A memory foam mattress topperMost people are probably sleeping on the same old mattress for many years, even when it’s becoming uncomfortable, saggy or worn. Not everyone has the knowledge and confidence to just go out and spend a large sum for a new mattress, yet many people have complaints with their current one which may be causing joint or severe back pain due to lack of correct support. Other people may want to experiment with innerspring or latex but without the added cost involved in paying for a full size edition. Whatever your situation, you may want to try out something called a topper.

Top 10 Comparison Table

Note: We have detected you are from the UK, these are our recommendations:
Note: We have detected you are from Canada, these are our recommendations:

#Brand & ModelMaterialTypeThicknessCover?Our RatingPrice
1Memory Foam Solutions AllSleepVisco FoamTopper3"No
2Lucid Gel TopperGel FoamTopper2.5"Yes
3ExceptionalSheets Extra PlushCluster FiberPad2"Yes
4Ultimate Dreams TalalayBlended LatexTopper3"Yes
5Ultimate Sleep ErgoSoft100% Natural LatexTopper2"No
6Sleep On Latex Pure Green100% Natural LatexTopper2"No
7Milliard 2" Gel TopperGel FoamTopper2"Yes
8Zinus Sleep MasterGel FoamTopper4"No
9Nature's Sleep Cool IQVisco FoamTopper2.5"Yes
10iSoCore 3.0Visco FoamPad3"No
Brand & ModelThicknessTypeMattress Sizes (UK)Our RatingPrice
Bodymould Mattresses4"Memory FoamAll Sizes
ExceptionalSheets Extra Plush1"Cluster FibreAll Sizes
Silentnight Impress1"Memory FoamSingle, Double, King
Yanis Latex Plus3"LatexAll Sizes
Soak&Sleep Ultimate7cmMicrofibre & SilkAll Sizes
Bodymould Mattresses2"Memory FoamAll Sizes
Southern Foam3"Memory FoamKing Size
Visco 50003"Memory FoamDouble
Southern Foam3"Memory FoamSingle
Brand & ModelMaterialThicknessCover?Our RatingPrice
LucidMemory Foam2"No
ExceptionalSheets Extra PlushCluster Fiber1"Yes
Sleep Innovations SureTempMemory Foam2"No
Grand Down All SeasonMicrofiber2"Yes
LucidGel Foam2"No
Malouf IsolusGel Foam2.5"Yes
Memory Foam SolutionsMemory Foam3"No
Sleep Innovations SculptedMemory Foam3"No
Classic BrandsLatex2"Yes

What Are Mattress Toppers?

Also known as a mattress pad, it is literally a thinner version of a traditional full mattress.  They are lesser in height but often made of the same types of material as found in a thicker full size such as a latex or foam based model. They are most commonly one consistent layer between 1” and 5” thick which you place directly ontop of your existing surface, and then place your bedding over this new top layer. As you can see in the picture above, the thick white base is in fact the original mattress, the blue layer is the pad, and the white cover is the bedding, although you can actually get a separate cover for the pad itself if you want one.

A mattress pad is slightly different to the conventional toppers mentioned above but essentially serve the same purpose. A pad you could say resembles a very thick duvet but is placed under the bedding. They are available in all the standard sizes and usually stuffed with materials such as polyester or cluster fiber, making them soft and plush rather than firm or supportive. A mattress pad is a cheaper alternative to the aforementioned toppers due to the materials they consist of and the reduced longevity in comparison, however they are still great for a good nights sleep if you’re on a tight budget.

Do I Need a Topper / Pad?

The first thing to remember is that these are an extension to your existing sleep surface in the form of an additional layer. When it comes to buying pads and toppers, there are clearly two types of consumer.  A minority of consumers may for whatever reason prefer a thick traditional mattress consisting of one wholesome unit, which is fine, but obviously you’ll have to pay more money for such an item and lose out on many of the pros listed above. On the other hand, satisfaction surveys show that in general most consumers will happily place the extra layer on top and be content for years to come. Whatever your scenario or preference its good to note that they can certainly help in various situations and save a considerable amount of hassle and money by opting down this route as opposed to buying a mattress.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you go ahead and buy. The most common would be: Is your current surface uncomfortably too firm or too soft? Is it worn or uncomfortable, noisy or sagging? Do you suffer from back pain in the morning? Are you on a tight budget?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then maybe you should purchase a topper. It can certainly be the answer to all of the above in one simple cheap transaction. For unbiased recommendations read our mattress topper reviews and buying guide below to help make the best choice.

Buying Guide

We aim to offer you sound advice on the most popular and satisfactory pads on the market in 2017; we update our mattress reviews regularly when new models are released, so that means you’ll always read reviews of the most current and best mattress topper available. Below we discuss what to look out for, and how to end up a satisfied customer without breaking the bank:

Choice Of Material

The best thing about mattress toppers is that they’re available in different materials such as latex or memory foam. A latex topper tends to be more expensive, but are very durable, and often come in all-natural latex which means they are hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. They also provide a great level of support due to their springy nature which means it pushes back into your body contours to provide utmost support and spinal alignment. Memory foam mattress toppers tend to be the most popular; they provide more than adequate support and longevity at a a cheaper price than latex topper. They are also available in different types of foam like their full sized bigger brother eg. cool gel foam and traditional visco foam. Both are highly rated in terms of end user satisfaction; they offer similar levels of spinal support, comfort and motion isolation. A foam mattress pad has its perks but not quite as good as a the aforementioned. Which one you opt for though depends on your needs and budget.

Overall Thickness

One of the most important factors to take into consideration before you buy is the thickness level. As they range anything between 1-6 inches, as you can imagine the differing levels of thickness will have a direct effect on things such as comfort, longevity and of course price. As a general rule, the thinner options are less comfy, less durable and less expensive. For satisfaction and value for money we recommend a thickness of anything around 2-3 inches.

Included Covers

Some toppers are sold with an included cover whereas others are available for purchase from the same supplier but sold separately. A cover isn’t generally required because your normal everyday bedding should be suffice to place directly over the surface. The benefit of having a cover is that usually they are made of 100% cotton or natural plant bamboo fabric, quilted into nice patterns and are relatively cheap way of combining your topper using one cover. One the other hand, mattress pads do not need covers because they are filled and wrapped in their own cover i.e the sewn external fabric acts as the cover.

Mattress Topper Reviews

Memory Foam Solutions – AllSleep

Their latest addition is a top quality 3″ memory foam mattress topper, which is a great amount of thickness for the small amount of money you pay. The supportive 4 lbs viscoelastic foam conforms to your body perfectly and instantly makes any mattress more restful, comfortable and supportive especially in sagging areas. Currently a best seller across many online retailers, the owner verified reviews rate this product 5 out of 5, and we certainly agree; it does a great job reducing pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep better and wake up refreshed or back pain free. In all, this is a highly recommended product and probably the best memory foam mattress topper available at the moment in our opinion.

Lucid – Gel Pad

The 2.5 inch thick cooling gel mattress topper is a great addition to the market at the right price too. Gel is relatively new in terms of sleeping technology but that’s not to say it’s no good, infact it captures and distributes heat so there is minimal unnatural rise in body temperature, which is a common flaw in viscoelastic foams. This one is also ventilated to increase air flow and comes with a super-soft, removable bamboo cover which is an added bonus. We like this one for many reasons and feel it’s well worth the money.

ExceptionalSheets – Extra Plush

If latex or foam isn’t your thing then you should certainly try what we consider the best mattress pad on sale at the moment. Their Extra Plush Rayon From Bamboo model is a great option for adding an extra layer of silky luxurious softness to your current sleep surface. The top-quilted natural bamboo fabric cover houses the hypoallergenic, plush, synthetic cluster fiber. Readily available in mattress sizes ranging from Twin to California King and even Olympic Queen, this pad is an overall recommended purchase from a trusted USA based company who also promise a 100% no quibbles money back guarantee.

DreamFoam Bedding – Ultimate Dreams Talalay

The 3″ blended talalay latex mattress topper is proving to be an extremely popular sleep surface for those with a little extra cash. It’s not exactly cheap, but for a fraction of the price of its wholesome peers, you get 3 inches of firm, supportive, ventilated, hypoallergenic mattress wrapped in an attractive natural bamboo cover. Though it’s not 100% natural latex like the other two mattress topper reviews below on this page, this one really does have a luxurious feel but without being too firm or too soft. What’s more is that it’s available in the rare Short Queen size unlike others. Our findings were as expected from this one; given the trusted name we kind of knew what to expect, so another thumbs up to the team who seem to be producing top rated products on a regular basis.

Ultimate Sleep – ErgoSoft

This natural latex mattress topper is made from 100% organic latex and comes in almost all sizes such as Full, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and even California King. Although we have reviewed the 2″ version it is worth noting that it’s also available in 3″ and 4″ versions too. The springy layer of naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial latex provides a great level of orthopedic support due to its Comfort Zoned Hole Sizing. Possibly qualifying as the best mattress topper for back pain, for the money, compared to a full size latex mattress which could cost thousands of dollars, this cheaper option is a must buy for latex lovers.

Sleep On Latex – Pure Green

The Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% natural latex mattress topper gives great support for the pressure sensitive areas of the human structure, relieving the stress and fatigue of a hard day at work. A good night’s sleep is necessary for optimum concentration, better mood and productive work performance. With the best mattress topper often voted as being made of latex, complimenting a good mattress, that sleep is assured. As the name suggests, the Pure Green has no synthetic material in it. Available in all the common sizes, and ranging from 1″ thick to 3″ thick, there is also the option of soft, medium or firm. As expected, the latex is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and anti dust mite resistant.

Milliard – 2″ Gel

The Milliard 2″ thick gel mattress topper ensures that your sleep is less to do with tossing and turning through the night and more to do with actually having good sleep. The infused cooling gel memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic and has anti microbial properties, which is ideal for various allergies, asthma patients, and also those with arthritis and similar joint pain. It gives both orthopedic support for the pressure points of your backbone and thus has therapeutic properties as well. Perfect contouring of your neck, shoulder and joints means added support whilst you lay fast asleep, giving your body the best support for maximum stress relief. Unlike most of the other mattress topper reviews here, this one comes with an ultra soft washable removable cover for hygiene and added comforting purposes. Overall, this is one of those products that will make people wonder why anyone would buy a full size mattress, when they can revitalize their old one over and over with one of these.

Zinus – Sleep Master

Zinus Sleep MasterThe Sleep Master by Zinus is a gel mattress topper which is slightly different to the other reviews here because of its dual layer construction. It comes with 2″ of gel memory foam which ensures a beautiful cooling effect and a further 2″ of high density base support for extra durability and support when sleeping. The foam is CertiPUR US Certified so rest assured of a safe material which provides excellent performance. The gel is infused with a new substance known as Biofoam, which replaces the traditional use of petroleum byproducts with plant oils and natural green tea extracts along with natural active charcoal which has moisture absorbing properties. It also helps keep away bad odor and leaves one of Zinus’ best mattress toppers looking and feeling fresh for years.

Nature’s Sleep – Cool IQ

The 2.5″ thick traditional visco elastic memory foam mattress topper by Nature’s Sleep is an impressive addition to their portfolio. Designed from 3.5 lb of Cool IQ foam technology, the beauty here is that it contains large open foam cells which naturally assists air circulation reacting to the user and therefore allowing the topper to breathe more naturally. It also has naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties; something that is extremely important for people with asthma and other breathing related problems or allergies. Ready to rejuvenate any failing mattress effectively, this is a good choice for a decent price.

iSoCore 3.0

Another addition to our memory foam mattress topper reviews, this one goes by the name of the iSoCore 3.0 based on the next generation technology it is constructed of. Designed with a soft finish in mind, the plush sensation is relieving and comfortable, yet healthily supportive and durable. Made in the USA where it meets Consumer Product Safety Commission, and, Environmental Protection Agency standards, this is a company manufacturing a product you can rely on. With a three year limited warranty and at such an affordable price, this is not to be missed.


There are so many choices on the market nowadays that its hard to review each and every model, that’s why we chose to write about the top 10 best mattress toppers and pads to see what they had to offer.

In short, our favorite all rounder was the Allsleep. It was extremely comfortable and had the quality of a full size bigger brother, and obviously at a fraction of the price. The level of orthopedic support offered is second to none. It’s also one of the thickest, being a decent 3″ this is an optimal size which will last years and provide good pressure point relief without sagging down into your existing base.

Overall if you are after a cheap but effective alternative to paying hundreds of dollars for a traditional sized thicker model, you can certainly rely on the Allsleep, in our opinion the best memory foam mattress topper so far in 2017; it gets 5 out of 5 from us and is the number one choice for some years to come.