Leesa vs Purple: A Head To Head Comparison

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Both the Leesa and the Purple mattresses have a lot of things in common. They also have a lot of differences that make them stand out. When it comes down to deciding between the two it can be difficult. This article compares Leesa vs Purple and their main characteristics to help you make an informed decision between the two.

Before we dive right in a brief overview is in order.

The Leesa mattress uses multiple layers of differing foam to provide superior support, contouring abilities, and comfort for people who sleep in any position. The Leesa has a very high customer satisfaction rate. (Read the full Leesa mattress review).

The Original Purple mattress uses multiple layers of foam paired with a new scientific innovation comprised of hyper-elastic polymer to provide superior support, pressure point relief, and temperature regulation. Purple mattresses also have a very high customer satisfaction rate. (Read the full Purple mattress review).

To determine our winner, we ranked Leesa vs Purple based on several key characteristics: construction, durability, motion transfer isolation, support or firmness, edge support, sleep position, temperature regulation and breathability, the manufacturer, frame variety, flame resistance, warranty, in-home trial, shipping costs, available sizes and price guidelines, and thickness. These traits should help you determine which product best suits your specific sleep needs.

Purple Mattress vs Leesa: Quick Comparison

Image Product Features
  • Thickness: 10"
  • Foam Type: Plant
  • Feature: Triple layer combination of high quality foam
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  • Thickness: 9.5"
  • Foam Type: Hyper-Elastic Polymer™
  • Feature: Smart Comfort Grid™ adapts to the unique shape of your body
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Layers Of Construction

leesa mattresses layers
Leesa’s layers of construction

The materials used to make these two mattresses point to one of the biggest differences between them. However, even though the materials differ greatly, they often achieve the same results in the end.


The Leesa mattress is comprised of a 2” layer of cooling LSA200 Foam, a 2” layer of contouring Memory Foam, and 6” layer of supportive Dense Core Foam. The cover is made from a proprietary blend of polyester fabrics.


The Original Purple is comprised of a responsive knit cover, a 2” layer of their unique hyper-elastic polymer Smart Comfort Grid, a 2.5” layer of polyurethane plush comfort foam, and a 4” layer of polyurethane support foam.

Head To Head

As far as innovation is concerned, Purple takes the point for this category. Their innovative design for the Smart Comfort Grid makes their mattresses truly unique and unlike anything else available in the market today.

Potential Durability

Durable honeycomb HyperElastic Polymer

The durability of your mattress determines how long you will be able to enjoy it. Heavier people should place a lot of emphasis on durability when it comes time to make a decision so they can ensure their mattress performs on a high level for an extended period of time.


The Leesa website boasts high durability due to the foam materials used in construction. Memory foam and other similar foams are known for being durable and responsive. Their warranty will replace a mattress that does not live up to its durability standard for up to 10 years.


The Purple website boasts their mattresses are durable enough to last decades without developing a body impression. This is due to the Smart Comfort Grid’s hyper-elastic polymer construction which is virtually indestructible under normal wear and tear conditions. There is no weight limit for Purple mattresses either which also helps confirm its extreme durability.

Head To Head

Once again due to the unique construction, Purple wins in this category. The absence of a weight limit and no possible indentation marks makes it superior to the Leesa which will inevitably show indentations after many years of use.

Motion Transfer Isolation

Leesa mattress motion isolation

Motion transfer isolation is particularly important if you are a light sleeper or if you sleep with someone else. Movement in the bed from natural shifting of sleep positions throughout the night could disturb your restful sleep and even wake you up if your mattress does not have enough motion transfer isolation.


Memory foam was specifically designed by NASA to absorb shock in aircraft seat cushions upon reentry into the atmosphere. So it’s no surprise motion transfer isolation is another area foam materials excel. Their dense structure absorbs motion and quickly dissipates it with minimal disturbance. When on a sturdy frame, the Leesa eliminates almost all motion transfer. The three layers of foam inside promote comfort with minimal disturbance from motion throughout the night, even if your partner gets in and out of bed at different times than you.


The mixture of high-quality shock absorbent foams and hyper-elastic polymer provide superior motion transfer isolation. The Smart Comfort Grid design allows for the individual cells to work independently of one another isolating motion, bending, and stretching as needed under the pressure of your body weight. This eliminates nearly all motion transfer across the bed.

Head To Head

Both the Leesa and the Purple provide superior motion transfer isolation in their mattresses. Neither choice is a clear winner in this category.

Level Of Support, Firmness, and Bounce

The level of support you need from a mattress often depends on what position you sleep in, which we will discuss more in depth later in the article. However, if you sleep on your stomach or back you may sleep best with a firmer feeling mattress that helps keep your hips in proper alignment with your spine. The support level you choose also depends on your own personal preference regarding the feel of the bed overall, and your body weight. If you are a heavier person, you will want to choose a mattress that offers more support and a medium to firm feel. Try not to overthink it though. Ultimately it all just comes down to what feels best to you.


The Leesa mattress ranks a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. It provides medium to firm support while still providing a sensation of softness to your body when you lay down. A 6” layer of Dense Core Foam serves as the base material in the Leesa mattress to provide superior support. Their site boasts that it is suitable for people of all body types.

The dense foam does not allow for a lot of bounce. The top layer of LSA200 foam does provide more bounce than a traditional memory foam, but the bed should not be considered bouncy compared to a traditional innerspring mattress or some hybrid mattresses.


The Purple ranks a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the forest. It provides medium-firm support without feeling too hard when you apply pressure. The 4” layer of medium firm support foam serves as the base of the bed to provide superior support that is suitable for all body types.

Unlike the Leesa, the Purple does offer some bounce. Again, this is attributed to their Smart Comfort Grid’s design which bounces back much quicker than foam.

Head To Head

The Purple mattress wins again in this category for offering innovative bounce allowance and more support overall. However, if you prefer a slightly softer feel, you may view Leesa as the winner in this category.

Targeted Pressure Point Relief and Contouring Sensation

Purple Bed contouring
Purple mattress body contouring

Targeted pressure point relief and contouring promote healthy spinal alignment and a restful night’s sleep. Pressure point relief should be high on your list of mattress priorities if you sleep on your side. When you sleep on your side a lot of pressure is put on your hip and shoulder which can lead to pain and soreness in the morning. However, with a softer mattress, or more importantly with a mattress that excels in pressure point relief, you can avoid any discomfort caused by sleeping on your side. This also important for heavier people to ensure proper weight distribution across the entire mattress. People also benefit from superior pressure point relief when they have sore or strained muscles.


The center layer in the Leesa mattress is labeled the recovery layer and it is made from 2” of memory foam. As mentioned before, NASA invented memory foam with things like pressure point relief in mind so it could absorb shock in aircraft cushions. This is promoted by the superior contouring qualities of memory foam which allow it to support your body in the exact places its needs. The top layer of LSA200 foam is also designed to add to the hug of the contouring sensation. The Leesa rates high in this category.


Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid is specifically designed to adapt to your pressure points exactly where you need it most. Relieving pressure on your body is one of the main attributes promoted by the brand. The scientifically procured structure allows you to drop weights on top of an egg without breaking it, as seen in a video on their site. While the Purple does contour to your body’s shape, it does not offer the same level of contouring as a foam mattress does.

Head To Head

The Purple wins this round if you are considering motion transfer isolation. The Leesa wins if you are considering the sensation of conformability.

Edge Support

Leesa edge support and zippered cover

Proper edge support on a mattress allows you to maximize the usable surface area. It makes it possible for you to sit or lie on the edge of the bed without sliding off. For couples, proper edge support can be really important, especially if one or both of them sleep on their stomach or back and need extra space as a result. It gives you and your partner more space to be spread out and be comfortable while you sleep without the fear of compressing the edge too much. Without enough edge support, your bed can feel smaller than it actually is.


Compared to innerspring mattresses, foam mattresses are known for having poor edge support. The Leesa mattress has relatively good edge support. You are able to sit and lie near the edge without too much compression, but visible compression occurs. No extra precaution is taken in this area except for the use of high-quality supportive foam layers which exists throughout.

Leesa’s newer model, Sapira, is a hybrid foam and innerspring mattress and it offers better edge support than the Leesa. It may be worth investigating if you rank edge support high on your list of mattress needs.


The Purple has fairly good edge support. As mentioned above, the foam materials offer some support around the edge but it is not exceptional. The Smart Comfort Grid does not offer a lot of edge support either. You are able to sit and lie near the edge without so much compression that it is uncomfortable.

No extra precaution is taken for edge support in the Original Purple however, the New Purple does have an added ring of support that makes it excel in this area.

Head To Head

Neither of these beds is known for excelling in the edge support arena. However, they do a good job compared to other foam mattresses. There is no clear winner for this category either.

Temperature Regulation and Breathability

Grey Leesa breathable cover
Leesa breathable cover

With the increase in alternative materials like foam used in the construction of mattresses, temperature regulation has become a concern for consumers. Some foams and other dense materials retain heat which can make you uncomfortable while you sleep. To prevent overheating in bed it is important to have a mattress that promotes airflow and breathability. This should rank high on your list of things to consider when buying a new mattress if you are overweight, or sleep on your stomach or back causing more of your body to emit heat into the bed.


The top layer of the Leesa mattress is 2 inches of LSA200 Foam which is specifically designed to help you sleep cool. Paired with the polyester blend cover, the Leesa mattress allows ample airflow and maximum breathability throughout the bed all night long. Compared to other memory foam mattresses the Leesa does a great job regulating temperature so you don’t overheat while you sleep.


I’m sure this is beginning to sound familiar but, the Smart Comfort Grid also great at temperature regulation. It allows breathability and maximum airflow to the foam layers below which also contribute to the overall effect. The Smart Comfort Grid is temperature neutral, unlike foam, and it stays neutral all night long so you don’t have to worry about overheating on this mattress.

Head To Head

Purple’s innovative design causes it to win again. While the Leesa also does a great job of regulating temperature, when it comes to Purple mattress vs Leesa, the Purple manages to stay a bit cooler by comparison.

Recommended Sleep Position

Purple Bed sleeping position recommendations
Purple sleeping positions

For many people, choosing which mattress is right for them can largely be determined by what position they sleep in. If you sleep on your side you probably prefer a softer mattress, as mentioned before. If you sleep on your stomach or back you most likely prefer a firmer mattress that provides enough support to align your spine without allowing your hips to dip into the end.


This mattress is designed to provide you with superior comfort in any sleep position. Its mixture of support and contour allows you to sleep on your side without experiencing any pain in your hip or shoulder. It also provides enough support to make sleeping on your stomach or back comfortable. The Leesa is versatile when it comes to accommodating a variety of sleep preferences.


The Purple is specifically designed to accommodate you in any sleep position. It provides ample support for stomach and back sleepers while also providing enough pressure point relief to be comfortable for side sleepers. While this is their intent, some people find the Purple is too firm for them if they sleep on their side. This is usually only the case for people who generally prefer a softer bed overall.

Head To Head

The Leesa wins in this category. While both beds are versatile enough to be comfortable for people in all positions, the fact that some find the Purple to be too firm when on their side makes Leesa the winner here.

Adjustable Frame

Purple PowerBase
The Purple PowerBase

Many people find the option of using an adjustable bed frame is an added benefit. It enables you to change the position of the mattress so you can be more comfortable while you sit up in bed. For some, elevating the head slightly can even help reduce snoring and sleep apnea. Both the Leesa and the Purple mattress can be accommodated by most adjustable bed frames. However, each company also makes their own adjustable bed frame available at an additional cost.


Leesa’s adjustable bed frame is comprised of simple, sturdy black legs and a base made of 3 panels which are bendable in multiple places. It offers a wide range of possible configurations to provide a customized sleep experience. It adjusts manually and ranges from $875 to $1045 depending on the size.

Shop The Leesa Adjustable Base


The Purple PowerBase is quite different from Leesa’s adjustable base. Purple’s option is electronic and can easily be adjusted using an app on your phone that has 1,549,212 programmed positions. It offers rolling massagers to help relieve stress and tension and it even built-in USB and power outlets so you can stay plugged-in while in bed. It ranges from $1399 to $2798 in price.

Shop The Purple PowerBase

Head To Head

Purple wins in this category! It offers significantly more amenities and does not require manual adjusting. However, if you do not want the extra comforts and are more focused on price, you may still choose the Leesa base.

Flame Retardant

There is no need for competition in this area of specifications. Both Leesa and Purple mattresses are flame retardant ensuring they do not contribute to a possible emergency fire situation.


The Leesa mattress is encased in flame-retardant cover comprised of a proprietary blend of polyesters. It does not require additional chemical treatment because the material is inherently fire retardant.


The Purple mattress uses fire-resistant knit fabric instead of harmful chemicals to ensure it meets safety requirements. A layer of clay smothers the fire in case of an emergency.

Shipping Costs

Purple Bed delivery to your door

Lucky for you, both Leesa and Purple offer free shipping and returns within the United States of America. The mattresses arrive compressed and are easily unboxed and ready to use within a short period of time.


For an additional $100 Leesa will have a team of two deliver your new mattress, bring it to the room of your choice, and set it up along with the frame. For another $50 they will remove your old mattress and box spring as an additional courtesy.


Purple does not offer a service to set up your new bed or haul away your old mattress.

Head To Head

Purple and Leesa rank equally in this category because they both offer free delivery. However, if you view the additional white glove delivery as a benefit you will utilize, the Leesa wins.

Available Sizes and Pricing

Pile of mattresses in different sizes

Size and affordability can play a large role in your final decision. The mattress you choose needs to be size appropriate and fit within your budget. Both of these companies offer financing options through a third party which allows you to make monthly payments. For some, this may be a great option. It should also be noted that both brands offer promotional discounts frequently and it is not uncommon to get as much as $150 off per mattress.

  • Twin: $525
  • Twin XL: $695
  • Full: $855
  • Queen: $995
  • King: $1,195
  • California King: $1,195


Check Latest Price →

  • Twin XL: $699
  • Full: $899
  • Queen: $999
  • King: $1299
  • California King: $1299


Check Latest Price →

Head To Head

While the Twin XL, Full and Queen size mattresses have a negligible price difference between the two brands, the larger Purple mattresses cost a bit more. If you want a King or California King mattress the Leesa is more affordable, causing it to win in this category. The Leesa also wins here because it is available in a Twin, which the Purple is not.


This may or may not make a big difference in your decision-making process. Some people with small kids, small pets, or limited mobility may prefer a thinner bed because it allows them easier access. However, for most, choosing a low profile frame is sufficient to suit their needs.

  • Leesa: 10”
  • Purple: 5”

Head to head

There is no winner in this category unless you think the half-inch difference would facilitate a big change in ease of access, and for some, this might be the case.

Manufacturer Information

Many people prefer a mattress manufactured within the USA because of our reputation for producing quality products. Ordering close to home also decreases your carbon footprint which is considered a perk for environmentally conscious consumers.

There is no competition here because both Leesa and Purple mattresses are designed and manufactured within the USA with CertiPUR-US certified materials.

Warranty and In-Home Trial Length

A vacuum sealed Leesa at home under trial

Both the warranty and in-home trial length are a reflection of a companies confidence in their product and its durability. They also alert you to the approximate lifespan of the product, which should be factored in when considering affordability.

There is no need for competition in this category because both the Leesa and the Purple mattress offer a 100 night in home-trial with a 10-year limited warranty.

For anyone who is hesitant to buy without trying first, regardless of the in-home trial period, you can try out the Leesa bed first at approximately 100 West Elm locations.


In review, the Leesa excels in contouring, sleep position accommodation, size and affordability, durability, superior support, and motion transfer isolation. It is not so strong in the areas of edge support, or bounce.

We recommend the Leesa over the Purple if you prefer more of a sinking in sensation that contours your body, or a softer feel to your mattress overall.

Although both the Leesa and the Purple mattress rank evenly in several categories, our winner overall in the Leesa vs Purple comparison is the Purple mattress!

The Original Purple mattress excels in pressure point relief, bounce, innovative construction, durability, motion transfer isolation, superior support, accommodating heavier people, and temperature regulation. The only things it is not so strong at are edge support and providing a sinking in sensation when you lie down.

Hopefully, this comparison article will help you make the best decision for you and your specific needs. Enjoy your new bed, no matter what you decide!

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If you’re still undecided, we have a Leesa vs Tuft and Needle review which may be of interest to you.

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