bet for those unsure of exactly what firmness level they want. It is a good balance of cushion firm and contouring support. This rates 5-6 on their scale of comfort levels.
  3. The firm mattress is perfect if you suffer from backaches and want to get a lot of spinal alignment and support. Back sleepers tend to find a firm mattress better than those who sleep on their stomach or side. This level is number 8 on their scale of firmness levels.

Individually Wrapped Coils

The coils are also known as the mattress springs. Coils are most often used in the middle of innerspring mattresses. They are meant to provide support for the entire body. Getting proper support from your coils is essential for a good night’s sleep and also a healthy back and spine.

The Saatva mattresses have two separate coil systems in place. The lower portion is meant to provide stability, and the top portion has a pocketed coil design that is meant to hug and contour to every body shape. The individually wrapped coils are shown as number one in the photo. Having two sets of steel coils would be great to prevent sagging and movement.

When my mattress started sagging on the one side, it was because I only had one layer of coil and the springs had simply started to fail. With the Saatva luxury mattress, the two triple tempered springs would stand up longer, and your mattress wouldn’t start sagging for quite a long time.

A drawback to most spring mattresses is that you can feel every movement and motion isolation is generally poor in the Bonnel types. This mattress boasts, however that the individually wrapped top layer of coils eliminates most motion transfer (point number 1 above). I usually get out of bed each morning earlier than my husband, and he can always feel it when I leave. I think this mattress would be great to prevent things like that.

Dual Perimeter Edge Support

One of the unique features of the Saatva luxury mattress is that the edges are encased with foam, right up to the edge. The memory foam covers the coils underneath the pillow top and fills up all of the edges. I also like that the foam makes the edges more comfortable and adds to the bed’s surface.

Have you ever laid down on a mattress with really uncomfortable or soft edges? It is not a nice experience because you have to lay closer to the center and away from the edges to avoid feeling the sensation of falling off the bed due to too much give. Additionally, the cheaper options have hard coil or stitching around the outside which also make it extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention that the overall usable space of mattresses is greatly decreased due to the edges. Think about it, if you buy a Saatva queen mattress measuring at 5 ft X 6.7 ft with large sutured edges and you have to be three inches away to sleep comfortably. This would make your overall sleeping surface only 4.75 ft X 6.41 ft. That’s a loss of about 3 square ft of usable surface space.

The Saatva tackles these issues very well with the foam perimeter (pictured above as point number 2).

Lumbar Support Enhancement

Saatva Awards 2018

The Saatva mattresses include a layer of memory foam underneath the topmost pillow top layer. The is label number 3 in the photo above. The memory foam helps to provide lumbar support by adding progressive levels of pressure relief among several different pressure points. This specifically targets points that provide stress and tension relief in the lower back.

There was a study done by the Canadian Chiropractic Association on the biochemical effects of lumbar support in a mattress. They did this study because they found the major factors influencing the force on the body, particularly the spine, was gravity. The force of gravity can be enough to deform soft tissue while sleeping. This tissue deformation is what causes chronic back pain and lack of sleep.

The results of this study found that participants that lied down on a lumbar supportive mattress had a significant reduction of contact pressure on the pelvic and thoracic region of the spine because the pressure from gravity was dispersed more thoroughly during sleep.

The lumbar support feature in the Saatva luxury mattress would be beneficial if you want to prevent waking up with back pain. However, if you already experience chronic back pain, then you may want to buy a mattress that provides more lumbar support than this one does.

Steel Coil Base Support System

The Saatva mattress base is made with steel springs for long-lasting strength and durability. You can see this feature listed as number 4 in the photo above. This feature isn’t something that most people would think about when buying a mattress, but if you want something that will last a long time then you should consider it.

One of the best reasons why steel is such a durable material is because it resists corrosion and wear. You wouldn’t think that corrosion could occur on mattresses but over time, the weight of all of your sweat and dead skin cells will wear down any mattress.

An article published by the American Council on Science and Health discussed how used mattresses might have over ten million mites that feed off of dead skin, hair, and sweat. All of these mites continue to build up over the years and add extra weight to an old mattress.

Steel is usually the most common material used in mattress coils because it holds shape and strength even under added weight over time. This is a beneficial feature that Saatva mattresses include, although you’ll find this feature in many other innerspring mattresses too.

Organic Cotton Cover and Euro Pillow Top

Organic cotton cover of the saatva bed As you can see in the above point number 5, Saatva mattresses come with a euro pillow top, which generally offers more comfort and sustainability than one without. A euro pillow top is much different than a regular pillow top because it has more padding that is added underneath the outer cover and is sewn flush on top to create a more uniform appearance.

The Saatva euro pillow top mattresses claim to offer more padding and cushion than what you’d find in any regular pillow top mattress. This is a positive feature that anyone would enjoy especially if you prefer pillow tops and want your mattress to be extra soft.

Pillow top mattresses usually have the padding sewn to the top of the bed which loses shape and shifts around over time. Saatva mattresses claim that their euro top mattresses maintain their shape and cushion because they insert the padding underneath a cotton cover and then sew it flush with the edges.

The top layer cover in Saatva mattresses is made up of organic cotton. Many mattress materials, such as silk or satin are created with chemicals to make it feel soft and luxurious. The chemicals in it can be irritable and harsh for your skin. Fortunately, Saatva mattresses are made with organic cotton. If you prefer to purchase a mattress that is made with organic and eco-friendly materials, then this is a great choice.

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Saatva Alternatives

While researching various mattresses, I found a couple of similar alternatives to the Saatva brand. Here are the best 3 alternative reviews for sleepers in the US:

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf

A father and daughter reading on their loom and leaf bed

This brand originates from the Saatva company on review here, and it offers thick memory foam mattresses. The memory foam in the Loom and Leaf by Saatva provides cooling technology and has two different comfort levels, either firm or relaxed firm. This is a good option if you don’t want a soft pillow top style mattress. The cooling technology can be beneficial if you live in a higher climate or experience hot flashes while sleeping. The Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress claims to be comparable to a Tempur-Pedic Tempur Cloud Luxe Breeze but at a much lower price tag.

Some of the features of this model that are similar to the Saatva mattresses are;

  • Similar price range
  • Compatible with an adjustable bed base
  • Nationwide delivery and set up
  • 15-year warranty
  • 180-day in-home trial
  • Made in the USA

Some features that make the Saatva vs Loom and Leaf different are;

  • There are only two levels of comfort which are firm and relaxed firm
  • Cooling gel technology layered into the spinal region
  • Foam construction as opposed to springs

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Saatva vs Leesa

A lady laying down on her Leesa mattress

The Leesa mattress consists of a three-layered foam design that claims to provide cooling, contouring and pressure-relieving support. This mattress adapts to every body type and sleeping style, and they call this feature the universal adaptive feel which they say is exclusive only to Leesa mattresses.

This one is a great option if you want to have a foam mattress that isn’t too firm. It has a 6″ base support foam that adds strength and durability, but it also has pressure-relieving memory foam in the center which makes it not as firm as most foam mattresses. The top layer of Avena foam is where it shines most, offering a cooling and supportive finish to an already advanced setup.

Some of the features of this brand that are similar to Saatva mattresses are;

  • Similar price range
  • Available online and delivery nationwide
  • Good motion isolation
  • Layer that provides lumbar support
  • Made in the USA

Some features that make the Saatva vs Leesa mattress different are;

  • Consists of three layers to provide support and comfort, instead of five like the Saavta
  • No firm steel metal coils
  • Includes cooling Avena foam to give airflow and create a cooler night’s sleep
  • Slightly less expensive than the Saavta
  • Is shipped compressed, rolled and boxed
  • A slightly lesser 10-year warranty

Saatva vs Purple

Blonde woman sleeping on a Purple Bed

This one is made up of a hyper-elastic polymer material that is meant to release pressure. The Purple Bed (which is actually a mattress) claims to cradle your back like a firm mattress would and supports your hips and shoulders as a soft mattress would. The top layer of design features a grid formation with multiple walls that will either fold or support depending on how much pressure is placed upon it. This makes it a great mattress for back pain or sore joints because it will relieve pressure wherever it’s necessary.

Some of the features of this brand that are similar to the Saatva coil mattresses are;

  • Very good pressure point relief and spinal support
  • No motion transfer
  • Available online
  • Price range is similar
  • Made in the USA

Some features that make Saatva vs Purple different are;

  • Only one level of comfort, a combination of soft and firm
  • Ships vacuum sealed and rolled unlike Saatva
  • No steel metal coils used in the construction
  • A slightly lesser 10-year warranty compared to Saatva’s 15-year warranty


After doing some extensive research, I’ve found that the Saatva mattress is full of features that would appeal to anyone after a hybrid mattress which is primarily based on a spring construction. Not only is it competitively priced, it compares to some of the best mattresses on the market in terms of quality and company additions too. The warranty is long at 15 years, compared to others offering only 10-year warranties. Also, the general consensus on customer services and ease of use for ordering a mattress was a positive one.

The mattress features individually wrapped pocketed coils that hug and contour your body and prevent motion transfer. This is very beneficial if you or your partner are consistently waking each other up from movement in bed. It also features dual perimeter edge support that effectively extends the usable surface space on the mattress and allows you to comfortably sleep all the way to the edge. Additionally, sitting on the edge of the bed seems supportive and not straight away prone to sagging.

The Saatva mattress features lumbar support for your back and spine. It targets pressure points to relieve stress and tension on your lower back and prevent waking up with body aches. The coils on this mattress are made with steel, which holds its shape and remains strong and durable over time. The Saatva mattress is made with eco-friendly organic cotton and a euro pillow top that provides more cushion than other pillow tops.

Overall, this is a good choice if the materials and constructions suit your needs. With the free 180 days in-home trial, it’s worth ordering if it’s something that you have already shortlisted.

Saatva Mattress Ratings




Build Quality




Sleep Trial





  • Premium mattress quality at a competitive price
  • Three different firmnesses available
  • Supreme motion isolation
  • Free white glove delivery
  • 180-day in-home trial


  • Lack of zonal support design

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