How To Cut A Mattress In Half

How To Cut A Mattress In Half

Mattresses are a common household item and can be costly depending on the type purchased. Once used most people dispose of it rather than recycle the mattress. With a little effort, you can convert them into other useful items in the house. For example, the most common types such as viscoelastic memory foam can be cut to smaller pieces and the resulting cushions used as smaller beds for the kids, car seats and used in the kernels as sleeping mats for the dogs. Not only is it an idea to dissect to recycle into other goods, but can also help in the disposal process in order to perhaps fit into your vehicle.

Mattresses range in size and density depending on their composition. From pocket spring to organic latex mattresses the ease of cutting through it depends on its structure. For example, an innerspring is relatively harder to cut through, but given the right tools and procedure, you can easily cut them into half too. The other foam mattresses are made of relatively soft and easy material to cut through.

For the purpose of this exercise, we decided to split ours into two, not to recycle or dispose of, but simply to reduce it in size and gain two from one. Below is the description of how we did it; your type might be a little different from the one whose description is given below but the steps followed should be relatively similar. The one cut into half below is an innerspring; therefore it is essential to know your mattress type before trying to cut it in half. Knowing that will help you identify the tools required and amount of labor needed.

Tools Needed

  • A pair of scissors
  • A pair of pliers
  • A sewing machine or needle
  • Thimble
  • Dremel tool with a fiberglass reinforced cutting wheel
  • Strong sewing thread
  • A lot of straight pins
  • Wax
  • Staple gun
  • Sharp scalpel
  • Tape measure

Step 1: Cut Through The Outer Covering

With the help of the sharp scalpel make an incision on the softer outer covering and cut the cover right down the center of the mattress using the pair of scissors to expose the inner layer of springs. Using the tape measure, measure the midpoint and mark the springs to be cut through using the sharp scalpel. Make the marks conspicuous enough.

Step 2: Cut Through Springs

Use the Dremel tool to cut down the line of springs marked earlier with the scalpel. Be careful when doing this in order to avoid injury to the finger. Hold the tool steady because any jerky movement will break the wheel. Use the pliers to clip off any hard remnants of the spring that the Dremel can’t cut off.

Step 3: Fold Sharp Spring Ends

Using the pair of pliers carefully fold the sharp protruding ends of the metallic springs to form a new section of the cut mattress. The springs should be folded inwards to avoid injury when someone sits on it. Using a piece of cloth or rope, tie the springs of the new section together – this is for support.

Step 4: Close Up The Ends

Close the new ends of the mattress using the spare cover. You can either buy a new cover or use an old one depending on availability. Using the sewing needle cover the mattress end. Use the thimble while doing this to avoid injury to your finger. Use the wax to soften the thread and as a lubricant to make the sewing easy. Staple thoroughly the ends and trim the excess cover. Repeat the procedure to the other half of the mattress. You should now have two halves of the original mattress.

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