A pillow top mattressA pillow top mattress presents yet another option in the growing bedding industry. From the traditional Bonnell innerspring, the industry has evolved tremendously to embrace comfort and relief from sleep issues. The pillow top (and euro top) represents the pinnacle of choice for many buyers on a budget. As you research this type further throughout this article, you’ll find a refreshing degree of specialization, materials and styles to choose from. In the below sections before we get to our top 5 pillow top mattress reviews, we’ll offer some help and advice on this particular type which not everyone is up to speed with.

Top 10 Pillow Top Mattresses Compared

#Brand & ModelHeightTypeWarrantyOur RatingPrice
1Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt11"Hybridtbc
2Classic Brands Pillow-Top10"Innerspring10 Years
3Serta Perfect Sleeper Super12″Gel Foam10 Years
4Oliver Smith12″Hybridtbc
5Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite14.5"Hybrid10 Years
6Swiss Ortho Sleep 13"Hybridtbc
7Slumber 110"Innerspringtbc
8Simmons BeautySleep 45014"Innerspring5 Years4
9Sealy Response Performance13"Hybridtbc4
10Sleep Inc. BodyComfort Select 300013"Hybrid10 Years4

What Is A Pillow Top Mattress?

Just like it sounds, these are made with comfy layer of padding similar to a pillow that rests on the whole mattress surface, and sometimes underneath too, allowing for a flippable or two sided facility. It essentially offers a way to add an extra comfort layer to a mattress. You’ll find a broad range of styles from which to choose, and  quite often you’ll find that these additional topmost layers can be of any material ranging from fiber, memory foam, to latex. You’ll also notice that these types vary in features to allow for customization, for example, some layers can be removed and replaced with another layer if required. This is particularly handy if the supplied top layer is not to the firmness level you desire, or, perhaps after some years there are signs of sagging and simply the top can be replaced as opposed to changing the whole unit.

In your search of the best mattress for the money you’ll find both the traditional pillow top and also something known as euro top. The differences between the two types are subtle and primarily cosmetic. The traditional variant is attached to the main body of the support below directly. The euro top variant is also stitched to its peer underneath it, but visually appears more like a cohesive whole rather than a separate layer due to its flushed edge finish. Euro tops tend to offer more edge support, as opposed to pillow tops which tend to drop slightly towards the edges.

Some Distinct Advantages

  • The term pillow says it all. The main benefit however is comfort. While you may think that means only a plush finish, you may be surprised to know that the degree of firmness varies from soft to firm, just like a regular pillow or mattress. However, a large majority are aimed at those in search of a soft or medium finish.
  • A pillow top mattress offers all the comfort of a memory foam or hybrid option at an affordable price. Like hybrids, these mattresses often include several layers which give them a distinct advantage over other types.
  • Another benefit lies in cost. If you’ve been considering a memory foam mattress, you probably know that it can be an expensive investment for a high-quality product. With this alternative, you’ll find that a pillow top mattress is more affordable than the aforementioned memory foam or latex units.
  • In terms of sleeping positions, many back sleepers and side sleepers would agree there is much comfort to support and cradle them throughout the night. This is due to the contouring and conforming ability of the top layer, which provides more than suffice spinal alignment. However this isn’t to say there is an orthopedic level of support for those with problems like lower back pain, but enough for the everyday consumer.
  • Good motion isolation is something which many couples consider number one on their list of priorities. Nobody likes being disturbed at night by someone tossing and turning beside them. Pillow top mattresses are among some of the better designs in this industry which provide superior isolation of movement between those sharing a bed. This is mainly due to a large majority being pocket coil designs, and secondly because the thick layer tends to absorb much of the energy produced through movement before the coils even begin to work.
  • Lastly, another reason why these are popular for couples is because they make a good type of mattress for sex. The sensation of laying on a cloud from the plush and sometimes padded top layer is a welcomed feeling whilst making love, but there is plenty of bounce from the spring coils underneath when required.

Things To Look For

With about 600 mattress companies in the US bedding industry, you have numerous choices. The average person keeps a mattress for seven years, so this is a purchase that you should consider carefully. To find the best pillow top mattress, take the time to determine what features are most important to you. With this information in mind, you can then scan pillow top mattress reviews to see which one comes closest to matching your needs. With this preliminary work, the best choice for you will become clear. Several factors that can guide your choice beginning with cost.

– Price

Price iconCost, of course, can be the dealbreaker or dealmaker. As mentioned previously, these are generally quite low in price in comparison to other types. If you opt for a temporary alternative such as a mattress topper, the price will be less expensive than a pillow top mattress, of course depending upon the quality of each one. However, there are disadvantages of a topper which would sway people towards the better quality and longer lasting mattress instead. In either case, a mattress is an important purchase, so you should consider your purchase an investment in your quality of sleep. Its impact on your overall health cannot be overstated.

– Construction

Construction iconThe term pillow top might be deceiving considering that it may imply as only having one component. However, you’ll find it can include a number of layers underneath. Pillow top may just apply to the uppermost layer of the mattress. What lies under the pillow top has a direct impact on comfort. When researching, you should look for the materials that match what you want in a mattress. What you’ll typically find is a combination of multiple layers all serving different needs. For example, most commonly you will find a variation of innerspring and viscoelastic memory foam, or sometimes gel foam too.

– CertiPUR-US Certification

CertiPUR-US® logoAll the companies represented by the products reviewed are part of the CertiPUR-US program, the foam industry’s watchdog. The program’s purpose is to ensure buyers that foam components of a mattress don’t contain harmful materials or chemicals through verification of its adherence to their standards. The program also addresses durability and performance to give consumers an assurance of quality.

– Warranty

Some manufacturers offer 10 years whilst others provide a whopping 25 years. Generally the (long) length isn’t too important because it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be owning for more than 10 years. However anything less than 10 years may be worth avoiding.

Pillow Top Mattress Reviews

1. Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt

Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy QuiltThe made in USA 11″ thick Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt bills itself as a balance between softness and firmness which can appeal to buyers looking for something of a medium to plush comfort level. It is constructed of durable and high density Certipur-US foam without the need for coils (which also makes it great for using with adjustable electric beds). Like the previous review, it too comes with a quilt top that meshes well with its theme of a bed for dreams, but unlike the others this was the only one that came in seven sizes ranging from Twin to Cali King, truly a product to fit any space. Traditionally those who are used to a pillow top mattress may find this one feels slightly less bouncy because it has no spring base, which can be an issue for buyers looking for something with the springy feel, but nonetheless it’s still one of the best around.

2. Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite

Serta Perfect Sleeper EliteThe Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite addresses comfort on two fronts, a pleasant sleep temperature and proper full body support. If these considerations rank high on your choice of needs, this one is worth a look, simply because it offers the coolness of a gel memory foam for a comfortable sleeping temperature, a feature not shared with all of our picks. The addition of an 886 innerspring component is a welcome perk for those who prefer the bounciness of a traditional mattress. Serta, like Simmons are one of the best mattress brands in the US, so you can rest assured this is a safe product and is likely to satisfy. There is a 10 year manufacturers warranty, and Serta also claim this is a good mattress for adjustable beds too.

3. Serta Perfect Sleeper Super

Serta Perfect Sleeper SuperThe 12″ thick Serta Perfect Sleeper Super is the second of two Serta reviews in our roundup. It is only fitting, considering that Serta is the second leading mattress in the US bedding industry. The Perfect Sleeper Super combines several proven comfort features in a proprietary blend that targets specific sleep problems that may resonate with buyers looking for a solution to these issues. The various memory foam components will be appreciated by individuals who like the feel and support of a supportive mattress, whilst the different layers of patented foam combine to complete a unique and special feel whilst cradling and supporting the body. Made in the USA and with a 10 year warranty, this is another good choice for the shortlist.

4. Simmons Beautyrest Plush Pillow Top 450

Simmons Beautyrest LuxuryThe Simmons Beautyrest Luxury is appropriately named. With a 14″ profile, its construction is more complex than others and includes a 13 gauge coil component for added comfort. It is an excellent example of a one-sided medium / plush pillow top mattress that takes advantage of several layers to create a product that serves several needs and provides comfort on several levels, including gel foam for a cool platform and packed coils for support. The quilt outer layer is a nice touch that adds softness and a luxurious feel to addresses the issue of wear. The construction is: quilt cover, 1/4″ AirFeel Foam, 1″ AirCool Foam, 2″ GelTouch Foam, 1/2″ Energy Foam, 800 pocketed coils, 1″ Energy Foam. As you can see, much thought and effort has gone into the design and delivery of this particular model, making it a very good option from Simmons, one of the top 5 manufacturers in the US. Check our Beautyrest reviews for a look at their latest collection.


Though the decision was hard to make, we eventually chose the Simmons Beautyrest Luxury as our top pick for the best pillow top mattress of 2018. We liked the addition of a coil component that provides support along with the comfort and pressure relief that a foam layer offers.

We were also impressed with the number of sleep issues addressed in the construction. The top layers focus on a comfortable sleep temperature, whilst the other foam layers provide the pressure relief for which these materials are known. Lastly, the coil layer offers the support and bounce while allowing for ventilation within the mattress.

Therein lies the overwhelming benefit of these types of mattresses. It allows the manufacturers to hone in on specific issues to appeal to consumers. It’s a win-win for the buyer too. If you have a particular need, you’ll likely find a pillow top mattress that has features that will make you more comfortable.