Based on statistical evidence, approximately 12% of customers who have purchased a mattress end up returning it. This report also shows that another group of approximately 10% of customers wanted to, but because of the unclear, strict or non-existent return policies of the respective retail stores, it was impossible. With the above information, to avoid potential disappointment, it is undoubtedly considered a wise idea for you as the consumer to get to know the return policy of the retailer before buying a mattress whether in-store or online.

Duration Of A Return Policy

It is expected that a consumer should use a mattress for at least a minimum of 30 days before thinking of making a return for an exchange or refund. This way the consumer must have been convinced that they are not satisfied with the product. There is thus no need for long trial periods, such as 60 and 90-night durations, even though they provide peace of mind to consumers when it comes to purchasing time. Many companies do offer an in-home trial but don’t take this as expected, because not all of them do. Be sure to check if the potential supplier/company offers this, and if so for how long. Some may be as short as seven nights, while it has been seen for lengths of up to 120 nights!

Money Back Policy

Policies for money-backs are turning out to be more rampant these days. A lot of retailers are out to let their customers aware of it and also where they stand in all of this. It has been discovered that close to 50% of retailers do not offer the money back, instead, what they do is offer store credit instead (this is an exchange for any other variant or item available in their store). This isn’t an ideal scenario as you may end up being forced to spend this rather significant amount of money on something somewhat unwanted perhaps due to a limited amount of stock they may hold.

For the few that make provision for a return, there is always a cost attached to it. Money-back approaches frequently include charges – for example, expenses for restocking and return transport – running from $50 to $500, relying upon a few components, with the usual cost being about $220. Note that it is more likely for an online retailer to offer you money back without a fee attached compared to your regular or traditional retailers, which is one of the perks of buying a mattress online.

Exchange Policy

Most retailers only make provision for returning your mattress just once. (However, there are a couple of them that could allow for more than that – this still boils down to the policy behind their return). On the off chance that you purchase from a retailer that permits on exchanges as the only form of returns, you must ensure that before buying, that there are other mattresses that you could pick in the event of any dissatisfaction with your first selection. You want to avoid a situation where you come back for exchange only to find that there are no other suitable choices that interest you.

Expenses For A Return

Expenses for mattress return can vary from anything between $50-$500 with the delivery expense included. Likewise, if your choice of exchange is more expensive than the first, you will need to compensate for any shortfall encountered.

This difference in cost is what causes some individuals not to return a mattress even though they are dissatisfied. These individuals therefore, often wind up enduring an unwanted purchase for many years. For some, they end up listing for sale (eBay and Craigslist are the most commonly used), and return to using their old one – that is, if they have not already disposed of or recycled it when the new one was bought.

Terms and Conditions

The eligibility for a mattress return is only met if the law tags are attached, and in most cases, there must be no dirt, burn, earth, smolders or tears on it. In this manner, it is only wise that until you are satisfied with the product itself, you should 100% for sure make use of a “mattress protector.” This will protect the surface from the aforementioned and therefore not void the terms.


As you can see, there are various things to consider when it comes to returns and exchanges. In short, the best thing to do is check if the retailer offers an in-home trial, and whether they do or not, read the fine print or make sure you’re up to speed with their refund or exchange policy.

2 thoughts on “Advice On Mattress Returns & Exchange”

  1. Purchased Raymour & Flanagan Sterns & Foster mattress only 1 month ago. Extra firm already sagging. They say they will only send another of same. Can I get a lawyer to fight this? I haven’t begun to pay for it. Can I refuse to pay & have them take it back?

    1. Hi, if the mattress is already sagging it could be that you ended up with a defective mattress. Therefore I understand why the company would like to send you a like-for-like replacement, which the second time around is unlikely to be defective. This may be their policy which will be outlined in the small print. As for refusing to pay etc, feel free to take up with a lawyer if you wish, we’re unable to advise of your legal rights on this. I hope you get it resolved.

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