If you’re at all confused about the different types of mattresses available you’ve come to the right place. If you’re in the market for a new one, there’s a lot to learn. It’s an expensive purchase of a product that can potentially last up to ten years. There’s so much choice out there it can be quite daunting at times; weighing all the options like different brands such as Sealy or Simmons, decisions such as latex vs spring, or innovations such as gel foam or plant. Our mattress reviews and buying guide aims is to educate you thoroughly, inform the differences, discuss which is best for the money and why..

Memory Foam

Memory FoamMemory foam mattresses are the highest rated, most prestigious and sought after type on the market. People who enjoy a cozy comfortable nights sleep will certainly be satisfied with one of these. Utilizing technology developed by NASA, the surface molds to your body shape and contours providing superior support and comfort. We evaluate the three different types and review each one; be sure to read here for help deciding on the best memory foam mattress for your needs. Read more.


LatexThe latex mattress ratings place it second spot for overall owner satisfaction. Some can either offer amazing levels of plush comfort, whilst others are designed for orthopedic levels of pain relief and back support. Also, the wide range of manufacturers and technology involved means a price bracket for everyone. There are however far more factors and options to consider when choosing a latex vs others, so its essential to do your research before making a purchase. Read more.


InnerspringThe innerspring has been around for decades and remains one of the most popular of all types. The simplistic design and huge variety of brands mean they are widely available and very affordable, making the spring mattress a great option for people on a budget or those who aren’t too fussy about comfort or longevity. That said, these are still well worth the money, so if you fancy making the right choice, check here and see what you think. Read more.

Air Mattresses

Air BedAlso known as an air bed, this is an inflatable mattress which is available in most conventional sizes (twin upto king). Whether you’re after a portable twin air mattress for camping trips, or a queen size for permanent in-home use, there is something for everyone. Due to their owner satisfaction there is an abundance of popular brands and options to choose from such as Intex and Coleman. Our mattress reviews and ratings will hopefully help you find the best air mattress to suit your every need. Read more.

Crib Mattresses

Crib MattressYou may not realize the importance of choosing the right option for your baby. Considering baby may sleep up to 16 hours per day it’s imperative that the surface baby sleeps on provides the best support, safety and allergy-free environment throughout. There are three different types to choose from which are foam, organic and innerspring; each one has unique characteristics and price ranges vary greatly. Before you make that all important investment, make sure you read some of our reviews of the best crib mattress available. Read more.

Mattress For Back Pain

Mattresses for Back PainBack pain can either be aggravated or eliminated depending on the bed you sleep on; experts estimate that over 80% of all people will experience it once in their lives. Most people don’t realize how much of an affect a bad surface has on your health. We aim to provide you with information and reviews of the best mattress for back pain which offers effective relief for the upper, middle and lower back. Read more.

Mattress Toppers

TopperAdding a mattress topper is a great way of revitalizing and getting the utmost potential out of your existing sleep surface, especially if you’re on a budget. They are without doubt an extremely popular and cheap alternative to buying a full size mattress and perform just as good in most cases. Although it’s as simple as adding an extra layer under your bedding, there are still a few things you should know about before you make the investment. Read more


BedsWith so much choice between brands and models, it’s almost overwhelming when it comes to making the right choice on which to buy. Not only are there different types of beds, there are various factors that differentiate them which are worth considering before parting with your hard earned money. However, whether you’re in the market for a new baby crib or perhaps a top of the range adjustable bed, our reviews and informational guides will hopefully help you make the right decision. Read more.


PillowsPillows are one of those bedroom items which many people forget about when it comes to maintaining healthy posture during slumber. A good pillow not only encourages optimal spinal alignment, it can alleviate various aches and pains in the body. However, there is more availability and choice in pillows than any other bedroom product which makes finding the best quite a task. Whether you’re after a travel neck pillow or one to help through pregnancy, check our reviews and top picks of 2016. Read more.

Mattress Buying Guide

Anyone interested in buying a new mattress will know how difficult it can be to make the right choice and may even be feeling pressure to make the perfect choice. Considering many of the mattresses for sale whether in a showroom or online can easily be an expensive purchase, it’s important that your purchase is a wise one and really should be viewed as an investment rather than a product. In this section below we will discuss many of the things to consider when it comes to choosing the best mattress, not just to address financial value, but to ensure you’re sleeping on something you’ll cherish for years to come.

The Type

First and foremost, you will need to factor in what preference you have towards choosing which is the best mattress for you or the persons who will be using it. Not everyone likes the padded and sinking sensation felt in a memory foam, or perhaps the springiness of a latex, or the bounce of an innerspring. The properties, pros and cons have all been covered in the relevant buying guides and mattress reviews listed above, but in this section we will touch on the different types in brief:

Memory Foam

  • By far the most common and popular choice for sale today, these are relatively inexpensive and satisfying from a consumers point of view.
  • Overall they are best rated mattress for those who suffer from varying types of joint or back pain due to the unique way the foam contours to body and spine, thus providing pressure point relief throughout the areas which require it most.
  • Whether you are a side sleeper, prefer sleeping on your side, or your back, the contouring foam can adapt and provide unrivaled spinal alignment and support, making this a good orthopedic option.
  • Considering there are cheap, mid-point and high end options which are distinguished by the type of foam i.e traditional visco, gel, or plant infused, there really is a memory foam mattress for everyone.


  • These are considered cream of the crop when it comes to mattress types.
  • Generally they are made of natural substances i.e processed sap from the rubber tree, and so are naturally hypoallergenic, and resistant to many of the things which would normally contribute towards the degradation and reduction of longevity.
  • Probably one of the most expensive mattress types for sale, they are supportive, springy, yet firm in nature.
  • Overall, most sleep connoisseurs and salesmen in a store would opt for one of these if money was no issue.

Choosing The Right Size

When it comes to choosing a mattress, size matters for sure. There is nothing more important that being able to comfortably stretch out or change position freely throughout the night in your bed. If budget and space permits, opt for the largest possible size. Obviously if you already own a boxspring or platform of some kind you’ll need to match your new purchase to your existing bed size. It wouldn’t make sense to buy a Queen size memory foam mattress to place on top of a King size bed. However, if you’re about to buy a mattress and bed together, bigger is certainly better. Below we discuss some of the reasons why bigger bed and mattress sizes are an important factor to consider:

  • Perhaps you’re used to sleeping in a smaller bed, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Imagine fish in a bowl, a dog in a kennel, or a lion in a cage. Admittedly all can survive but not quite as freely and happily as preferred. Likewise, the human body needs space to sleep, stretch and grow. Psychologically a large majority of people are generally happier in spatially abundant areas as opposed to being cooped up with minimal room.
  • When it comes to sharing couples, more space means less disturbance to one another. Although reading our mattress reviews you will come to learn that some are better at providing motion isolation than others, not all are entirely effective. Therefore an abundance of space to roll around can help iron out this flaw in certain models.
  • In hotter climates, sleeping too close to each other can increase body heat which will not only lead to reduced quality of sleep, but also the increased amount of sweat which seeps through will most likely cause mold and bacterial growth, which will in turn cause a reduced mattress lifespan.

So to conclude, choose a mattress which you can afford and place in your room, but, aim for the biggest size possible. This will prove immediate benefits from day 1, all the way through to when its time to replace.