If you’ve ever owned a mattress topper, then you’ve probably suffered the annoyance of trying to keep it in place. You might have also been disappointed at how fast it started looking shabby and worn out.

While it’s always difficult to keep mattress toppers from moving around, there are some ways in which you can prevent this from happening.

Our Top Tips

Below we’ll discuss some of the easiest and cheapest solutions that can help keep a mattress topper in place.

Use fitted sheets

Using a tightly fitted sheet to cover both mattress and topper is one of the easiest methods of stopping the dreaded mattress topper slide. The difference between a flat sheet and fitted sheets in this scenario is that a tight fitted sheet will hug and hook under the mattress topper and mattress, which will prevent movement. Flat sheets will simply hang over the edges and not provide enough grip around the corners.

Use a mattress cover

Like fitted sheets, a cover can be placed over the mattress and topper, securely holding them both in place. This is possible if your topper is relatively thin or if the cover is fairly big. Using a fitted sheet and cover combination will give excellent results.

mattress straps

Keep things flat

If you want to keep your mattress topper in place, it’s important that it’s flat. If your mattress topper is wrinkled or bunched up, you will notice that it tends to move more often than when it lays smooth on the bed.

One of the reasons this happens is that a mattress can absorb heat. When you sit on your bed, especially if you’re a little heavy, the mattress will push outward and cause the mattress and topper to move. Since you have no choice but to sleep on a bunched up area at night, it will be prone to sliding around.

Use sheet straps/sheet suspenders

When you’re trying to keep your mattress topper in place, it’s important that you make sure that the corners of your mattress are anchored in. This can be accomplished using a fitted sheet and mattress covers, but sometimes it isn’t enough. If so, you can use sheet straps (also known as sheet suspenders) to further reinforce and maximize the area of cover underneath the mattress in each corner.

Use safety pins

Another cheap and effective solution is to use safety pins to keep the mattress and topper pinned together. Only use large safety pins and around the edges.

A common misunderstanding is that safety pins shred a mattress/topper when pinning them together. This isn’t the case if the pins are large and spaced evenly at around 1 foot apart.

Use carpet tape

Carpet tape is very strong and bonds to fabric exceptionally well. Most people will probably have regular duct tape in their home, but it doesn’t compare to the double-sided tape made for carpets. Simply peel both sides of the tape back and place it generously between the mattress and topper for best results.

Avoid buying a thin mattress topper

When you use a thin mattress topper, it will be lightweight and slide around under you when you lie down. This can also be very annoying because a thin mattress topper can make your bed feel bumpy and uncomfortable. Instead, we recommend that you get one as thick as possible within your budget.

Be careful with microfiber

While microfiber mattress toppers are very soft and comfortable for you, they aren’t a good choice for staying in place. This can be attributed to the fact that it isn’t very thick and doesn’t come in multiple layers.

Also, if you were to use a microfiber mattress topper, there wouldn’t be much weight on it, so it will slide around more easily than other materials.

If you want something that feels soft against your skin, we suggest that you get a cotton or wool mattress topper instead.

Make sure that your mattress is in good condition

Another reason why mattress toppers slide around more often than you’d like them to is because of an old mattress. If you have a sagging or worn-out mattress, then you’re just asking for trouble if you try to use a mattress topper on top of it.

For example, if the springs are too soft and mushy, they won’t be able to support the weight of your body. Keeping both the mattress and the topper flat will be very difficult. If the mattress is too old, you should probably consider replacing it.

Use velcro strips

Velcro strips are also an excellent way to keep mattress toppers from sliding around. Simply peel and attach the velcro tape to the underside of your topper for a good connection which can be easily removed without leaving any permanent damage to mattresses or toppers.

velcro strips for mattress topper

Make use of pre-installed features

Many mattress toppers feature velcro on the underside as an option when choosing to buy. This makes it very easy for you to attach the topper to your mattress and then remove it at will. If you have one of these, you can just pull the velcro side up on top of your mattress and make sure that it’s fastened evenly. This will prevent your topper from shifting around.

Additionally, some come with built-in straps that can loop around the mattress corners, which is a very effective solution. These are basically straps that you can wrap around the corners of your mattress, bed frame or box spring where the topper is attached.

Consider using rubber matting

Rubber non-skid mats are great for several reasons. Firstly, they’re superb for preventing sliding of mattress toppers as they create enough friction to keep everything in place. A non-skid mat can also provide comfort when sleeping on soft mattresses, as they can harden the bed’s firmness. Also, they can be used almost anywhere and at any time around the home or wherever your mattress toppers follow, since they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to transport with you.

Non-skid mats are usually made of rubber material and are generally relatively small, square or rectangular-shaped, so you might want to use a few of these when using a big bed.

Try a non-slip mat

Non-slip mats are great for stopping rugs and floor covers from sliding around. In the same way, (and like rubber mats), non-slip mats are a great way to keep mattress toppers from sliding.

Avoid mattress pads

While latex and memory foam mattress toppers are great for cushioning and supporting contours of your body, some people prefer using mattress pads instead. For example, those who prefer something more plush and cloud-like than a foam topper are most likely to use a mattress pad.

However, as they are generally fluffy and lightweight, it would be difficult to keep flat and prevent sliding.

Also, if you’re planning on sleeping over a wooden or hard surface, then using this type of soft mattress pad is not recommended.

Place a rubber sheet on the mattress

Rubber sheets are generally used for protecting the mattress from bed-wetting. They’re placed on top of a mattress under the bed sheet when you don’t have a mattress topper. This extra layer is great for providing comfort when sleeping and is also good for protecting the mattress from getting wet or dirty.

If you’re struggling to keep your topper in place, like with the non-skid mat, try placing a rubber incontinence sheet between the mattress and topper. It will help keep it from sliding around and also wearing out too quickly.

Use a piece of furniture for support

Keeping mattress toppers in place with furniture is easy. For instance, if you have a dresser or an armoire in the room, simply place this piece of furniture up against the bed on either side to prevent the mattress and topper from sliding around.

Use extra pillows

If you have extra pillows around the house, consider using them as an anchor. This can actually help keep a mattress topper in place as the added weight prevents mattress toppers from sliding around.

The Final Word

These tips should give you all of the information you need to prevent your mattress topper from sliding around your bed and falling off. While some of these tips are a bit costly and inconvenient, they’re all very effective and proven to work in many scenarios. But for best results, try a combination of some of the above.

Also, if you’re planning on getting a new topper, then take your time and do your research before making a decision. Addressing this problem will ensure that your mattress topper lasts as long as possible. Feel free to check our selection of the best mattress toppers for 2022.

I hope you enjoyed my post, and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments, questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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