When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you or someone else perhaps, there are a couple of factors that you need to be aware of. The most important one is obviously the desired comfort level. As it’s something that you’ll be laying on for so many hours over the next decade or so, the last thing anyone wants is to choose the wrong level of firmness, not only will it disturb sleep but can also lead to long-term issues such as joint and back pain.

In this industry, there are five levels of comfort: firm, plush, pillow top, contoured, and personalized. The comfort level is measured in terms of how much it “gives” when the pressure of weight is applied to it. Firm has the least give (making the surface the hardest), and pillow top has the most give, making it the softest. The contoured is usually something like a 3 zone or 7 zone which has different varying densities of plush or firm throughout the length, catering for different parts of the body with the recommended firmness. Personalized is a little more complicated, and literally, is custom made at the customer’s request to cater to specific requirements.

The plush is a popular firmness type for those who are familiar with it, and for those who aren’t, it can be somewhat intriguing, perhaps a “shall I, shall I not?” kind of affair. Today we will discuss more about this somewhat curious and interesting firmness level.

What Is A Plush Mattress?

Plush mattresses offer a fair amount of give to conform to your body yet still providing ample support to you without having that feeling of sinking in too much. They have the softness of a pillow top mattress but still providing the strong body support that a firm mattress provides. As you can best imagine, it’s something in between the two, but generally considered geared more towards the softer side.

The plush level of comfort is recommended for people who prefer to sleep on their back or side. This way, your key body parts (back, shoulders, arms, etc.) all get the support that they need while the top layers can provide relief to the smaller regions of your body (small of the back, neck, etc.). This is not the recommended type for individuals who like sleeping on their stomachs, because you won’t get the support you need, especially if you’re larger in size because you’ll need more support and the mattress will break down sooner; in this case, opting for something a little firmer would be wise.

Some of the most expensive, and somewhat rare plush mattresses have been known to be covered in a layer of latex foam, which many people find incredibly comfortable as it is a soft and flexible material but provides ample support. Plush mattresses in comparison don’t cost anything significantly different from the firm or pillow tops. Also, it’s good to know that they don’t require any special box spring or platform to go with it. You can re-use your current bed, and depending on whether it’s memory foam, latex, and even some innerspring, they may also be compatible with your adjustable bed (but check with the manufacturer to be sure if in doubt).

Plush vs Others

Woman on plush mattress

What exactly is the difference between this type and other kinds of firmness levels? A firm mattress is better for individuals who don’t like the “sinking” sensation, or perhaps are used to sleeping on a harder surface, as it has virtually no “give” at all when you lay on them. They can range from hard, to very hard, and are usually preferred by individuals who prefer a more supportive surface. If you have any back issues, whether upper or lower, then the firm type is better suited for you.

Like its name, the pillow top is primarily a plush mattress with a layer of pillow on top of it. An extra, soft, layer of padding is added to the top layer to give it that padded yet “sinking in” feel when you lay upon it. This is also commonly seen as the type which provides the “sleeping on a cloud,” as the experience of extreme comfort or weightlessness. However, this may be a little too soft for many people, especially stomach sleepers, but nonetheless are much desired by others.

In Short

Picking the right mattress is very important, not only for the level of comfort that you may feel but also for proper spinal alignment and support of the joints around the body. People often disregard mattresses as a contributing factor towards good or bad back health; however, it’s an understatement to mention that the right mattress for you may not be for others. There are several mattresses to choose from, so invest some time and money into research and selecting the right one so you don’t end up refunding or exchanging it.

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