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Mattress Sizes ChartWhen it comes to buying a mattress, it’s vital to determine the exact sizes you require. For example, if you’re seeking a replacement bed and also a new mattress together you’ll need to ensure that (1) It’s big enough for you to lie down on and comfortably move around, and (2) that it fits in the space you have allocated for it within your home. If it’s merely a swap out of old with new, you’ll need to ensure the new one’s measurements are in line with any existing bed sizes else you may end up with unsightly overhang or ledges.

There are at least seven different dimensions that we’d like to inform you of. To clear up the confusion, we have listed them in size order starting smallest to largest and listed the given nickname too. Please note that these are U.S / Canada figures, U.K, E.U and Asia dimensions may be different.

Please check the mattress size chart below for the most common measurements and their names:

Size Names and Their Dimensions

Twin: 38″ wide x 74″ long

Unlike the name might suggest, oddly enough the Twin size is actually enough for one person and is often referred to as a Single (in the UK). The width is enough for an adult or child, but the length would suit anyone under 5ft 5″ tall.  The Twin may also be sold in places as 39″ wide x 75″ long, so measure your base or existing mattress to be sure before you buy.

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Twin XL : 38″ wide x 80″ long

The Twin XL is the same width as its smaller brother; the only difference is the length. Measuring at 6″ longer it can comfortably accommodate anyone up to 6ft tall. Although 80″ equates to 6ft 6″ it’s recommended that you allow for at least 6inches more than your height when laying down flat. You may also see this as 39″ wide in some cases like the Twin.

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Full (aka Standard Double): 54″ wide x 75″ long

The Full is also known as a Double. Unfortunately though the term Double doesn’t quite suit this size because 54″ divided by two is 27″ of space per person, which is not much at all when sharing. The Full size, however, is an excellent option for single use. Like other mattresses of a similar length, this one would best suit someone under 6ft.

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Full XL: 54″ wide x 80″ long

Like its little brother the Full XL is same in width, so still probably best for individual use; however, it’s slightly longer thus more comfortably accommodating taller people.

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Queen: 60″ wide x 80″ long

The 60″ width of a Queen is plenty for an individual to sleep at any angle they desire, and if sharing, the 30″ each is also plentiful for a sound nights sleep without being too cramped. As you can see there is no shorter length version; it starts straight in at 80″ which is easily enough for the six-footers. Notice when you shop online that most websites will display by default the price of a Queen size until you change the selection.

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King: 76″ wide x 80″ long

One of the all-time favorites is the King size. Measuring in at a whole 16inches wider than the Queen size, the length may be the same, but the width is certainly something worth paying the extra money for. Provided you have enough bedroom space, the King is a recommended choice for sharing the bed while not having to sacrifice plush, luxurious comfort. The King size is quite possibly the most common type in American homes and hotels.

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California King: 72″ wide x 84″ long

In this chart, the California King is probably the second most popular size amongst couples in the US. Although it’s less wide than a standard King by 4 inches, it has the extra length accommodating comfortably for people over 6ft 6″.

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U.S Mattress Sizes

In some countries, the above measurements will not apply. For example below is a list of UK sizes:

Single: 36″ wide x 75″ long

Double: 54″ wide x 75″ long

King: 60″ wide x 78″ long

Super King: 72″ wide x 78″ long

Hopefully, understanding bed and mattress sizes should be much easier now. If you have any further queries about the size chart feel free to contact us for more information.

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