Mattress Disposal and Recycling

With all the millions of mattresses being sold annually worldwide it’s wonder where all of these used mattresses cease to be worthy at the end of their life cycle. I used to have an image of huge refuse sites with stacks of rubbish and piles of mattresses. In the US, this is no longer the case as it was some decades ago. However, in many places across the world, a landfill site is certainly where old mattresses still do tend to expire, piled high in corners of tips where they take up space and cause unnecessary harm to the environment.

The Previous Option

Pile of old mattresses in a landfill siteDonating a mattress to local charities was (and in some places still is) a great option because it’s free and is great for helping those in need. It’s a cost effective and positive thing to do for society. However with all the red tape surrounding hygiene and safety awareness of having a used mattress, many institutions can no longer easily accept your unwanted freebies. If you find one that does, please leave a note in the comments below. However, many people will need to resort to a paid for option, i.e a mattress removal service.

The Newer Option

When you use a mattress removal service, where exactly do you think your old mattress ends up? No, not in a landfill, even though that would be the easiest solution for everyone. Instead, many companies now exist solely for collecting junk which can later be passed on and recycled by other companies. This is a huge economy in itself, and is a great way of helping the environment by reducing waste in landfills. Some decades ago recycling wasn’t so popular, but it has recently shaped the modern world we live in and has not only boosted economies but equally important it has a less toxic impact on the environment. Did you know that a typical innerspring mattress can have 100% of its contents recycled?

Where and How?

LoadUp mattress disposal truckOne of the easiest ways of getting your creaky boxspring or old mattress collected is by using a service provided by a company such as LoadUp. Although there are others offering similar services, this is the one we are most familiar with. Not only will they get rid of a mattress for you, but they will also remove almost any other unwanted junk and attempt to recycle as much as possible. Just some of the items include things like old furniture, used tires, beds, electronics, household appliances, yard debris, household junk and even office waste.

To get started, simply visit the the LoadUp website and enter your zip code for local availability and pricing. Also enter the number of items and then book a date. Select options such as whether a disassembly service is required, for things like beds etc. They will turn up and remove your mattress or any other items for you. All payments are processed online so there is no cash involved, and all drivers are background checked for your safety. It really is that simple to wave goodbye to your unwanted goods.

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