Do you suffer from any back pain or injury? Are you looking for advice about buying a mattress? Or wondering if a firmer type would be better for your back than soft or medium? This article will give tips and advice on how to choose a mattress that will allow you to get a great night’s sleep.

Firm vs. Soft Varieties

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “Which is better, a firm or soft mattress?” In short, unfortunately, there is no simple black-and-white yes or no answer to this. However, to clear the air a little, we elaborate on the subject below:


It is often thought that a harder (or firm mattress) is better; however, this may not be true. Ultimately the type of bed and mattress your body needs often depends on an individuals preferences and health conditions. No scientific evidence suggests sleeping on a firm mattress is better for you. In fact, usually, it’s the firmer ones that aren’t always better for your back or existing conditions. Consider this; if the surface is too hard, there will be no contouring of the body, whichever of the different sleeping positions you choose. Without contouring, this will create pressure points, thus aggravating joint pain, plus, there will be limited spinal alignment which will cause lower back pain and other related issues. If you already experience any pain or discomfort due to an existing medical condition, you may want to think twice or consider seeking professional medical advice before purchasing one, which may be too firm.


Some people love a soft mattress, but if you have any kind of joint or back pain, then consider an alternative as this may be contributing towards your discomfort. Imagine if the surface is too soft, the sinking sensation which occurs through gravity when one lies down will cause the body to sink too much, thus creating a downward bend in the spine. As we have already discussed the importance of a straight spine, you’re probably aware that this scenario can lead to all types of back pain. Aside from spinal alignment, in terms of padding, pressure point relief and other types of support, these aren’t so bad.

What About Medium?

Previous research has shown that if you suffer from low back pain, then a medium is better and will provide more comfort than a firm or soft mattress. Ultimately these should give the best of both worlds, i.e., optimal spinal alignment and good pressure point relief for the rest of the body. There is also a difference between beds with firm support and those which have a firm feel. You are better to purchase one that has firm support, with a soft feel, that way, you get the benefits of both a firm and a soft mattress. It is the comfort that will ultimately determine your personal preference.

Choosing A Mattress Firmness

Is A Firm Mattress Better?

Follow these tips to choosing a great mattress and getting a good night’s sleep.

Joints and Pains

It’s important to talk to your doctor before choosing which to buy if you suffer from any health conditions especially back or joint problems. Alternatively, you could talk to a physical therapist asking what they recommend. However, you need to remember that they are not experts in sleep, but they will be able to give you some tips which are relevant to your condition.

Warranties and Returns

Many sales agents nowadays offer a comfort guarantee; it’s, therefore, best to ask about this before you buy. This allows you to exchange the product or get your money back within a specific period if you are not happy with the comfort it is providing you. Ensure that you understand everything that’s written in the guarantee before you buy as different stores have different policies. However, in general, they usually allow for 30-60 nights in-home trial. That way you can become used to the feel gradually within your home. If you’re unsatisfied, simply arrange with them the process of sending it back for a refund or exchange.

Try Before You Buy

You will need to test the comfort for at least fifteen minutes before you decide to buy. This may seem like a long time, and people might think you have fallen asleep. However, if you want to get an accurate picture of how firm and comfortable the bed is that’s the only way. Don’t let anyone hurry or rush you into making a decision. It’s best to check all variations before buying, compare them all before making a final decision.

Specialist Advice

It is also best to go to a specialized shop that only sells mattresses. Advisors will be available who will usually have more experience with helping people choose mattresses. They may also be able to advise on how to get a good night’s sleep in general. Test several brands as they are likely to be well made and hard-wearing. They may also come in a variety of firmness.

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