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Not everyone wants to keep their mattress for as long as it will live. Many will last up to 10 years if maintained properly, but some people may choose to change or replace within this time period for whatever reason. Suppose you have moved home, and perhaps want to downgrade or even upgrade your bed, it will, therefore, dictate the time for mattress replacement. However, there is the question of what to do with the existing one. There are many options available, some will pay for a mattress removal service, others will recycle, while the next best thing would be to sell.

It is a fact that you can sell a used mattress at any time, but this will always depend on several factors that dictate the entire process. The most important question to ask yourself is; how to sell a mattress and still get some reasonable money? Below we discuss some points to think about:

What You Must Consider

Choosing A Shop

Of course, the economic forces will play a central role. In this case, willing seller and willing buyer principle will definitely apply. However, take note that most shops will not go for used mattresses, because not only do they have the money to purchase new ones in bulk and at wholesale price, but also want to retain their reputation of dealing with new and not used products. However, there are some shops which specialize in second-hand goods which will happily oblige the situation, in which case they may even collect from you, but will most likely pay you the least amount of money due to a profit margin being required. If a shop is not an option for you, then read on and learn how to sell it yourself.

How About Law?

There are a number of things you should take note of before selling a used mattress. Remember, existing laws can be an impediment to whether you can sell a used one or not. Therefore, see to it that you check the local statutes lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Where Should I Advertise?

Options are abundant when it comes to choosing where to list your sale. However, it is important for you to consider the correct platform or avenue you will use to advertise and make sure it suits you and your audience else it may all just be a waste of time. Certain options can include newspaper classifieds, online listings, forums, or just anything in this range. The best places are ones that are a niche in this field, such as websites and papers which specialize in sleep or mattresses. You can use word of mouth too because friends and family are likely to trust you and your used products more than a stranger.

5 Tips On How To Sell A Used Mattress

Mattress For Sale

1. Clean It

Make it a point to see that the mattress you want to sell is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized so that your prospective buyers are not scared to make the purchase. Nobody wants to buy anything where they can obviously see sweat, urine, or bloodstains. Use a good cleaner and ensure it leaves a fresh odor for impressive results.

2. Be Honest

If the fact is correct, tell the customer that the mattress has been well maintained, especially by using the pad or protectors, and was cleaned, sanitized, and aired regularly.

3. Brand Name

Never forget to mention the mattress brand. In most cases, brand names point to quality irrespective of whether the product is used or new. If you can include the model or version that’s a bonus because it gives the prospective buyer a chance to run a quick Google search to look up specifications and owner reviews.

4. Take Pictures

Pictures speak a thousand words, so it goes without saying that anything you plan to sell should have corresponding images of the listed product. You must remember to include some photos taken from different angles so the buyers can gauge the quality and condition.

5. Other Details

If you have no pets in the home, always mention this fact. Potential buyers with pet allergies or a dislike for pets will be eager to know whether a cat or dog has been in contact with the bed. Also, if it’s coming from a non-smoking environment, it’s worth mentioning too. If you can offer delivery, be sure to mention this, and whether it will be free delivery or a cost involved.


If the points mentioned above are considered, you’re likely to sell fast. Whether it’s clothes or mattresses, many people are into buying used rather than new, so there’s no reason why you should be lumbered with yours taking up space in the garage.

The simple fact is, for anything taken out of the protective seal the pricing tends to be lower compared to one that is new and unopened. So provided the condition of your goods are saleable, lawful, and your advertisement is appealing while reaching the masses, there is plenty of scope for shifting your unwanted mattresses.

24 thoughts on “Top Tips For Selling A Used Mattress”

  1. Looking for some company or some one who wants to buy used almost new Mattress. Can you help??? Location In the north Jersey area Newark New Brunswick

  2. I have a mattress to sell. John Lewis, only 3 months old. In Willesden, London. Was £325 new. Will sell £150.

  3. Hi, I’m selling a brand new 6ft super size real oak bed with premium mattress, never been used. Any questions just email, thanks.

  4. I have two never slept on mattresses; a Duxiana Dux 515 and a Leeza.
    Because of my serious back problem, the Dux 515 was not for me but they would not let me return it (I first bought a less expensive one but then was “upsold” the 515. The unscrupulous salesperson refused me another return even though I called them immediately.)

    Then I bought the Leeza, hoping it would make the Dux more comfortable for me but it did not. My friends think the mattresses are comfortable.

    Anyone interested?

  5. Hi I have an immaculate Templeton 2400 King size mattress top of the range cost £800 new and just haven’t got on with it so going back to my basic foam one! Really want to sell this and give to a good home.
    No pets I don’t smoke and it always had a mattress protector on.
    Get in touch if seriously interested
    Many kind thanks

  6. I have a never used queen size bed box and metal frame @ PA 17402. If you are interested, let me know.

  7. Aldahir Murga

    I bought a brand new Sealy mattress just arrived today bought it because my brother was going to come and move in with us now he left so have the mattress never used once.

  8. Fenicia Rosario

    I have a Stern & Foster luxury California king size bed that cost me $2,400 and it’s not even 2 years old. I bought it thinking my granddaughter was coming to live with me but she changed her mind and I only live in a one-bedroom apartment. I’m a senior citizen I don’t need all of this bed and I’m looking for a full size. This is a very good bed with a tailor-made frame and pillow top mattress cover. I live in Greenville South Carolina I would sell for $400 if interested please email me.

  9. I have Stern and Foster Luxury King sized mattress and box springs bed that cost me $2500.00 for sale. It is 3 years old and the left side has only been slept on a few times. I live in the Dallas Texas area. I have had a good quality mattress cover on it the whole time. I do have dogs. I am asking $1500.00 for it. Please email me if you are interested.

  10. I have a never used full size mattress topper and will sell it for $50.00. Originally price was $350.00. I live in Fort Lauderdale,Florida.

  11. Hi I have a super king size mattress used but it has had a black mattress cover over it and it has left black stains over the mattress. I have no pets and don’t smoke. If this is suitable for you please get in touch. I stay in Glasgow, Scotland and am looking for around £75-85 if not then best offer. If you are interested please reply and I will reply back as soon as possible.
    Thanks, Amaan

  12. I have a king size mattress for sale. Looks like new. Reply back and I will reply. Price 200.00 or best offer. 0riginal price was 900.00

  13. I have a queen size duxiana mattress for sale with I bought for over $5000. I used for one year but now won’t fit up the staircase in my new Ridgewood NJ home. Offer price is $3500

  14. david jennings

    I have a standard king size mattress topper soft memory foam
    used but clean and ready to use $125.00. pick up in Tampa/Valrico area.33594

  15. Noor Hazrina Khairullah

    I have a king size mattress for sale. Looks like new. Reply back and I will reply. Price 200.00 or best offer. 0riginal price was 700.00

  16. duxiana 3003 for sale if anyone is interested. 2 years old with topper. Queen size and in perfect condition

    located in Vancouver BC

  17. I have a great Duxiana king to sell. NJ area. Cost over 10k. Will sell at a deep deep discount. Hardly used.

  18. Hi, I have a king-size hybrid firm mattress like new: one year old, very clean, no pets or bugs on the bed.
    Ashley Bed – bought it for $800.00, looking for $640.
    Brevard Fl
    Have pictures if anyone interested
    Thank you

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