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Mattresses are a vital necessity for healthy living, and while yours may be old and seemingly no more beneficial to you, it could still do a lot of good to other people who might need it. The saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ comes alive in this situation. Perhaps, you have a new mattress, and your old one is still in good shape, and you do not know what to do with it. Donating it might enable you to sleep better at night, knowing that you are the reason somebody can equally enjoy a good night’s rest. Also, donating your mattress would prove to benefit the environment, considering that it will not be ending up at a refuse dump.

There are many options that would provide you with the facility to donate mattresses. Most of these agencies accept ones that have been used but are still in good condition. They are called ‘gently used’. Many of them would even offer pick-up services from your home, which can save much hassle, as transporting a mattress isn’t the easiest task. Ok, sounds good right? Here are some places that you can donate your mattress:

National Furniture Bank Association

Niagra Furniture Bank

The National Furniture Bank Association is a non-profit organization that partners with a lot of furniture banks to give out pieces of furniture for little or no cost and helps hundreds of thousands of people every year. They work through referrals from schools, churches, and agencies to deliver pieces of furniture to people who desperately need them. The association could use your mattress donation to be more effective. The Furniture Banks themselves are generally dedicated to providing adequate living and sleeping conditions for people in America, by providing essential furniture facilities for human existence to those that cannot afford it. Through referrals, they give furniture to these people (who approximately consist of 40% children), at little or no cost made by accepted donations. Even after the 100,000+ people every year throughout the US and Canada, there are still more people who need mattresses to sleep on and your donation would help the organization get to them. Check the list of Furniture Banks in your area through the NFBA website to get started.

Religious Charities

Religious charities show the love of God by providing assistance to anyone who needs it. Their functions range from providing material necessities, which include food, clothes and yes, your old mattress to defending fundamental human rights. Donations to local charities in your community would go a long way to make their mission effective. It would also benefit you as nothing compares to the feeling that you derive from helping to help other people.


DonationTown.org is an online directory that helps people find near-by charity organizations who can pick up and accept donations from home. This is easier than disposing of your mattress, and what’s even better is that the scheduled pick-ups are free. So, there really is no reason not to donate.

Mattress Removal Service

Some mattress companies offer a mattress removal service. Most of them charge a fee of anything between $100-$200. Saatva is one of the few who don’t charge. When Saatva mattresses are delivered and set up in your house, they will also remove the old mattress free of charge. See Saatva Mattresses here.

If all of the above options fail you, and you are still lumbered with an unwanted mattress, don’t worry because there is still hope. Although it may cost a small sum, try using a mattress removal service such as LoadUp. Using their online service you can schedule a date for pickup and receive a free quote for the cost involved. This service is excellent for a no-fuss wave goodbye to your used mattress. What’s great is they also remove old furniture, electronics, appliances, and much more. Check the LoadUp website here for more information or to book your mattress collection.


donate a mattress

In conclusion, the above list is not exhaustive, but one thing we haven’t mentioned is that finding places to donate can be somewhat tricky mainly because some agencies do not accept mattresses due to hygienic principles. However, the organizations and movements mentioned above would undoubtedly prove effective in receiving them. So the next time you decide to buy a new mattress, make arrangements to donate your old one first!

52 thoughts on “Where To Donate Mattresses”

    1. I have a twin mattress and springs, if you would like to pickup I will give to you. I live in Happy Valley. Karen

  1. The donation town url was a good idea but unfortunately Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Good Will no longer (or at this time) are accepting mattresses.


    1. We have 2 box springs & 2 slightly used twin mattress for you if you can pick them up~
      we are in close to kenwood~ p & h

  2. I have a twin bed frame, box spring, and mattress to give away to someone in need of one. The hardest thing to do, I just want to give it !

  3. I have a queen size bed – head and foot board with a mattress and it springs I would like to donate. Do you know of who can pick up for free? I would like for this to go to a family in need
    Thank you

  4. Looking for a charity that would be interested in picking up a brand new Puffy foam mattress. Tried Donation Town but they don’t have any charity that are accepting mattresses. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.

  5. If you are in the UK the British Heart Foundation will pick up your unwanted mattress if its still got some use in it and is clean and tidy. Just contact your nearest BH Foundation Charity Shop. They will also welcome any other household goods no longer wanted which are in good condition

  6. The problem with donating mattresses is the bed bug problem anymore. It is very hard if not impossible to find an organization which will pick up mattresses. I understand, the last thing people need is bedbugs… The best we can do, I believe, is find a place that may just recycle it, rather than having it end up in a landfill.

  7. I have a king size bed with box springs. They are in very good condition. It also has mattress protector. No bed bugs or any stains on the bed. There is very minor wear due to shifting from one place to another. I hardly used the bed. If someone wants to pick it up or need more info, let me know

  8. I got a very new mattress serta i comfort in queen size 12 inches to give to somebody who need on in colorado for free only pick it up

  9. We have a twin size mattress and box spring in very good condition. We have moved and down-sized and no longer need this set. Free if you would like to pick up.

  10. I have a California King Sleep Number mattress with no box spring in very good shape and clean. In my way and ready for a change. Comes with pump. Free of charge and pickup only. Smithfield NC

  11. I have a twin box spring and mattress that I no longer need. Free of charge and pick up only. In St. Paul Mn area.

  12. I have a mattress,box spring and bed frame in good condition., where can I donate it in Brownsville, Texas area?

  13. melanie kalmin

    I would like to donate queen mattress and box spring in very good condition.
    Has to be picked up on Friday 7th June.

  14. Furniture Bank of Central Ohio picks up furniture and mattresses donations. You can call them to get on their pick-up schedule.

  15. I have a queen sofa bed mattress (memory foam with gel) I’d like to get rid of. It was used for less than 2 weeks by one person (me). Couldn’t deal with the bar and replaced it with a regular bed.

  16. I have a 4 year old king size mattress I don’t need anymore cos I decided to go for a firm memory foam mattress

  17. I have a 10 year old King Beauty Rest mattress with a pillow top and matching box spring. It’s in fantastic shape. We just bought a new split king so we could have our own sides with firmness we like, but this is a great mattress.

    Ready for pick up as long as you have someone to help you get both out (we cannot) and a truck.

  18. I have a like new queen size mattress and box springs. They are clean and used only for a couple of months by myself. Always covered and like new.
    I’m in Lexington Ky

  19. I have a set of box springs for a California King bed. If you can pick up, it is yours! I live in Carlsbad, CA, closer to Encinitas.

  20. Ionela madalina Circiu

    hi. i have a mattress in a good condition that i am trying to give it away but some of the charity don’t want it because it doesn’t have a certain label they need so they can sell it.. i have tried to give it to anybody on facebook, shpock, or freecycle.org. i don’t know what to do with it. i don’t have options left

    1. Unfortunately, you may have to dispose of it. Ask your local authority or a company like LoadUp to come and collect it, however, there will be a charge.

  21. Carmen Damalerio

    Hello, I have CA King size mattress, brand new, used only for 2months. Would like to donate as long as you pick up – This is in Skokie, ill .. if interested, respond on or before November 15th.

  22. I have Queen and Twin mattress in very good shape to donate as well as some furniture too, As we are moving to another state, at the end of April,2020 in Dublin, Ca

  23. I have a full size mattress in excellent condition to donate in the Grand Junction area. LUCID 5 inch memory foam mattress, purchased 3 years ago and used less than 1 year.

  24. Jefferson Koonce

    We have two twin mattresses and box springs and one full-size mattress and box spring all in very good condition. Also have frames, headboards, and foot boards and additional furniture. Moving out of state, respond as soon as possible. Kingston, NY

  25. We have two mattress sets to donate. King size mattress, two box springs, & frame and also Queen size mattress, box spring & frame. Hate to throw good items away. Please email. Thank you.

  26. We have 2 Tempurpedic Mattresses that, together, make a California King. They are about 7 1/2 years old and have had a mattress cover and mattress pad since day one (very clean). Also have the lift mechanisms that are in good working order, along with appropriate remotes. One base has a bit of damage to the cover material on one corner. We live in south Conroe, TX and will give them to anyone who would like to pick them up.

  27. Michael Bailey

    I heard of a place that picks up mattresses and uses the parts to build a bed for children. Do you know of the place?

  28. I just separated from my husband and I am in need of a queen size mattress and box spring. I would like to know if you guys can help me and do y’all deliver?

  29. I am a 74 year old single woman who needs a bed mattress (queen size). At the moment I am sleeping on my old sofa. I have back pain and will need back surgery soon. I need a mattress after I have the surgery.

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