Mattress For SexA mattress should complement your most intimate moments and provide the best sleeping experience possible, whether you’re laying alone or sharing the bed. The right amount and quality of sleep can relieve stress and improve the mood for both of you. There is perhaps one thing upon which we can all agree; when it comes to those intimate sessions for sharing couples, it’s even more important to ensure you’re working with the best mattress for sex because the last thing anyone wants is to end up frustrated when really it’s time a to enjoy. With the abundance of brands, types and choices out there, it’s difficult to gauge exactly what characteristics to look out for, which mattress reviews to follow up, and which to ignore. In this brief article we will clear up some myths and make some recommendations of our own.

Top 5 Comparison

#Brand & ModelHeightTypeCoverOur RatingPrice
1Signature Sleep13"Pocket Coil & Memory FoamBamboo
2Olee Sleep13"Bonnell & Memory FoamPoly Jacquard Fabric
3Classic Brands Engage11″Pocket Coil & Gel Foam
4LinenSpa8″Pocket Coil & Gel FoamKnit Fabric
5Serta Perfect Sleeper12″Pocket Coil & Gel Foam

Mattress For Sex Buying Guide

The value of a mattress that enhances your love making experience can’t be overstated. In addition to relieving stress, having sex can also strengthen your immune system and reduce your risk of chronic disease. Bearing these factors in mind can make your purchase a more fulfilling experience because you’re buying something that will benefit you and your partner. Here are some characteristics you may want to tick on your checklist when narrowing down your choice when it comes to choosing the best mattress for couples:

Memory Foam, Latex, Or Spring?

Memory Foam

When considering your choice, think about how important support is for you and your partner. A traditional memory foam mattress will offer the most support due to the way it contours to your body. However, when it comes to having sex, if it’s too firm which they sometimes are, it may absorb too much energy and create less bounce i.e much of the momentum and tempo will be taken out and absorbed by the mattress instead of helping to build a rhythm. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and many partners like the sound of it, because it will create better traction thus leading to quicker orgasm with less effort. When considering comfort these are great all rounders; sleep and various sex positions can be enjoyed with a premium feel. For some people discretion is paramount. This is addressed here in the form of noise reduction, and yes, the memory foam mattress is excellent when it comes to low noise output whilst making love. Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular and consumers have very few complaints, so making love on these will not be disappointing whatsoever.


While it may seem unusual, latex mattresses garner a lot of consumer satisfaction with approval ratings second only to memory foam at 80%. Your next question probably is what makes a latex mattress good for sex? Well, first of all, latex is quite bouncy in nature (which is the opposite to memory foam) meaning there is bounce but without the potential of springs making noise or even poking through. Secondly, natural latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial meaning there is less chance of rolling around with bacteria and germs during your love making sessions. Noise output like with the aforementioned type is also extremely low, making this discreetly great for family homes, roommates, and built up areas. Above all and where these shine the most is when it comes to durability; latex is the most durable and long lasting material when it comes to mattresses, stretching the longevity even when used for regular love making.


One of the oldest and previously most common types is the innerspring mattress. These are generally good for making love due to being very bouncy thanks to the springy nature of the coils. This is good for building up momentum and rhythm as one can imagine. They can also be fun for moving around on, freely transferring motion and making changing positions easier. There are however some disadvantages to the innerspring when it comes to sex, which ultimately gives it a lower score for being the least durable. Firstly, they can be quite noisy which means least amount of discretion. The springs eventually begin to creak with regular bedroom activity, although pocket coils are less noisy than bonnell and other similar types of setup. Also, the springs can even begin to poke through or be felt through the topmost layers once the surface begins to wear thin; whether that be after 1 year or 5 years depends on how often you have sex and the quality of the mattress in the first place.

Other Things To Consider

Is It Comfortable?

The two most important factors to consider are support and comfort. In fact, comfort and support go hand in hand. While they may seem to be polar opposites, you’ll find that new mattress designs open up a wider range of choices that complement each other. Comfort, of course, is a relative term. Some people class comfort as a really soft and cushioned plush mattress, whereas others find something rather firm to be their preferred option. As you can imagine, both types of mattress will have differing sensations when having sex. Comfort is paramount and so is support both for a good night’s sleep and also for making love. Generally, product descriptions that emphasize support will give an indication of a firmer mattress. Likewise, a mattress with a coil component may lean toward the softer end of the scale. Finding the balance in between is the key; perhaps instead of choosing one over another, you can find a happy medium that satisfies both of these needs.

How Durable Is It?

When looking for the best mattress for couples, durability is one of the key things which spring to mind. Not only must it withstand the weight of two people, regular sex can cause premature mattress sagging and you’ll be changing it before you know. Therefore it is advisable to know the difference between materials and available options before you buy. In general order, the most durable are latex, then memory foam, innerspring and air mattresses being the least.

Is It Safe?

CertiPUR-US®If you are considering a memory foam mattress, you should opt for one that is CertiPUR-US certified for added quality assurance. The certification means that no harmful chemicals were used in the construction of your foam core material. You can rest assured that it contains no flame retardants, formaldehyde, or heavy metals. It also means that the mattress conforms to the program’s standards for durability and performance. The peace of mind of buying a quality product goes a long way when purchasing the best mattress for sex. Of the versions we review below, Leesa, Perfect Cloud, and Advanced Sleep Solutions are all part of the CertiPUR-US program.

How About Price?

Your budget will certainly rank high on your decision for the best mattress for sex. Generally, innerspring mattresses will be the most affordable with latex at the other end of the spectrum. But don’t let cost be the only factor. Price isn’t necessarily an indication of quality, it could be reflective of numerous factors such as the cost of materials used in its construction, marketing costs of the product, high competitiveness, plus other business related costs.

Which Positions Do You Prefer?

You should also consider what kind of sleeper both you and your partner are. If you are side sleepers, you’ll welcome the contouring feature of memory foam or latex mattresses that will relieve pressure points. They can also be a smart choice for stomach sleepers. Back sleepers, on the other hand, may find an innerspring mattress the best option. Although this is in the context of sleeping at night, the same applies when it’s time to have sex, purely because the sexual positions you’ll be performing are very similar to those of a sleeping nature, which both require comfort and support throughout.

How About Hygiene?

We all know that sometimes a little mess can seep through the bedding into the mattress. If you have a mattress protector that’s fine, simply wash it with your sheets. However, some people prefer not to have a protector and utilize the cover which came with the mattress itself. After all, many of the outer covers are made of premium materials and are often much friendlier than a protector. If this is the case, try to buy a mattress with a removable and washable cover. Not all covers are removable or washable. It goes without saying that washing the cover once in a while with your sheets is much more hygienic than not being able to and sleeping with a stained mattress.

Top 5 Picks: The Best Mattress For Sex Reviewed

All of our choices for the best mattress for sex are either memory foam or latex. We ranked comfort, bounce and durability high on our list of features that make the entire experience that much more pleasant.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa MattressMade of Avena and memory foam, the Leesa Mattress stands unique among any product we reviewed for its One-Ten Program in which the company will donate one bed to the needy for every ten that they sell. Avena is said to be more durable and bouncier than latex, which is great for repeated nights of passionate sex. While the Leesa doesn’t have a coil component for bounce, it includes a perforated foam layer that replicates the bounce of an innerspring without the noise and uncomfortable coils eventually poking through. The choice of using memory foam in mattresses for sex is good because it allows for discretion and is pretty much noise-free, plus the 3 combined layers are strong enough to withstand heavy weights repeatedly. A nice bonus is that it is 100% USA manufactured, and comes with a 100 night free trial which can make the purchase feel safer for some.

Perfect Cloud 8 Inch Memory Air Foam

Perfect Cloud SupremeThe Perfect Cloud 8 Inch is made with 2 layers of memory foam; the first being a 2.5″ comfort layer whilst the underneath is a 5.5″ high density base foam support. As the company describes it, the mattress is “just right” a la’ Goldilocks and good as any great hotel bed, and has several features that help deliver on this promise of comfort. Of all the mattresses we reviewed, the Perfect Cloud came in as the least expensive which the company attributes to its cost-cutting and supply chain efficiency. It has an all important removable and washable cover which is always a nice feature and adds to positive hygiene and maintenance, especially for those performing regularly in bed. It comes with a 25-year warranty which is much longer than most other products and exceeds the average 7 years that a person is likely to own. Also, it comes with a 30 day free trial period for a worry free purchase.

Pure Green Natural Latex

Pure Green Natural LatexThe Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is one of two reviews here composed of latex and could easily be rated the best mattress for sex 2017 award. As mentioned earlier, latex is a good choice when it comes to providing long term durability, comfort, support and bounce whilst making love. The 2 layers of latex have varying firmness levels; the bottom 6″ being relatively firm provide a rigid base, whilst the 2″ top layer is much softer which adds to the comfort and enjoy-ability. The company bills this product as 100% natural latex in the literal sense of the word with no poly foam or synthetic latex. They also state that it’s great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers which is good news for those who enjoy these sex positions. The hypoallergenic organic cotton cover and New Zealand wool makes this a very comfortable surface to lay. This particular model comes with a 10 year warranty and is hand sewn and assembled in its Chicago based factory for those preferring to buy USA made products. Considering there is no memory foam in this product, there is no need for CertiPUR-US however it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL which adds reassurance to the overall quality.

CushyBeds 4 Layer Latex & Memory Foam Hybrid

CushyBeds 4 LayerThe CushyBeds 4 Layer hybrid mattress with its premium layers of foam and latex ensure a restful sleep after a night filled with activity. Unlike some other mattresses for sex we have reviewed in the past, this one has a removable and washable cover which is a definite selling point. Consisting of a 4 layer construction, the 1″ Graphite infused Talalay latex top layer rests above 1″ of gel memory foam. This combination provides comfort, bounce, support and allows for discretion being a low noise producer, and means no matter how much sex you have the durability of latex will withstand whilst the properties of gel will keep your bodies cool. There are 2 furthermore layers beneath which are a 1″ of standard visco elastic memory foam and then finally the 7″ high density base, which all combine to make a durable and comfortable product for any sexual activities. Being 100% made in the USA and shipped boxed and rolled for convenience is another added bonus.

Advanced Sleep Solutions Pearl Gel Memory Foam

Advanced Sleep Solutions Pearl GelThe 10″ thick Advanced Sleep Solutions Pearl consists of three carefully blended layers. Firstly there is the 1″ advanced pearl gel memory foam which adds a cooling sensation during sex keeping you and your partner ventilated and temperature regulated for up to 65% longer. Secondly the 2″ visco elastic foam underneath helps reinforce optimal support and even weight distribution which is key when changing positions during sex or increasing tempo. Lastly the 7″ advacned support foam adds stability to the overall structure and firmness making it feel durable enough to withstand regular and passionate love making. Being CertiPUR-US® certified, made in the USA, and with a 20 year limited warranty are also positive factors on top of the fact it is shipped boxed and vacuum rolled right to your door.


Our pick for the best mattress for sex is the Leesa Mattress. While all the variants we reviewed have an outstanding platform of features, we were moved by the social responsibility of Leesa to give back to the community. That fact alone has to make you feel good when sharing a loving moment with your partner. We also like the innovation of a product that has the springiness of a traditional bed without the coils of an innerspring and the cost of a latex mattress. We were also swayed by the fact that memory foam mattresses last longer than innerspring, making it more a value in the long run.

To wrap up, the best mattress for couples should strike the right balance between support, bounce, longevity, and discretion, not forgetting that comfort reigns supreme to enrich the entire experience. After all, a comfortable bed that enhances the sexual experience and ensures a good night’s sleep is the best way to end the day.