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Whether you’re purchasing a new mattress because you’re moving and don’t want to schlep your old one with you or because you’re waking up every morning feeling very unrested, the thought of having to spend over $1000 on a good mattress and go through all the hassle of dealing with pushy salesmen in retail outlets is enough to make anyone stick with the same old bad mattress.

It’s hard to deny the mattress you sleep on is important (my aching back can witness), but who can afford to spend potentially thousands on a new mattress that might or might not solve your problems? I know I could use a better nights’ sleep, and we’ve fallen in love lately with the budding number of new online mattress retailers that are skipping the middleman and corresponding upcharge. Zinus is one such company that has been gaining momentum in this ever challenging industry, and for that reason, we’d like to share with you our findings. Hopefully, this Zinus mattress review will be as enlightening for you as it was for me.

The Zinus Mattress Review

Mattress Highlights

Here are a few quick facts that you may want to know about Zinus and their mattresses:

  • Green tea memory foam composition
  • A wide range of options (including coil, memory foam, and hybrid)
  • Caters for all sleeping positions and ranges from plush to firm
  • Budget/entry-level prices
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-day in-home trial
  • Free shipping
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Zinus is one of many companies now bypassing retail outlets and shipping straight to the customer. Since you can’t try the bed in person before you order, most offer a trial period and assist with no-hassle returns. Your bed ships compressed and sealed into a box that’s about the quarter of the size of the mattress. Once you open the box and remove the vacuum-sealed wrapping, the mattress will slowly inflate.

Zinus might not be explaining how they manage to compress those mattresses, but what’s not a secret is how affordable these mattresses are; the vast majority are under $400, and all but one are less than $700. With remarkably consistent reviews from customers, it’s also one of our favorites and is among the 10 top rated mattresses within our site. Zinus is a great option for somebody who’s comfortable enough with online shopping to trust the mattress shopping experience to the internet.

Breaking Down The Zinus Mattress

Zinus Green Tea Cutaway Zinus provides coil, foam, and hybrid mattresses in multiple levels of comfort and with different topping options. If you prefer a more traditional feel in your bed, the innerspring mattress will have more bounce as opposed to the foam mattresses and will also be cooler. If you, like me, frequently find yourself feeling too hot at night, you might need to stick with innersprings or one of their cooling gel options.

You’re not losing that much regarding motion control, however, since the coils in the Zinus beds are pocketed. Pocketed coils were developed specifically to help limit the vibrations and movements of mattresses. This means each metal coil is surrounded with fabric so that it doesn’t make direct contact with another coil. The fabric also reduces the friction between cools which, again, limits the transfer of motion.

Zinus also adds some comfort foam to its coil beds to help relieve pressure points for your body, though you won’t have as much on these beds as you have on its foam or hybrid options. Coil beds are Zinus’ most affordable options, an absolute home run for a bargain shopper!

Foam As The Ultimate In Luxury

If you find yourself frequently woken at night by your partner’s restless tossing and turning, you’ll be so thankful you chose a foam bed. Zinus uses what they call Biofoam, which uses naturally produced plant oil to replace some of the traditional petroleum used to reduce most foams. If you’re concerned about off-gassing or looking to reduce potentially harmful chemicals in your environment, you’ll appreciate this. Its foam also utilizes a green tea extract and activated charcoal to reduce odors and naturally maintain freshness.

Foam is known for being warmer, but it’s also praised for being extremely comfortable. It offers a very high level of support while also conforming to your body, which means it helps bring comfort and support to the exact places that need those things. If you do need a cooler option, we recommend looking at one of the Zinus foam mattresses that’s infused with gel for better cooling or that you select a foam mattress with Zinus’ Airflow Foam, which provides pockets for air to disperse built up heat.

Something else to consider about the foam mattresses, however, is that they’re composed of three levels. It’s the bottom two layers that provide the most support, while the top layer provides the most comfort. When compared to another top of the line mattresses, Zinus claims that their mattresses are thicker. However, some reviewers have noted “falling” through the top layer to the bottom layer very quickly. If you don’t want that surround feel, this is probably not the best option for you.

The Best Of Both

Zinus Mattress Hybrid sections Zinus’ hybrid mattresses tend to be a little pricier, but they’re also touted as having the best of both worlds. That’s exactly what I think, too, of the Zinus hybrid! You can maintain the affordability of the coil mattress but enjoy the benefits of foam.

The entire mattress is foam encased, which helps keep its shape over the long term, and it also is made from materials that have what is called adaptive technology that enables moisture or heat to be quickly wicked away. The springs themselves can offer slightly more support if you are heavier or if you sleep with a partner.

How Do Returns Work?

Zinus offers a 100 night free trial period when purchased directly through their site, which in comparison to other online retailers Leesa and Purple is comparable. Essentially, this is the returns period. If you purchase your bed and decide it’s not comfortable or that you don’t like it for any reason, you can contact customer support for helping to return the mattress at no cost. I will warn you, however, that while the vast majority of reviews online report not having to return a mattress and having a great overall experience, there are some people who have reported significant frustration with trying to make a return.

It’s also somewhat unclear from the company’s website how the mattress should be shipped back. If you don’t want to deal with this hassle at all, make sure you purchase your bed through an online retailer like Amazon, who always provides excellent customer service.

Additional Concerns

You should also note that sometimes the bed covers are criticized for being too loose, which you might find frustrating if you’re going for a minimal decor look and just want a sheet on your bed. However, what is a plus in helping to keep costs down is that you don’t need a boxspring with a Zinus mattress. In fact, you could put this mattress straight on the floor as long as your floor is level and straight! If you’ve been putting off a mattress purchase because you don’t have money for a new frame or box spring, this might be just what you need to get a good night’s sleep without spending a fortune!

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Zinus Alternatives

If for some reason you’re not quite sure the Zinus is right for you, here are three other alternatives you might like more:

Zinus vs Leesa

The Leesa mattress on a wooden platform bed

Leesa is another direct-to-customer mattress manufacturer, but it’s different than Zinus in some significant ways. For example, all mattresses are manufactured in the United States and not China, which is something that many customers tend to prefer. Leesa also has a strong social mission and gives away one mattress for every ten sold and plants one tree for every mattress sold.

The company also provides a 100 night trial period like Zinus, and has even partnered with furniture retailer West Elm so that customers can test in store. All these perks come with a cost; Leesa mattresses are much more expensive, with prices starting at $525. If you feel the higher prices are worth it to support a socially responsible company, I think you’ll enjoy learning more about Leesa!

Read the full Leesa mattress review to help decide whether it’s a good alternative to the Zinus.

Shop The Leesa Mattress

Zinus vs Ghostbed

A woman happy to see her Ghostbed in a box

Ghostbed offers a 101 day trial period and claims to deliver “supernatural comfort.” Unlike Zinus, it does not offer a wide range of mattress options, in fact, it only has one model in its range. Their hybrid mattresses are designed using a proprietary gel foam material which sits underneath a thin layer of aerated latex.

If you want something that’s priced cheaper than what you’d find at retail outlets, but still fairly traditional and straightforward, you might want to check out Ghostbed. We recently conducted a full review of the Ghostbed which highlights its main features, pros, and cons.

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Zinus vs Purple

A woman sleeping on her Purple Bed

Purple is yet another direct-ship mattress company but what it offers is truly revolutionary. Instead of relying on some form of foam or springs, Purple has utilized something called Hyper-Elastic Polymer, a pressure-releasing material organized in a grid formation that’s designed to provide gentle support for high-pressure areas and firmer support for low-pressure areas.

It is also slightly more expensive than the Zinus ranges (Purple mattresses start at $1000) but comes with a 100 day trial period. If you can afford it and are really ready to see some changes in how you sleep, there’s a good chance one of these is your best option! Read the full Purple mattress review for more information on this product.

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The real genius behind Zinus lies in its ability to deliver an affordable mattress straight to consumers. I don’t have to hassle with retail outlets or confusing sales tactics anymore; instead, I can make a few clicks, and I’ve got a top rated mattress right at my doorstep, for way less than I would traditionally pay. Plus, a range of different options means I can find one that truly fits my needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all option that is common in other similar direct ship companies.

Zinus Mattress Ratings




Build Quality




Sleep Trial





  • Healthy plant-based foam
  • CertiPUR US Certified
  • Comparable to much more expensive foam mattresses
  • Great motion isolation properties
  • Doesn't sleep as hot as we first expected


  • Slight off-gassing smell when new

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