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A limited living space is one thing that most of us have had to deal with at one point in our lives. For example, if you live in a house with two bedrooms yet you need three, then you have to find a way to create a temporary third bedroom. The other option would be to move to a bigger house. That is where a futon comes in to save the day.

A futon functions as a seat during the day and as a bed at night. They are ideal if you need to use your sitting room as a bedroom when you have guests. What else is amazing is if you pick a good design, they will last just like a regular sofa. However, a futon is only as good as its mattress which it works in tandem with. In this guide, we will discuss what you need to know to choose the best futon mattress.

Futons are generally made of three components that work together to deliver comfort and rest during the day and allow you to sleep comfortably at night. These are the frame, mattress, and the cover. The most expensive frame does not necessarily mean it will be more comfortable than a cheap one. That is because most of the futon’s comfort comes from its mattress, which is just one of the three components that make a futon. Further below we have included several futon mattress reviews to illustrate that point.

Top 5 Best Futon Mattress Comparisons

Futon Mattress Reviews

DHP Coil Premium

DHP 8" Independently Encased Coil

This is a heavy-duty product which even if used on a regular basis it will serve you well as a couch or bed. It has a firm thickness of eight inches with a core inner of 522 15 gauge independently encased pocket coils which you can hardly feel. These coils not only add to the sturdiness, motion isolation and support but they are superbly pocketed to ensure that you only feel comfort instead of their structure. Pocket coils are also quieter than other types of innerspring mattresses.

There is layering between the coils and microfiber cover too; the quality foam and polyester layering used to fill this gap make it comfortable for the back, stomach, and side sleepers. Measuring at 75 x 54 x 8 inches and weighing 57 lbs, it is available in black, tan, charcoal, and chocolate brown, and comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The price is excellent considering the outstanding quality, and it has no odors, which is a plus, compared to other foam and pure latex mattresses.

Royal Sleep Products

Royal Sleep Products

Available in both Full (75″ x 54″) and Queen (80″ x 60″), the Royal Sleep Products memory foam futon mattress is 8 inches of multi-layered design with plenty of thickness which is enough support without being too bulky. Consisting of four clever layers of premium cotton/poly blend, a further layer of polyurethane foam, and two more layers of memory foam, the thick and soft design serves great for couch or bed usage. Not all are good for both types of daily sleeping and sitting, but this one has the strength and support to take heavy and regular loads, making it close to being the best futon mattress around.

Serta Cypress

Serta Cypress Duct

This Serta innerspring futon mattress has both a good level of support and great comfort, offering a plush feel with medium firmness, perfect whether used as a couch or bed. Its top is 3 layers of heavy-weight cotton fiber blend and 2 x 1″ foam, while the main core consists of 4 inches of 288 Bonnell spring construction. Mattresses by Serta are always great quality, durable and comfortable; this one is no exception. Being springy, for those who like a slightly bouncy feel, this is great.

Featuring something called Cottonique, it’s a combination of selected grades of cotton with polyester fibers which make for a unique and durable upholstery blend that is better and longer lasting than regular cotton. This means the product is more resilient, comfortable and lightweight. Being slightly on the stiff side, it may not fold and flex to everyone’s desire, but is still good for a single fold for sure. Available in Full and Queen sizes, plus 3 different colors being Natural, Khaki, and Black, it comes shipped rolled and boxed.

Mozaic Memory Foam

Mozaic 8 Inch Gel Memory Foam, Full Size

If you prefer a softer and more cradled feel, then the 8″ Mozaic Full Size gel foam futon mattress will serve you well. The core fill is viscoelastic foam and polyurethane foam inside a cotton mix blend, which combines to give a long mattress life and supportive yet plush comfort. The durable poly-cotton fabric cover is lace tufted for a stylish look and easy to spot clean with a mild detergent.

Also, being a flippable mattress means its lifespan can be lengthened before it is fully worn out. It is, in our opinion a choice purchase, and this particular model is possibly the best futon mattress for sleeping on and couch usage too; it’s extremely comfortable and durable whichever way it’s used. However, when new, it has a faint smell, which is known as off-gassing. This is common in all foam based mattresses but passes within a week or so. As it’s made in the USA, you should expect to get the same reliable service of American technology that you are used to, which is what you’ll get here.

EMOOR Classe

EMOOR Classe Japanese Futon Mattress

The EMOOR Classe is great if you are looking for something with more available sizes. It comes in Twin, Full, Full Short, and is comfortable enough to sit or sleep on. It fits very well even for smaller frames and is versatile enough to be used as a mattress pad, on a futon frame, or as a floor mattress. Manufactured by a well-established household name brand, it is resilient and durable, making it ideal for all kinds of usage.

The 100% polyester fiber stuffing, combined with the 200 thread count 100% cotton fabric for the outer cover makes the EMOOR comfortable without being overly soft – If you enjoy a plush feel while sleeping, this will give you just that. Provided you do not use daily as the main bed, it will serve you for many years. It is expertly made in Japan where traditional floor mattresses first originated. Additionally, it comes shipped vacuum packed and rolled for convenience. For the price, it is high among the best ranks.

5 Tips For Buying A Futon Mattress

When you are buying a futon mattress, it is more or less the same as buying a mattress for your bed. It has to be comfortable, supportive, and resistant to allergens. However, a futon mattress has to have some of the characteristics that a regular mattress does not have. You, therefore, must also consider the following factors when buying:

1. Thickness

A bi fold futon mattress on a wooden frame

A futon mattress that is eight inches thick offers better comfort for an adult sleeper than one which is six inches thick. If your futon is made of a wooden frame, you may need a thicker mattress because wooden frames are extremely hard compared to metal ones. If you are overweight, you will also need a mattress that is thicker to support the extra weight.

2. Number Of Folds

The mattress you buy will either be bi-fold or tri-fold. If bi-fold, it will fold once into two pieces, and if tri-fold, then it folds twice into three prices. The type you buy depends on the type of frame you have. Check with the manufacturer to see whether you need a bi-fold or tri-fold, or, if replacing an existing one simply check the folds of your current and buy accordingly.

3. Usage

Different uses of a futon mattress

If you use your futon on a regular basis or you have sleepover guests more often, you should buy an innerspring futon mattress with coils. The innerspring coils offer greater support, much like that of a regular bed. If you only use once in a while, then it is OK to buy foam and cotton batting mattresses. They provide reasonable comfort if used on a short-term basis. They also retain their original shape for longer periods. Most importantly, they are much lighter than innerspring mattresses, which is great if you have to move the futon around by yourself. High-quality mattresses last longer provided the frame it’s placed on is of good quality too. If you tend not to use on a daily basis, it can last anything up to 15-20 years.

4. Covers

Your mattress will last longer if you buy one with a quality cover. That is because the cover will be the first point of contact between the person sitting and sleeping on the mattress itself. You can also buy aftermarket covers, and for example, if you use your futon as a couch on a daily basis, then perhaps consider buying synthetic fabric covers. They cost less, last longer, and come in various designs. It is best to buy multiple covers so that you will always have one to use when the other is in the wash.

5. Frames

A wooden futon frame

The quality of your mattress should match that of the frame. There is no point having a cheap futon mattress on an expensive frame. Likewise, having an expensive mattress on a cheap frame will undoubtedly reduce the mattress’s lifespan. Here are a few important factors that have an impact on how long your mattress will serve you. Some affect the comfort that you get while others simply affect your decor.

  • Wooden Frames – If you plan to have your futon for a long period, then you should invest in a good quality frame. Most wooden frames made of high-quality wood such as maple, oak, cherry, and ash which means they are sturdier and will last longer. That quality will as expected also come at a higher price.
  • Metal Frames – If you are more interested in strength than looks, then metal frames will serve you well. They come in designs that match all types of décor. They are cost-effective, and most importantly they are also durable.
  • Particleboard or Wood Composite Frames – You may also be looking for something that you will use for less than five years or require a cheap option. Particleboard or Wood Composite Frames offer a budget option that is less durable, although for some people may be aesthetically pleasing. The seating and back slat areas are generally sturdy and properly reinforced, but do not quite compare to metal or wooden options.

6. Minimalist Futons

Futon mattresses can be used for more than just being placed on futon frames. Many people are using these to sleep on the floor too. There are many benefits to doing so, especially when using the correct type. For example, a Japanese futon mattress can create more space in a small living area in the same way an air mattress can.


As you can see from the top rated 5 we selected, there is much to consider. However, if you follow the above buying guidelines and learn from our comparisons, you will no doubt be able to choose the best futon mattress for sleeping and using as a couch too. The reviews should give a detailed view of how to compare the feel and firmness of different models for sale.

Depending on how often you plan on using the futon, perhaps opt for a heavy-duty pocket coil such as the DHP Coil Premium. You may also require better mobility and maneuverability, therefore opting to buy a lightweight design such as the EMOOR Classe is a good idea. Don’t forget, none of the above futon reviews have considered the frame, though most should be OK on almost any frame.

Stick to the guide above and consider your options. As you can see, there are many different types to choose from, but the one you want will ultimately be down to your specific requirements.

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